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San Jose Barracuda

Why Are the Barracuda So Bad?



What’s the problem with the last-place San Jose Barracuda?

We have a special guest, Patrick Williams from and, who knows all things AHL, to shed some light on why the San Jose Barracuda are struggling this season. (43:30)

Williams has a good handle on realistic expectations for the last-place Cuda.

But before we get to that interview, we have a few San Jose Sharks topics to cover.

First, William Eklund has been playing…center!? (03:30) We talk all about his play and what his change to center might mean for the rebuild if this is a permanent or semi-permanent change.

The Sharks have another young prospect making waves in the NHL as Shakir Mukhamadullin was called up this week. (13:20) We dive into his play and speculate whether he stays up with the Sharks after the break or not.

Sheng and Keegan discuss the addition of Mukhamadullin to the AHL All-star game, and the injury to Danil Gushchin that’s going to keep him out of the All-Star lineup. (23:50)

Finally, before we get to Patrick Williams, we discuss Tomas Hertl (27:18). News came out this week that a conversation might take place this offseason to discuss Hertl’s future on a rebuilding San Jose Sharks club. Let the speculation commence on his future, and what the Sharks might get for Hertl in a trade.

Alright, it’s time for the Patrick Williams interview! We ask loads of questions and get his opinion on how the Barracuda are performing relative to the other teams in the AHL. (43:30)

First we ask the big question: Is it okay to be disappointed in the Barracuda this season? (45:00)

Just how many high-end players (for this league) does the San Jose Sharks’ AHL affiliate have right now? (47:30)

We ask about John McCarthy and whether he deserves to be fired. (53:25)

McCarthy is one of the AHL’s youngest coaches. Did he miss out on having an experienced mentor by his side to start his head coaching career? (56:50)

Just how much was expected from this Barracuda roster, and how much of the failure can really be put on McCarthy? (1:05:20)

What does Patrick think of Danil Gushchin? (1:09:30)

Despite some defensive additions to the Barracuda this season, they still sit last in goals allowed in the AHL. What’s going wrong defensively for them? (1:12:45)

We dive into the curious decision to roll with three young netminders, one with injury concerns, to start the year for the Barracuda. (1:18:27)

The defense has been a mess, but the offense is actually decent for the Barracuda. What’s gone right so far there this year? (1:23:45)

What does Patrick think about the compete level for the Barracuda overall? (1:26:35)

Who is Patrick’s favorite Barracuda player to watch? (1:28:44)

Who does Patrick think has the potential to reach the NHL from the AHL roster? (1:29:45)

To end the interview, how much of the team’s losing can be put on Cuda GM Joe Will? (1:31:30)

After the interview, Sheng and Keegan react to Patrick’s interview and discuss some of the rumblings in the hockey world, related to how the Barracuda are perceived. (1:35:40) This includes lots of insights from scouts and executives on how the Barracuda and the San Jose Sharks are seen, and some of the limitations involved with running these teams.

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