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Will Smith Talks Summer Prep for Pro Debut, Friendship With Musty



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

Will Smith lifted the Marchment Cup!

As part of the San Jose Sharks’ prospect scrimmage, Smith competed against Celebrini for the last time. In the shootout, Smith’s Team Teal sealed the deal despite Celebrini and Team White’s late comeback bid.

Heading into his first NHL training camp, Smith knows the improvements he must make in the weight room. Post-scrimmage, Smith discussed the atmosphere at development camp, friendship with Quentin Musty, and preparation for his upcoming rookie season.

Smith, on the fans at the last two prospect scrimmages:

Both years, the fans were great. But, obviously this year [had] some pretty good energy. Pretty exciting game. To go to a shootout, it’s always fun.

Smith, on his friendship with Musty translating to on-ice chemistry:

We’re always hanging out, at the hotel, going to get food. It’s always fun being around these guys and once you get on the ice, it definitely helps.

Smith, on treating the scrimmage like a pseudo-Sharks debut:

Yes and no. It’s still summertime, but it’s still a game. We’re all competitive here. It’s obviously fun getting to see the fans. Getting to introduce yourself to them with your play. It’s pretty fun.

Smith, on if this development camp felt different with a contract signed:

A lot. Coming to this camp, it’s a little different. I’m signed for the for next year. I’m seeing where I’m gonna live, seeing the area — were more [so] things I was doing this camp. It’s definitely more real as the season is coming.

Smith, on if he’s followed the team’s offseason moves:

A little. Before I was gonna sign, I knew they were going to make some moves and bring guys in to help us. That’s huge for a team that’s gonna win. Before I even signed, I knew they were gonna do that. It’s pretty exciting.

Smith, on his mindset entering this summer:

I talked about it earlier in camp, the gym is huge this summer. It’s an NHL season. It’s 82 games; I know that going into it. I know it’s gonna be a battle.

Will Smith on Getting Bigger, Throwing Better 1st Pitch Than Celebrini

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Smith has an unforeseen benefit of almost flying under the radar a little bit with Celebrini getting drafted and coming in. That might translate to a weight off his shoulders and may allow him to really thrive. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he’s the Sharks leading scorer this season when it’s all said and done. As for Musty, he should be done with juniors. He’s built for the pros and has plenty of skill to keep him there. Polkamp looks like a steal. Holy crap was he electric!

Bob D

Smith was Team Teal, Celebrini Team White

Sheng Peng


Bob D

At least that’s the way it looks in the picture 😀

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