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Chrona Makes 36 Saves, But Stars Win 3-2 Shootout



Credit: NBC Sports California

The San Jose Sharks visit the Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center.

William Eklund and Filip Zadina scored, and Magnus Chrona made 36 saves, but the Stars won a 3-2 shootout.

Period 1

1 in: Hintz breakaway, Sharks not doing much for Chrona so far. Hoffman got left on an island versus Hintz, big save.

Eklund goal: Stars playing San Jose Sharks-like hockey! Steel, supporting his defense, pinches when he shouldn’t, giving Kunin and Eklund a 2-on-1.

7 in: Sometimes, the Eklund spin-o-rama is sound and fury, signifying nothing, but there, buys extra zone time. That was against Heiskanen too.

9 left: Looks like good Kunin defensive support for Burroughs there in NZ.

8 left: Rutta erases attacking Heiskanen. That’s a strong play.

7 left: Remenda mentions, and I agree, sometimes, simplify and get it deep by Zadina. This goes other way for Stars possession.

6 left: Good vision and find by Kunin, hitting Eklund up the middle. Kunin has had a good game so far.

Okhotiuk penalty: Puck play problems once again.

5 left: Kunin lauded again, good PK’ing shift. Playing quick tonight.

4 left: Good puck battle win by Granlund along wall.

2 left: Opportunity lost, Hoffman extra pass, then Vlasic extra pass on an outnumbered attack, Heiskanen cuts it off.

Good job by Chrona, hope he can have a strong game tonight, it was wrong what the Sharks did to him last start.

Lopsided because of power play, but Sharks did a good job at even strength, up 2-1 High-Danger, down 2-1 Slot Shots.

Period 2

Faksa goal: Puck squirts through Chrona, and Bailey fails to tie up Faksa.

4 left: Feels like San Jose Sharks starting to panic and hurry play, Zetterlund then Granlund turnovers on exit. Not a great momentum shift for what’s been the team’s best line recently. 1:21 shift for Zetterlund.

Hoffman goes to room, got caught with shot follow-through.

8 in: Young Stankoven gets a lesson, beat up the ice by Granlund, who almost dekes Oettinger into highlight heaven.

10 in: Fun exchange, Eklund vs. Pavelski on the draw, Eklund exasperated by something that maybe Pavelski is trying to pull? Anyway, that’s a bittersweet exchange for Sharks fans, I have to imagine. Too bad it’s not Pavelski showing Eklund the faceoff ropes during a practice.

9 left: Thrun can’t escape F1 pressure, but Kunin there to support.

8 left: Zadina, taking Hoffman’s place on PP, does a good job on puck battle. Deceptive strength.

Zadina goal: Good work by Okhotiuk, who forces the turnover on the forecheck.

Hoffman back, but Zetterlund helped off after a big shot block.

1 left: Harley does a good job cutting off Zadina one-on-one. That was impressive.

Period 3

Robertson goal: Just a typical San Jose Sharks penalty, a Sharks player (Zadina) under duress, he’s forced into an error (delay of game). Now Stars 30-11 shots.

4 in: Okhotiuk jumps up and has a bang-bang re-direction right in front of Oettinger.

9 in: Not sure the Star, but Rutta does a good job of taking the body first.

10 in: Maybe Smith didn’t mean to knock net over, but good net drive, and knocking the net off gives the Sharks a much-needed break. They were doing a lot of defending before Ferraro and Smith had a little rush.

9 left: Kunin bats it perfectly to Zadina in the middle of the ice, right in stride, easy zone entry. One of the better games that I’ve seen from Kunin.

3 left: Pretty good Chrona pass up to Zetterlund, starts a rush.

If the San Jose Sharks are going to get a point, may as well get a win for Chrona. He deserves it after his effort tonight and how they no-showed his first start.


Sturm-Duclair-Thrun to start.

Great Chrona save on Stankoven breakaway!

Zadina patience and feed to Duclair on PP.

Chrona’s Save % up to .851!

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