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This Is Not a Misprint: Sharks Enjoy Easy 5-1 Win Over Blues



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the St. Louis Blues into SAP Center.

Mike Hoffman scored a pair, and William Eklund, Givani Smith, and Luke Kunin also added goals, and the Sharks, gasp, had an easy 5-1 victory.

Period 1

Hoffman goal: The San Jose Sharks have some jump to start tonight, give them that. Have actually outshot the Blues, 4-0, held them without a shot, even weathering a St. Louis power play. On the goal, Zadina shows off his one-on-one skill on entry, razzle-dazzles through Perunovich, then fires it. Causes chaos, then Zadina gets it again and fires a terrific pass to Sturm, who gives it to Hoffman. All Zadina there, playing faster than the Blues. Love to see it.

7 in: Eklund bobbles behind Kahkonen, Sundqvist barrels down and Eklund gets out of the way. I think there, you want Eklund to take the hit and make the play. Nothing comes of it, and Eklund does a good job defending and boxing out Sundqvist when puck goes back to the point.

8 in: Granlund does a good job of directing Gushchin in defensive coverage. Gushchin comes up with it but loses it.

7 left: Not a very good decision by Duclair to go up the middle there, too long a pass, no chance. Lucky Kapanen got no mustard on his chance right in front of Kahkonen.

5 left: Big save by Kahkonen off sloppy Zadina exit. Zadina looks like he’s trying to make a move, cut toward the middle with his back turned, Krug right on him, sticks it away. Zadina then does a snow angel near the blueline, not sure why, Blues pick up his turnover. That’s a live to fight another day moment, Emberson gives Zadina a pass, Zadina doesn’t have the time he hoped to make a play, just backhand it out of the zone.

1 left: Another big Kahkonen save, Sharks really trying to give lead away. That was off Sundqvist, not sure if that was the pass or reception between Okhotiuk and Sturm, but a pretty routine short pass goes the other way.

Period 2

Eklund goal: I liked Eklund’s entry pass to Hertl on this goal, actually. Always puts it right in stride for the receiver.

2 in: Nice work by Carpenter, who takes it from Faulk in corner, then finds Smith in slot.

Smith goal: It’s Carpenter again, wins the draw, who hits Kunin in the slot, tough pass but Kunin handles it, then Kunin slides it to Smith.

Kunin goal: Great saucer pass, it looks like, from Smith to Kunin, who just murders the puck.

9 left: Liked that from Eklund. That’s a live to fight another day play, doesn’t force a pass to a covered Zetterlund in the middle. Indirect. San Jose Sharks win the puck anyway, and Hertl has a great chance, good feed from Eklund. It’s also Eklund that started the play, jumping on a poor low to high Blues pass.

Hoffman goal: Another great Zadina pass, this time a stretch pass. Then Hoffman, when he has all the time and space, can still put it where he wants. He had the time to do an Owen Nolan point there.

Looks like Addison-Duclair-Granlund-Zetterlund-Hertl as PP1, Emberson-Eklund-Zadina-Hoffman-Gushchin as PP2.

Period 3

5 in: Oh man, Gushchin had Granlund open in the slot. But whiffs at the pass. Maybe nerves.

6 in: Hoffman does a good job to give it to Okhotiuk in a small space. Okhotiuk tries to pass through a Blue to exit, turnover. Don’t like. Skate or go glass and out. That’s a Zach Wilson pass, passing into coverage.

7 in: Pretty tic-tac-toe from Zetterlund to Hertl to Eklund that Eklund can’t slam home.

9 left: Zetterlund blocks another. good for him, but hope he’s OK. Still on the bench.

Buchnevich goal: Zadina can’t get it out quick enough, he’s jumped on forecheck.

4 left: Hertl in control, has F1 Toropchenko going one way, then another, then hits the weakside DZ pass that he intended all along.

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