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What’s Sharks’ Projection of Bystedt?



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

Filip Bystedt found success in his brief AHL stint last year, but what’s next?

Likely with the San Jose Barracuda, Bystedt will remain in North America for the entire 2024-25 season. The San Jose Sharks’ 2022 first-rounder will look to continue his scoring ways — he put up four goals and seven points in his first eight AHL games to conclude last season. This was coming off a SHL campaign, where he tallied only eight goals and 17 points in 47 games with Linkoping HC.

During his availability at Sharks development camp, the 20-year-old center spoke on his brief AHL success, NHL aspirations, and friendship with other Swedes in the San Jose Sharks’ system.

John McCarthy also shared the organization’s projection of Bystedt.

Bystedt, on his short AHL stint to end last season:

Definitely a boost. Getting here, getting to know the American Hockey League, and what it’s about. I think it was a good experience to do last year, so I can be more calm and experienced toward next season.

Bystedt, on his relationship with 2022 San Jose Sharks’ second-round pick Mattias Havelid:

We’ve grown up together, been in same class in school. Playing in the same team most of our lives, so it’s nice to have that guy around here that you can always chit chat with in the room and kind of relax.

Bystedt, on where he will play next season:

Of course, I want to play in the NHL. If I’m gonna be [with the Barracuda], I’m gonna have to be that guy if I’m going down to the AHL. Trying to prove myself there, and doing everything I can each day to stand out and get a spot up there.

Bystedt, on what he wants to improve:

Starting in the gym, I want to be stronger. In the NHL, you have to be stronger in every situation and to be able to handle that. Work on my shot and be able to score goals. And of course, puck management. When you get to the NHL level, [you’re] not gonna have that much time, so you gotta be really comfortable.

Bystedt, on having a group of fellow Swedes around:

It’s important. As you said, William [Eklund] has been here a couple of [times] to development camps. I’ve been all around him, asking questions and it’s nice to have, to settle down and get more comfortable.

John McCarthy, on what he thinks Bystedt needs to improve:

For him, it’s what we talked about at the end of last year. I think he’s shown some ability to create offense at the AHL level, and it’s about rounding that game out. What’s he gonna be at the NHL level? We see him as a middle six-type of guy. If we can add some penalty killing attributes and [be] competitive in the faceoff circle, that’s good to up his value.

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Ricky W

Joesph disagrees but I thought when Brad Lambert fell to us with his electrifying speed and offensive acumen we should have grabbed him, for me I will always be comparing Bystedt to Lambert but I hope Bystedts big body and 2 way game will be the right pick in the long run

Fin Coe

Bystedt v Lambert, Smith v Michkov, Dickinson v Buium; these are valid decisions to question or praise, and we’ll be at it for years to come. But I’ve been thinking lately that maybe best is less important than right. If Lambert Michkov and Buium outscore our guys individually but the Sharks play better as a team than Winnipeg Philly or Minny? I’ll be happy.

Arch Mickel

Dont you have to compare Lambert to Bystedt/Lund/Havelid combined? It was 11 for those 3 picks right?!? If Lambert is a 2nd line guy and Bystead 3rd line guy- bad trade…but if one or both Lund and Havelid are strong #3/4/5 d men. Good trade! I do not disagree with wanting Lambert! I was fine with Conor Geekie at 11 too. Liked moving back as well. Though think this comparison is more difficult when you factor all 3 in: unlike the Smith or Dickinson, roads not traveled. Though I think the Buium/Dickenson maybe tough like compare Karlson to Doughty. One… Read more »


No you would compare Geekie to all 3. But Lambert fell past where Bysted was taken (by 3 spots?) so you would be comparing Bysted with Lambert straight up cause they could have had either as their late first pick.

Arch Mickel

True…Guess My brain was still stuck on there being a sentiment that Lambert at 11 was good pick even over Geekie. A sentiment that I did not disagree with either.


You have a giant wide on for grit and size and physicality but you’d rather have Lambert over Bystedt? Your inconsistencies make it impossible to take anything you say seriously.

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