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REACTION: Quinn Fired!



It’s an emergency episode of the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast!

San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier has fired head coach David Quinn.

When did Sheng first get wind that Quinn’s job might be in jeopardy? He had an idea on Monday. (1:10)

What’s our first reaction? Sheng argues that the Sharks’ ill-constructed roster wasn’t on Quinn, but more on Grier. (4:33)

So if not the roster, did Quinn get fired because he didn’t develop the young San Jose Sharks players? (23:00)

Were Grier and Quinn on the same page about what they wanted out of the Sharks, their identity?

Keegan wonders if player perception of Quinn doomed him. (26:40)

Sheng and Keegan speculate on other reasons why Grier fired Quinn. Is Grier feeling the heat from above (read: Hasso Plattner) after back-to-back disappointing seasons? (34:40)

Keegan argues there isn’t much downside to letting Quinn go right now.

Was Quinn a fall guy for Grier?

What type of coach should the San Jose Sharks target in this stage of their rebuild? What about David Carle? (43:30)

What are our thoughts about Grier keeping John McCarthy behind the San Jose Barracuda bench? (47:05)

Finally, a note about the San Jose Sharks hoping to sign Will Smith. (53:20)

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