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It’s Been a Tough Year — Thank You



TORONTO – Thank you.

It’s been a tough few months but I really appreciate all the support that you’ve given me.

I’m sorry that I didn’t get back to the replies here, but I read them all, and most importantly, my wife really appreciated your condolences.

A special thank you to everybody who subscribes to San Jose Hockey Now – and to everyone who’s contributed to help me travel and give you the best San Jose Sharks coverage out there.

Thank you Scott Pon, Jim Sanders, Michael Kitt, Nancy Gee, John Young, Karl Mosgofian, Shawn Jain, Daryl Odnert, Thomas Comer, Mariau Ouellette, Edward Shaw, Austin DeLonge, Elliot Schwartz, Paul Comita, Nate Blackhurst, Robin Rosenlind, Patrick Waite, Robert Stoker, Stina Pinsky, Christopher Hogue, Jasdeep Hundal, Fin Coe, Matt Dynin, Stefan Schwartz, Jeremy Rosenbaum, Alex Genadinik, Daniel Morena, Bryan Lee, K. Moore, and Jon Pitts for your travel contributions! I think that’s everyone!

I’m currently in Toronto to cover part of another San Jose Sharks’ road trip.

It’s obviously been another tough season for the Sharks – I hope my coverage is helping to make it bearable.

So thank you again, subscribers! My door is always open to you. Let me know what I can do to make a bad year better – some of you have my phone number, and my e-mail is

If you don’t subscribe or contribute yet, here’s a sample of some of our best SJHN+ stories so far this season.

There’s been no deeper examination of the ups and downs of star prospect William Eklund’s full-time transition to the NHL – there’s the first in-depth story in English about Shakir Mukhamadullin out there from SJHN writer Nikita Sokolov – and a personal favorite, a nod to some of the Sharks video coaches, who don’t get enough publicity.

Eklund Has Become Double Threat (+)

Mukhamadullin Talks Bashkir Roots, Last Chat With Rodion Amirov & More (+)

What Long-Term Defensive Lessons Must Eklund, Sharks Learn? (+)

Behind the Scenes of Sharks Video Coaches Gialdini, Ward: ‘They’re the best. It’s proven.’ (+)

Ferraro Trying To Get Most Out of Eklund (+)

This Ferraro-Eklund battle story is an example of something that you only see at practice, and usually on the road, when there are less eyes on them.

Anyway, there’s more to come, I promise – can’t-find-them-elsewhere insights into Tomas Hertl’s comeback campaign and a must-read Hasso Plattner story and an epic Nikita Okhotiuk story and more are on the way!

If any of that piques your interest, subscribe here!

Subscribe to SJHN+

And just here, I’m going to drop our sale code for an annual subscription: Sheng10. This gets you $10 off a year’s subscription and access to other sites in the National Hockey Now network like Pittsburgh Hockey Now and Montreal Hockey Now and Boston Hockey Now and more.

And if you’d like to contribute to my travels – a not so subtle reminder that it’s very expensive to travel, even if I’m trying to do it as cheaply as I can – please help out here!

You can also Venmo me at @ShengPeng.

Thank you, all! In another year of darkness covering the San Jose Sharks, you make things a little brighter for me! You, and of course, Mushu!

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