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Sharks Can’t Win Even When Playing Winning Hockey, Lose 4-1 to Lightning



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Tampa Bay Lightning into SAP Center.

William Eklund scored, but the Sharks lost 4-1.

Period 1

Not the start that the San Jose Sharks wanted. Hagel gets behind Thrun, Thrun forced to slash him to prevent a Grade-A chance. NHL-best power play gets an immediate chance.

3 in: Looks like Motte pulled MacDonald down, got away with one.

Duclair gets warm round of applause when shown on the scoreboard.

Paul goal: Even SAP Center is against the Sharks: Hedman trying to rim it from the corner, hits something, bounces in front for Paul, who’s the only guy to see the puck.

Apparently hit the ref.

Eklund goal: Great pass by MacDonald. MacDonald jumps on an unforced Cernak NZ turnover. Good for the both of them, who had rough outings in Nashville.

9 in: Addison flashes a good, hard shot there.

9 left: Small and subtle give-and-go in DZ between Granlund and Kostin. Good work by Kostin.

Will say, probably sounds like hindsight now, but I was already seeing on the road trip that Eklund needed a change, at least positionally. Most obvious would’ve been to install him next to Granlund, but Kostin has earned his look there. Zetterlund has probably done enough to keep his spot too. Maybe switch Eklund and Kunin positionally? I don’t think you break up the Sturm line, that was actually fairly effective, even in Nashville. So Quinn landed on Eklund on the fourth line, I guess.

And Kostin just drew a penalty.

Addison-Granlund-Kostin-Zetterlund-Bordeleau on PP1. Looks like Kostin has replaced Eklund on the top unit. Eklund is on PP2 with MacDonald, Kunin, Zadina, and Barabanov.

Kunin penalty: Motte went down very easy? Looks like Motte threw his head back. That’s a bad no-call.

2 left: Rutta might have saved a goal there? Rutta beats Paul one-on-one, loose puck, open net. That is Rutta’s value, he’s strong in battles.

Period 2

1 in: Looks like a dead giveaway by Dumba to Kostin. Bad pass. Kostin almost connects with Granlund for the tap-in.

2 in: Kostin fires a missile, then hits Zetterlund for a soft pass in the slot. Impressive sequence.

3 in: Eklund shakes and bakes F1 Sheary with ease, love. Sheary is obviously not the most intimidating player, but if you can do that to a lower-level NHL player in essentially your rookie year, that’s a good sign.

8 in: Zadina fires it, big rebound for Kunin, but Vasilevskiy! San Jose Sharks continuing their spirited play.

9 in: Sharks got to watch out, I think Ferraro let Kucherov leak ahead of him, he was able to recover somewhat, but like the Nashville game, you’ve played solid, don’t think you can track meet with your opposition all of a sudden.

10 in: As I type that, another beaut MacDonald feed to Carpenter, Grade-A.

Bordeleau got hurt checking Sheary, but he’s still on the bench.

8 left: Rutta has to get that out. He’s great in battles, but his puck play can be really rough, and has been in his last couple games.

7 left: Eklund sheds Cernak then Eyssimont in the corner, that was fun to watch.

5 left: Ground game there, a minute along the wall. There was a play there where I think Bordeleau needed to get it out. Small stuff but big. Not when he first had possession along the wall, he was converged on quick by Sheary, did well not to lose it there. But then Kunin gave him an in-tight pass, he tries to make a move out, loses it. Granted Glendening right on him too.

Then Vlasic fights Sheary. San Jose Sharks are engaged tonight.

2 left: Good Kunin set-up of Zadina.

Unfortunately, a very San Jose Sharks sequence to end: Bordeleau comes up with it along the wall, quick pass to Bailey, maybe not ready for it. I don’t think he expected the good pass. Turnover, counterattack, Rutta takes a penalty on Cirelli. Good leads to bad, that kind of season. Another big kill coming up.

This looks like a set-up for the Lightning to turn it on at the end here and win it, which is unfortunate, because through 40, the San Jose Sharks definitely deserve the win.

Period 3

Point goal: Yup.

1 in: Addison hurt, maybe that’s why he didn’t have awareness that Blackwood had lost his stick. Sharks need to respond here. They don’t need to win a lot of games from here on out, I get that, but they need an occasional win when they play a good game. reinforce the effort. Let’s see if they can end strong.

Duclair goal: That’s what Duke can do. I haven’t noticed him at all tonight, but then, he beats his checker (I think Kostin, ironically, who took his spot next to Granlund) up the ice, created an outnumbered situation. And not that Kostin had a chance to catch Duclair, but I think the effort was wanting there. Not a long shift for him there. He’s skilled, as I’ve documented, but if he’s serious about the NHL, he’s probably got to get lighter and quicker.

Point goal: Another dispiriting loss on the way for the Sharks. I don’t know what Quinn says to his team post-game. Something along the lines of we should’ve had the lead through 40, but the ref literally got in the way? But then, an unremarkable third. Though you can argue Sharks should’ve had like a 2-0 lead after two. But whatever. That kind of season. Like I’ve said multiple times, when a team wants to turn it on against the Sharks, they always can.

Bordeleau playing until the end, draws a call on Stamkos. I would think the coaches would notice that.

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