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Will Smith on Getting Bigger, Throwing Better 1st Pitch Than Celebrini



Will Smith looks bigger.

The 19-year-old center led the NCAA in scoring last season with 71 points in 41 games. Off the ice, Smith anticipates that his training and new diet will help him weigh 8-10 pounds stronger from last season.

OFFICIAL: Will Smith Has Signed With Sharks

In his availability at Sharks development camp, Smith talked about his decision to leave Boston College, his eating and training regimen, and some of his highly-touted future teammates.

Smith, on decision to leave Ryan Leonard, Gabe Perrault, and Boston College:

It was pretty tough for me. Leaving all my buddies in my hometown is pretty tough, but [I] talked to the organization a lot and talked to Mike [Grier] a lot. It was a pretty tough decision, but I thought it was the best one for me and my development as a player.

Smith, on dynamic with former college rival Macklin Celebrini:

It’s pretty crazy. We’re roommates at the hotel, so we’re around each other pretty much all day when we get back. It’s pretty fun to be around each other; get to know him as we’re gonna be teammates here.

Smith, on who threw a better first pitch:

Me. I threw some gas.

Smith, on his physical improvements:

I’ve been eating a lot. Trying to be consistent with that and be in the gym a lot. I’ll probably be up around 8 or 10 pounds by the time I get here [in September]. It’s gonna be huge for my game.

Smith, on changes to his diet:

Just gotta be consistent. Talking to different people and trainers about what I’ve got to eat. My food schedule is pretty intense and my mom helps me a lot with that.

Smith, on what he’s added to his diet:

Honestly, just eat more. Gotta eat more. Get the protein shakes in. It’s about what you’re eating, but the timing of it too. You have to plan out your days more in the summer, and like I said, you’ve got to be consistent or the pounds won’t come on.

Smith on his relationship with Quentin Musty:

We hang on a lot. He’s a funny guy. So, it’s pretty fun to be around. At the hotel, we’re always hanging out too. So it’s really fun.

Smith, on facing Sam Dickinson:

He’s a big boy. I didn’t know how big he was gonna be. Obviously, he can skate pretty good too. What I’ve seen so far has been pretty legit and it’s pretty exciting.

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