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SPECULATION: Meier, Reimer Are Sharks’ Other Top Trade Targets



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

Daily Faceoff just released their first Trade Targets list, and not surprisingly, it’s full of San Jose Sharks.

And while it’s been Erik Karlsson dominating trade rumors recently, it’s Timo Meier that’s considered more appealing for some obvious reasons.

Unlike Karlsson’s $11.5 million dollars, Meier has a manageable $6 million cap hit this season. Meier is also set to be an RFA, so a team has some control over the commitment.

“If he’s to be considered an RFA, his starting value on the market is considerably less than the Alex DeBrincat deal last summer,” Frank Seravalli cautioned though about his trade list No. 6.

The Chicago Blackhawks sent also pending RFA DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators before the 2022 Draft for 2022 first and second-round picks (Nos. 7 and 39) and a 2024 third-round pick.

Meanwhile, Karlsson lands 10th on this top-20 trade list, but more because of his notoriety and less because of the likelihood of a deal.

This could be one of the most complicated transactions in league history because of the San Jose Sharks star’s immense contract and No-Movement Clause, which we’ve talked about ad nauseum.

Karlsson, Grier Haven’t Talked About Waiving No-Movement Clause

Finally, James Reimer pulls up as 15th on the list.

“Reimer is steady, durable and comes with a cap hit and contract that makes him no-risk,” Seravalli writes of the pending UFA who’s making just $2.25 million dollars this year.

The Trade Deadline is on Mar. 3, but San Jose Sharks GM Mike Grier could be busy well before then, breaking up his 7-12-3 Sharks.

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Sheng, what’s your speculation? 🙂 Do you think we can ever get a first for reimer? Or trade EK65? Or what’s your guess on what will happen with Meier?

timorous me

I would love it, but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Reimer gets more than a second, and even that might be a bit too hopeful.


I really don’t understand why he wouldn’t fetch a first round pick – Reimer is such a better goalie than many playoff-bound teams have, and he brings so much more value than a positional player. I think with a goalie like Reimer, Toronto or Oilers become true cup contenders. Maybe I am really wrong.

Fin Coe

A couple reasons I can see for Reimer buyers bidding low: Indications are that 2023 is a strong draft and contenders may see late-first-rounders as being extra valuable; What’ll Reimer be brought in as? Starter, half of a true tandem, or backup? Can he realistically be #1, and is a 1st a smart price to pay for option 2 or 3; We’ve seen some big deadline swings from contenders the last couple of seasons but the ones that stick in my memory have been for forwards; Between how hard the Sharks have leaned on Reimer last season and so far… Read more »

Last edited 5 days ago by Fin Coe
timorous me

Yeah, this is a good explanation–it’s based on a combination of precedent (what teams give up for goalies) and how Reimer would be used.

david barnard

i don’t think Reimer can fetch a 1st rounder. 2nd seems right for his statistical play over the last season and change with the Sharks. i would think the league would recognize what he’s done with such a bad team during that time span.


Also in these conversations about getting rid of bad old contracts, what do you think is a chance of trading Couture while he is still good? 🙂

david barnard

among all the Sharks, LC seems like a “lifer” to me from his side. he’s got a M-NTC (3-team trade list). he’d basically have to want out. he’s also got 1 of the worst (ranked seasonally) contracts to move. LC is still a smart, good 2-way player, whom leads by example. he’s shown the ability to still be decently productive as a 2C while carrying some questionable “talent” on his line. that being said, i’ve seen some age-related decline. LC’s 33 yo with 4 more years on his $8M AAV contract. the positive, no more signing bonuses left on his… Read more »


Not going to trade Timo. Reimer yes that’s why Grier has Dell down in the minors – I’m wondering if that’s why Reimer really didn’t play in Seattle. That he is soon to be traded before the deadline. But on another note – I just want to keep believing in this team – they are going to take off here real soon and surprise everyone – Kraken won’t last much and neither will the Oilers. Sharks really are the 2nd best team in the division and we beat Vegas so maybe the best in the division – just need to… Read more »

david barnard

you seem confused. the Sharks aren’t the “2nd best team in the Div”, they’re more like the 2nd worst team in the Div, lol!

Mr Epstein

All 3 players need to be dealt. Sadly Grier fumbled the 2022 draft so the Sharks rebuild lost a year.


No, Wilson Sr. and Jr. fumbled the 2022 draft as they have done for the last 4-5 years … look at Merkley — 1st rounder in 2018, where was he last year — sucking in the NHL making mistakes night after night trying to be another Karlsson, and where is he now? Back with the ‘Cuda, trying to get his game together.


I definitely disagree with you. Merkley was seen as a boom or bust pick, but with the Sharks consistently drafting late in rounds and not having any truly great prospects, it seemed worthwhile to take a shot at 21st overall on a guy who did have high upside potential, even if the risk was absolutely there. It’s easy to point to Miller being a defenseman taken with the very next pick and being more successful and say it was a fumble, but most people I know were excited that the team took a shot on Merkley. 2018 3rd rounder Linus… Read more »

david barnard

there were players i wanted picked before Bystedt and Lund, but both are doing well. Lund has 12 pts in 14 GP inj the NCAA, and Bystedt has 10 pts in 20 GP in the SHL.

Havelid was a good pick at his # also now playing in the SHL. i liked Fisher as a “boom or bust” pick.

overall, the Sharks are steadily improving their pipeline despite my quibbles with some of their selections.

Last edited 4 days ago by david barnard
timorous me

Have hope for these draft picks, Mr Epstein! It takes much longer than a couple months to know with confidence what you actually have in almost all NHL draft picks.

And I get the frustration with trading down, but there is a reasonable logic to doing so–and in terms of “draft pick value,” Grier did just fine.

david barnard

what, no KL sighting on trade list speculation? even playing on that Labanc-Hertl-Meier line that is ranked 17th in xG% at 61.1% and 5th in Goals for per 60?

Last edited 4 days ago by david barnard
timorous me

Probably a tough sell right now. I see him as someone who would hold more value in the offseason if the cap rises or next year when he’s on an expiring contract. Until then, I hope he sticks in the Sharks’ top six and continues to produce.

Next maybe Quinn will listen to me again and give Lindblom a shot up there instead of Nieto. Feels like he’s just sort of the type of player who’s wasted in a 4th line role.

david barnard

you trade Meier, Karlsson, and Reimer and this team will have the best odds (lotto gods willing) at picking #1 overall in the summer entry draft.


“If he’s to be considered an RFA, his starting value on the market is considerably less than the Alex DeBrincat deal last summer,” Frank Seravalli cautioned though about his trade list No. 6.

What on earth does that mean?


I suspect it’s related to his qualifying offer, though DeBrincat’s QO will be $9M, so it’s not too far apart from Timo’s $10M. Other than that, maybe it’s related to his scoring history being a bit less consistent.

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