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Kostin Scores Another Goal, But Sharks Lose 2-1



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Los Angeles Kings to SAP Center.

Klim Kostin scored late, but the Sharks lost 2-1 to the Kings.

Period 1

8 in: Studnicka runs some subtle interference in front of Lewis to help Ferraro exit. Like.

10 in: Gotta re-watch. But don’t love that Labanc shift. His NZ turnover to Hoffman leads to an extended Kings OZ shift. Then his stick positioning on an Arvidsson, I think, to Lewis, leaves something to be desired.

Kempe goal: Woof Kostin turnover to Burroughs. Basically an assist for Kostin, Burroughs has no chance to catch Kempe.

Thomas goal: Blackwood will want that back, I think. Through a little bit of a moving high screen but wasn’t deflected. If Blackwood isn’t at his best, it could be a long night for the San Jose Sharks.

6 left: Studnicka just runs through Thomas.

2 left: Bordeleau with a gorgeous lead pass to Zadina, leads to a partial breakaway. This, however, was after a turnover on an attempted rim exit from him.

Kings 6-1 Slot Shots, 4-1 High-Danger, per SPORTLOGiQ.

Period 2

1 in: Studnicka with a couple good plays on the PK, harassing the Kings with his length, and a couple not-so-good ones on this shift.

2 in: Great Granlund pass to Zetterlund, Zetterlund has a step, Granlund put it in a pocket where his winger received it in stride. Some reason, Zetterlund with maybe half a step, decides to drop in back to Granlund. Turnover. On the bench, you see Granlund talking to Zetterlund (I assume) about it, which I like.

Thrun-Zadina-Kunin-Hoffman-Kostin are your PP2 tonight.

9 in: Vlasic still showing some game. Nice backhand lead pass to Granlund. Granlund crosses the line, under duress, makes a tough drop pass to Zetterlund that works. Eklund back to Vlasic coming down the slot for a chance. Good rush.

9 left: Like that from Bordeleau. Persistent one-on-one defense on Thomas. Then Studnicka forces an exit high, good work all around there.

Englund 10-9 over Kunin, quick takedown. Englund a 6-foot-4 giant. Kunin’s eighth fight of the year.

7 left: Whoa, Bordeleau just roasted a real good defenseman in Anderson in the OZ corner. That’s impressive.

Spence penalty: Catches Zadina high. He stays on the bench.

6 left: Two impressive Bordeleau plays to start PP, highlight-reel backhand cross-slot pass to I think Zetterlund, then quiet play, ties up Gavrikov to prevent the big d-man from getting to loose puck. Love.

No goals scored for the San Jose Sharks, obviously disappointing down 2-0 and you get a double-minor, but really like Bordeleau’s overall power play here, that extra effort here and there to keep the puck alive, been doing that all PP.

Period 3

6 in: Out of the corner, Kostin with a move. He seems to have started this period with some urgency after a slow start tonight.

7 in: Labanc does a good job keeping it from Gavrikov high. Spins for a long point shot, some traffic.

7 left: Studnicka carries it end to end, holds off Moore, then finishes Dubois on check. He didn’t wow me tonight, but I saw some stuff today that suggest a harder player. I’ll have to watch even more closely next game, I was wrapping up a Graf article.

One shot for the San Jose Sharks in this period with three minutes to go.

Kostin goal: Looks like Kostin actually might have heeled the one-timer a little, grazed off low post and in, but regardless, another goal for him. Marvelous pass by Granlund, basically a one-touch pass from Granlund back to Kostin. The story isn’t two shots in a period, it’s a 50 percent shooting % lol.

1 left: Good puck movement, like Addison on the wire, leads to a Bordeleau chance.


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