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Sharks Outshoot Opponent for 1st Time This Season, But Lose 3-2 in Shootout



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Montreal Canadiens into SAP Center.

Mike Hoffman and William Eklund scored, but the Sharks dropped it in the shootout.

Period 1

1 in: Great defensive play by Kunin to stick away pass to creeping Caulfield, that leaves him and Hoffman on a 2-on-1. Kunin chance, fat rebound for Hoffman who can’t convert. But great play all around there.

4 in: Hertl does a good job helping out Addison, who was facing forecheck pressure. Subtle interference and also stays low to help out.

6 in: Under duress, San Jose Sharks losing precision from first couple shifts. There, Granlund has puck in traffic, trying to exit, and he puts it too hard for MacDonald. Fairly routine exit now goes the other way. Sharks need to stem the tide here.

Blackwood sharp to start, being tested too much though. Haven’t we heard that before?

7 in: There again, Addison had Eklund ahead a little, sloppy indirect, no clean exit.

8 in: Now routine Okhotiuk to Burroughs pass misses. Turnover.

10 in: Granlund is in good defensive position, intercepts slot pass, but then his stretch pass to Duclair easily picked off.

9 left: Would like to see the full-ice view of that Pearson chance. I’m not live in the arena today. How does Pearson beat every Shark to the puck. Hunger, where is it?

4 left: That’s the stuff from Sturm. Love it. That’s hunger. Just powers through Matheson, draws a penalty.

Period 2

Did Hoffman get call to join Hertl line? It’s deserved.

1 in: Emberson swoops in to kill the play, good read.

Before Hoffman goal, Duclair turnover leads to Gallagher chance. San Jose Sharks still being careless with the puck.

Hoffman goal: Hertl forces a Pearson turnover, Eklund great stutter step then pass. Hoffman just cruising to get open, doing what he does. He’s really turned it around. Revenge goal too for the ex-Hab.

6 in: That was ugly. Hertl and Okhotiuk look slow to recognize developing 2-on-1 for Habs. Blackwood has to make three outstanding saves on that shift.

8 in: Struble trailer, no one picks him up. More potential disaster averted. Three Sharks forwards got caught on the other side of the ice.

9 in: Details! Eklund gets in the way, allows Burroughs an easy exit. That’s how you do it.

10 in: That’s a clever backhand high-to-low pass by Addison. Like.

9 left: That’s a pretty Eklund to Okhotiuk to Hoffman rush chance.

Eklund goal: You love to see it, that one-timer is a weapon. Add it to his arsenal.

7 left: A little hairy, but good work by Sturm to keep Habs outside of zone.

4 left: Good defensive battle by Addison, battles Pearson to a stand-still, more of that.

Kovacevic goal: Zetterlund doesn’t get it deep, had the puck, it squirts into zone but not deep enough for Zetterlund to change.  Montreal counterattacks quickly and Sharks can’t set.

2 in: Hertl is strong, Guhle just bounces off him. Finds Ferraro, but Ferraro does too much, extra move, instead of firing it.

SPORTLOGiQ has it even at even strength: 8-8 Slot Shots, 6-6 High-Danger. Sharks have edge on PP, of course.

Period 3

Caulfield goal: Oh man, another great Hertl puck protection, Burroughs has the chance. But then Burroughs gets caught deep, 2-on-1, Caulfield fires it from distance but just beats Blackwood. How will San Jose Sharks respond?

5 in: MacDonald and Kunin win the puck on forecheck. I’ve liked MacDonald at forward. He’s been competent, at least.

6 in: Guhle just walls off Eklund behind Primeau. Compare to how Hertl held the 6-foot-3 Guhle off on Ferraro near-chance.

9 left: Like the quick decision by Addison to fire it, Sturm in front. I’ve liked Addison’s game tonight.

3 left: Benning has been underrated tonight, quick, decisive, accurate passes. Then Granlund to Duclair to Zetterlund, who fires it.


Hertl-Zetterlund-Addison to start.


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