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Keegan’s Top-16 2024 Draft Prospects, His Perfect Sharks’ 1st Round



Welcome back to the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast! This week, Keegan is going to reveal his current top-16 of the 2024 NHL Entry Draft! (23:50)

But before that, we talk about the week that was for the San Jose Sharks. (00:30)

We cover the recent improved play of Thomas Bordeleau, and we talk about a shift in his playing style and his mindset with the Sharks during this call-up. (1:30)

Sheng and Keegan discuss William Eklund’s demotion to the fourth line, and how a change was needed to spark Eklund. (9:00)

Will Smith made some waves this weekend during the Hockey East tournament. Sheng and Keegan discuss his chances at the Hobey Baker award after his performance. (14:55)

Sheng has a quick note on the possibility of Barracuda call-ups in the last dozen games of the season. He was told that the San Jose Sharks have just one regular call-up left, but that they could also use emergency call-ups to play some Cuda prospects in the NHL. (18:30)

Finally, we touch on the recent signing of Akim Aliu to a PTO with the San Jose Barracuda. (19:50)

Now, Keegan reveals his current 2024 Top-16 ranking, broken down by tiers! (23:50)

Is there anybody besides Macklin Celebrini in Tier 1? (26:10)

In Tier 2, who does Keegan rank behind Celebrini…Ivan Demidov, Berkly Catton, Cayden Lindstrom, Artyom Levshunov, Anton Silayev, or Cole Eiserman? (29:30)

Keegan has a bunch of defensemen in Tier 3, will the San Jose Sharks grab any of them with the Pittsburgh Penguins’ pick? Where does he rank Levshunov, Silayev, Zayne Parekh, Sam Dickinson, Zeev Buium, and Carter Yakemchuk? (39:27)

Where do forwards Konsta Helenius, Tij Iginla, Andrew Basha, Terik Parascak, and Michael Brandsegg-Nygård fit in?

How far into the first round does Keegan’s Tier 4 go? Who just missed the top-16 cut? (56:40)

Finally, what is Keegan’s perfect 2024 San Jose Sharks’ first round?

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