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Trade Deadline Eve Massacre: Bordeleau Scores, But Sharks Lose 7-2



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

The San Jose Sharks welcome the New York Islanders to SAP Center.

Thomas Bordeleau and Mike Hoffman scored, but the Isles creamed the Sharks 7-2.

Period 1

Dobson goal: Off Burroughs?

2 in: I don’t think Labanc was good in his last game, probably deserved the seat against Dallas, but love his forecheck effort there. More of that, along with some offense, and he’s going to be fine in the NHL next year.

4 in: Another Kunin post. Nice lead pass up the gut by Zadina. Kunin leads the San Jose Sharks in posts, I believe.

6 in: Big time save from Chrona.

9 in: Good work shift from Bailey.

10 in: Great set-up by Hoffman, reminiscent of his pass to Zadina last game, but Smith can’t corral it. Golden chance.

So far, I think I’ve liked Bordeleau’s work level, actually. That’s promising.

9 left: Palmieri on top of Ferraro, but Mario turns and skates it out. That’s what Ferraro brings.

8 left: Islanders haven’t managed puck great so far. Telegraphed Dobson D-to-D exit pass to Pelech, Eklund picks it off, both Zadina and Bailey with chances.

6 left: Could’ve been ugly. Palmieri stretches out, beats everyone up the ice. Chrona turns him away though.

5 left: What a Granlund feed to Addison. From the wall, turns and fires a bullet to Addison coming down slot. Perfect velocity and touch there, that’s a high-skill play.

4 left: Labanc does a good job holding off Cizikas all over him to move puck from wall to middle of the ice in OZ. Doesn’t lead to much, but I like this Labanc tonight. More assertive.

Romanov goal: Granlund wanted a call on his NZ turnover. Gotta re-watch again to see who should’ve picked up trailer Romanov. Looks clean through though, you might want a save there from that distance, sightlines OK, I think.

Isles 5-0 Slot Shots, 2-1 High-Danger Chances.

Period 2

Bordeleau goal: Bordeleau on PP1 with Eklund, Granlund, Zetterlund & Addison. That’s a skill deflection from Bordeleau, off his raised foot.

7 in: Good, smart keep by Carpenter just outside zone, waiting for Hoffman to tag up. He feints and pauses, giving San Jose Sharks’ chance to re-enter with possession.

Horvat goal: Someone doesn’t pick up Horvat. Sturm flies in on check in corner, forcing the puck to Horvat. Vlasic was helping out there, but he can’t catch up on Horvat.

Hoffman goal: Nice give and go from Smith to Hoffman, who have formed an unlikely duo this game with chance after chance.

MacLean goal: Bad angle goal allowed by Chrona.

Barzal goal: Not a good turnover by Thrun, though I’ll say on his behalf that the intentions are right there, he’s going for a loft pass and out. But it has to get out. Then I think Bailey can’t lose Barzal there, though Barzal obviously is very fast.

5 left: Sturm is angry, comes off shift, breaks his blade, then slams bench door just as Bailey about to come off too.

Aho goal: Bordeleau giveth, Bordeleau taketh away. He doesn’t identify the late man. This was after a terrific Zetterlund forecheck, steal on Reilly right in front of Sorokin, good chance.

There was another play with Barzal earlier, does look to me like Bordeleau is still thinking about what he has to do defensively at this level. Offensive side, naturally, looks smoother.

Period 3

Chrona starts the period. Kahkonen doesn’t move from his seat because of trade-related vibes?

3 in: Eklund chance, gorgeous hockey between he and Zetterlund, scrambling Isles. Like. They haven’t play together at even strength in a while.

5 in: Labanc flies in on forecheck, takes it from Reilly. Maybe Reilly having a poor game, but he’s been victimized a lot tonight.

Lee goal:

I know people hate Chrona being left out there, but it’s logical (though they may not confirm it publicly) for them to sit Kahkonen for trade-related reasons. Chrona’s a big boy, a pro athlete, he’s gotta be able to handle stuff like this. If there’s no reason to keep Kahkonen on the bench, I’m all for sparing the young goalie, but there’s a pretty good reason to keep Kaapo on the pine.


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