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Sharks Locker Room: Addison on Brawling With Canucks, Emberson Talks 1st Goal



The San Jose Sharks beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-3 on Saturday night. After the game, David Quinn talked about Mikael Granlund’s “ESPN-worthy” goal, Granlund emphasized the team effort, Calen Addison mentioned the Sharks’ power play tiring the opponents out, and Ty Emberson said his grandpa might get the puck he was given after his first NHL goal.

Granlund Scores ‘ESPN’ Goal, Sharks Beat Canucks 4-3

David Quinn

Quinn, on Mikael Granlund’s goal:

As I said, it’ll probably be on ESPN tonight.

Quinn, on how the Sharks’ bench reacted to Granlund’s goal:

Guys were going nuts, really. It was a pretty special goal, and, you know, he’s gutted some injuries out, and I love him as a kid, I love him as a player. He’s a guy you can win with.

Quinn, on what he discussed with the team after the second period when Vancouver tied the game seconds before the end:

We’re starting to play with swagger. We’re starting to play fearless, and don’t lose it. Let’s go win it. Go win the hockey. Keep making plays and keep staying on top of them, and be fearless. That’s been our message here over the last few weeks.

Quinn, on how it feels to bounce back after the situation the team was in three weeks ago:

It feels good to win. Period. But like I said, to think about where we were three weeks ago, we went through and played a pretty good game in Vancouver. Could have won that one. And then we did what we did tonight. I mean… call that “progress.”

Quinn, on the importance of resiliency:

Winning entails a lot, right? It’s not just being the most talented or the fastest. You need to have a lot of characteristics and show that type of mental fortitude and toughness when you get into a big scrum and then get back out and play hockey and draw a penalty and get a four-on-three goal. And it says an awful lot about your resiliency and your mental toughness.

Quinn, on if he’s thinking about the upcoming road trip:

We got a home game before that, so I’m not thinking about the road trip yet. No matter where we play—whether it’s here, on the road [or] in a parking lot—you’ve got to play the same way, doesn’t matter. The recipe for success doesn’t change no matter where you’re at. So we’re gonna enjoy a day off tomorrow, and [then we’ll] get ready to play Washington.

Mikael Granlund

Granlund, on the “SportsCenter-worthy” goal he scored at the very beginning of the third period:

It’s four-on-four, and, you know, you have a little bit of time and space. They didn’t necessarily have the best gaps there, so I just found the lane there and got around the last D-man and was able to put the puck in.

Granlund, on getting back to the game he wants to play:

Obviously, [with the Sharks] being a new team and battling with an injury at the beginning of the season, I’m getting better and better all the time. Hopefully, I’m gonna keep it going.

Granlund, on this Sharks’ win being the result of a team effort:

We’re getting there as a team…It’s a good feeling when you see that if we’re on top of our game, we can play [any team] in this league.

Calen Addison

Addison, on what happened after he was hit by the Canucks’ forward Elias Petterson:

Everyone loves that stuff, right? You want to get into those scrums and you want to win, like I said, so we’re up in the third, it’s a big game for us, we wanna show we’re not backing down. No matter who challenges us, we’re not backing down.

Addison, on Granlund’s goal:

It’s unbelievable. You can’t teach that stuff.

Addison, on the Sharks’ power play:

It’s nice to see our power play clicking. We’re working hard, we’re moving the puck quicker, we’re moving our feet more. I think that just leads to more success. It tires [the opponents] out, they start scrambling, and we’re taking advantage.

Ty Emberson

Emberson, on what he’ll do with the puck he was given after his first NHL goal:

I’ll probably keep the puck. I might give it to my grandpa. My grandpa is the reason that I play hockey. So he’s obviously very excited for me.

Emberson, on playing in the top defense pair with Mario Ferraro:

Obviously, [the Sharks’ coaching staff] have been good enough to put me in some high-pressure situations. And obviously, Mario has been an easy guy to play with. He’s been good to me in the locker room, good to me on the ice. Just giving me tips and tricks to make it through the games.

Emberson, on Kaapo Kahkonen being an unsung hero of tonight’s game:

Kaapo’s been awesome. Kaapo and [Blackwood] have been unreal for us all year.

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