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Musty on How Easy It Is To Play With Will Smith, Pohlkamp Talks Celebrini Effect on Attendance



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

Quentin Musty and Will Smith look great together.

The duo lit up the San Jose Sharks’ prospect scrimmage, helping their Team Teal to win the Marchment Cup 8-7 in the shootout despite Eric Pohlkamp and Team White’s best efforts.

Pohlkamp, who will join reigning national champion University of Denver next season, showed out with a multi-point performance at the scrimmage. Postgame, Pohlkamp discussed his recent transfer and head coach David Carle and the Macklin Celebrini effect on development camp.

Musty detailed his chemistry with Will Smith, and took a shot at Celebrini’s San Jose Giants’ first pitch on Tuesday.

Quentin Musty

Musty, on his chemistry with Smith:

I don’t want to say this, but it’s pretty easy to play with a guy like that, that has that much skill and hockey IQ. [I’ve] played on a couple Spring teams with him growing up. I always seem to have some good chemistry with him. He’s a lot of fun to play with.

It’s pretty easy. Get open, and he’ll find you. So, a lot of fun.

Musty, on what he takes away from development camp:

You just try to learn. The scrimmage is more fun [to] compete. You’re trying to play your game out there. But the whole week, taking in the high-end coaches and staff here. Trying to learn from them. They went through it all. So, just try to take in everything and you’ll get better.

Musty, on playing with his development camp teammates in the NHL:

Obviously, that’s the end goal. It’s not an easy league to make, not an easy team to make. Still gotta keep working hard. It’s fun seeing all this high-end skill and IQ. The players coming in, it’s fun to see them… and get used to playing with them. It was a lot of fun.

Eric Pohlkamp

Pohlkamp, on the buzz around the prospect scrimmage:

I think last year was a pretty good crowd, but this year was way better. It was nice. My sister was here, and she runs her own business here, so she brought like 15 of her employees. They’ve never been to a hockey game, so they had no idea what was going on. I’m sure they enjoyed this one, a high scoring game. To get to see guys like that play- I’m sure they enjoyed it. It was fun.

Pohlkamp, on his transfer to the University of Denver being influenced by David Carle:

Absolutely. I think David Carle is one of the best college coaches out there. He’s proven it. He’s got two national championships now. So, I’m gonna try to win one there with them and I can’t wait. I think he’s the best coach in college hockey, absolutely.

Pohlkamp, on Celebrini and the attention he brought to camp:

If you’re a top-five draft pick, you’re a very high-profile person and player. Everything’s a business, everything’s pretty much down the line. You’ve got to be a pro- these guys are already pros. Just the way he handles himself, what he eats, everything that goes into it. All those guys are very high-profile players, and they know where they’re at in their development.

Pohlkamp, on Team White’s comeback bid:

It’s fun to get that comeback. You want to win this. To be honest, I pretty much closed my eyes and shot that puck. Lucky enough, it went it. It was a lot of fun those last couple of minutes. We came back and to see the smile on those guys’ faces in the huddle after that goal. It was super fun. The crowd was awesome today. I’m sure my sister and her employees enjoyed it. Not sure if they knew they were cheering for or not.

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