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Sharks Locker Room: Hertl, Quinn Bemoan Powerless 5-on-3



Credit: San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks are now 0-10-0 to start the season on the road.

After a 3-0 shutout at the hands of the Boston Bruins, it’s also the first time in franchise history that they haven’t won a game away from home in the first two months of the season.

And to add to the indignity, it was handed to them on the plate to make a game of it. Down 2-0 late in the second period, the Sharks had a full two-minute 5-on-3 power play. They responded…with zero shots on goal.

“Nobody wants to take the shot. Everybody tried passing,” Tomas Hertl said. “We have to be quick, put something on the net, because we got two extra guys so we should get a rebound.”

San Jose has already been shut out four times on the road this year, and they’ve scored just six goals away from home. They also haven’t scored more than one goal in a road contest this season.

Good news, they’ll be able to get right back on the horse with a visit to the New Jersey Devils tonight.

Quinn and Hertl bemoaned the 5-on-3, and Hertl talked about his recent kidney stone surgery. Ryan Carpenter dished on the second period, when the San Jose Sharks lost the game. Nico Sturm says the Sharks are at least standing up for each other on a consistent basis.

David Quinn

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Quinn, on what happened to the San Jose Sharks in the second period:

Just too many turnovers, really. I thought we had a good first period. We played a pretty good tempo. I thought the puck play was good. Played smart hockey. Played with the right intentions.

I thought it really got loose in the second period. I thought our turnovers really hurt us and really ignited their game. I thought they brought it to another level once that period got going and we weren’t able to control it.

When you turn pucks over in the second, you’re gonna really pay for it because of the change. You don’t get the easier change.

You turn it over in the first and the third, you might be able to survive because you can change while the puck’s in the neutral zone, quickly. But in the second period, when the change is that long, you’re really asking for trouble.

Quinn, on the Sharks not wanting to take the shot on the 5-on-3:

Well, there was more to it than that. I thought our turnovers killed us. We’re giving it to them on the 5-on-3. That just can’t happen.

Quinn, on line juggling in the third period:

[Givani Smith] couldn’t play. So we had 11 [forwards].

Tomas Hertl

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Hertl, on what happened on the San Jose Sharks’ 5-on-3:

Nobody wants to take the shot. Everybody tried passing. We had zero shots, 5-on-3, it’s a tough situation. We have to be quick, put something on the net, because we got two extra guys so we should get a rebound and stuff. But we couldn’t even get a shot.

Hertl Had Kidney Stone Surgery on Monday, Played on Thursday

Ryan Carpenter

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Carpenter, on what went wrong for the San Jose Sharks in the second period:

That was the message from the coach in between the second and the third. It felt like they just stayed the course. Think some of our turnovers and D-zone play as a five-man unit getting out clean. Turnovers in the neutral, and especially in the second period, the long change leaves your D out there for longer shifts.

Nico Sturm

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Sturm, on the guys standing up for each other:

Obviously, you want to stand up for each other. That’s something that we addressed at the start of season where we had a couple of incidents where there were some questions coming from more the outside.

The last couple of games, there were a lot of scrums, the Vancouver game, the Washington game, guys step up for each other. But that’s just got to be a given for us to be there for each other. If somebody gets a bad hit, that somebody else steps up.

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