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Vlasic Doesn’t Think He’ll Get Bought Out (It Doesn’t Make Sense Anyway)



Credit: San Jose Sharks

Marc-Edouard Vlasic has two years left on his contract.

Vlasic is hoping that the San Jose Sharks can get back on the winning track before the eight-year, $56 million pact expires in 2025-26.

In the interim, the 37-year-old veteran is still enjoying the game, despite the Sharks’ five seasons and counting out of the playoffs. And he’s still enjoying San Jose — he doesn’t expect to be bought out and hasn’t requested a trade.

In fact, per Puckpedia, a buyout this summer or next summer doesn’t save the Sharks all that much.

2024-25$3,833,333 $3,166,667
2025-26$4,833,333 $2,166,667
2026-27$1,333,333 NONE
2027-28$1,333,333 NONE
2025-26$4,666,667 $2,333,333
2026-27$1,166,667 NONE

So a buyout might not make sense for a Sharks organization that projects to be flush with cap space in both off-seasons.

As for a trade, the truth is, there isn’t much of a market for the aging, expensive defenseman.

But Vlasic does show some flashes of the player who earned that contract and he’s become a leader for the young defensive corps, which helps keep him in the line-up, for now.

Vlasic, on trying to get back into the playoffs:

I haven’t talked to Logan [Couture] about that but I’ve talked last year, and I will probably do it this year, to management and say ‘I want to get back in the playoffs. We need to be competitive again.’ And I’m sure they want to. We’ve been competitive and in the playoffs so many years here. We had a winning culture and that’s what we want. That’s what I want.

It’s fun to play the season, it’s fun to play hockey, it’s fun to play games, practices, but it’s even more fun to play in the playoffs. I’ve had a taste of it, a lot guys here haven’t. And it’s a lot of fun.

Vlasic, on whether or not he would consider requesting a trade to a contender:

That hasn’t been a conversation I’ve had and that’s probably not a conversation I am going to have right now with [Mike Grier].

How much money do they have to sign free agents? I don’t know. Do they have a lot? They should have a lot. Are they going to sign free agents? If they sign free agents do we get better?

If we get better and if we are competitive, why would I leave? I have two years left on my contract with the Sharks. I haven’t asked, they haven’t asked me. I honor my contract.

Vlasic, on if he is still having fun despite struggles:

I’m having a blast. I love it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t play. It’s a lot of traveling. I know I’m standing up here saying it’s a lot, but it’s fun. I love practicing, I love playing games, coming to the rink every day doing what I love to do. I know losing sucks but the compete, try to win, I still enjoy it.

Vlasic, on if there is any concern about getting bought out:


[Mike Grier] has not heard from me that I don’t want to be on board with their plan. He has not heard from me that I don’t feel like being here anymore. He has not heard any of that from me. The only thing he’s heard from me in the last couple of years is that I can still play this game. I still have the love for the game and I still want to be in San Jose.

Vlasic, on if he is optimistic that the Sharks can turn things around in the life of his contract:

Well, it will be an interesting summer. Hopefully Couture can come back healthy. If him and [Mikael Granlund] start the year, that would be a massive boost for us. Granny was unbelievable. If he, Couture and [Tomas] Hertl started the year, it could be quite different.

We have quite a bit of room under the cap. If we go get three, four or five big guys, do we improve our club? Maybe.

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