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What do you want to know about Jasper Weatherby?

San Jose Hockey Now subscribers, ask away!

The popular San Jose Sharks rookie will take your questions in a special SJHN subscriber Q&A.

If you’re a SJHN subscriber, just drop your questions in the comments here — and I’ll ask Jasper as many of your questions as I can. Let’s try to get all questions in by next weekend.

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This exclusive Q&A is for you.

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What was the message from coaches about the healthy scratch?

What is one skill that you now realize you need to improve in your game?

Steve Edit

Does Lord Jasper Weatherby know that his nickname in the Sharks fan base is “The Lord”

Last edited 1 month ago by Steve Edit
Eric Pichette

Who’s one player from development camp who you think may be under the radar in terms of potential other than the bigger names like Eklund and Bordeleau ect…?


Where does he himself see his ceiling? Does he set point totals for himself? Does he practice for hockey fights? How scary is it when you are the net front guy and there is a slap shot coming? How does it not kill or seriously injure more people?


What ideal skills from line mates compliment his skills best? Does he think that scout projections about him are mostly correct? Or not really?

Jakub Pudelek

As an NHL and Sharks rookie, what was the most surprising aspect of joining the team and the league?


Which is a better hug, cellying after a goal or hugging the goalie after a win?

Joshua Zalk

What would it take to get an autograph from you, Lord Jasper?

Joshua Zalk

When you scout college hockey prospects, what skills, character traits, and mentalities have you noticed translate to NHL success? For instance, what unique intangibles did Cale Makar and Mario Ferraro bring about in college? What has allowed you to make your NHL debut shortly after your college career?

Douglas Fowler

When did he first become aware that the Sharks were interested in him? Who did you speak to and what was said in your first discussion after the Sharks squired your rights?

Thx Sheng!

JD Young

Does your family enjoy the Lord Jasper stickers?

Chris B.

JD you need to get all the young Shark’s moms and sisters slide into your DMs to get you more interviews! I’ll have to shoot over an email sometime.

Off season love to hear about age plateau / regression models applied to the Sharks to help forecast some fantasy hockey. Neat tool. I’ve heard you guys talk about age regressions a while back and cool if there’s some stats to back that up.

Last edited 1 month ago by Chris Boucher

What has been the biggest adjustment lifestyle-wise going straight from UND to the NHL?

Grace Shang

As a fan from Oregon, I thought it was so awesome to see my team have someone from here! I was wondering what it was like growing up a hockey fan/player there and how you knew it was something you were serious about.

Also — any funny stories about hanging out with the other younger guys from development camp or the beginning of the season? Hockey or non-hockey related!


Long time ago, but what convinced Weatherby and his family that he needed to and could make the jump from Ashland/Medford to Canada?

Has Brent Burns ever brought up these pics?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jasdeep

I’ve paid attention to your career since you were drafted. You deserve a lot of praise for making it to the NHL. I know a lot of fans on these sites didn’t give you a chance. What is the best thing you can say for your success??

Skyer Greenberg

How did it feel to skate out of the Shark head for the first time and scoring in your first NHL game against the Jets?

Last edited 1 month ago by Skyler Greenberg

Who are your 3 favorite NHL players of all time?

Last edited 1 month ago by JV
Klara Christensen

What was the experience like being drafted by the team you grew up rooting for?


Do you have any pre-game rituals or anything in particular that motivates you before a game?

Favorite things about San Jose?

What was the moment like, hearing you were drafted by the team you’ve been rooting for?

Best chirps/chirper you’ve encountered, on the Sharks or from an opposing team?

Are there any players you model your game after? Any players you were starstruck to see on the ice (or in the locker room)? Players you love playing against?

Babak Shahrivar

His joining the Sharks was a bit of a surprise to Sharks fans as it seemed to happen very suddenly. At what point did he realize he had a serious chance of making an NHL roster this season?


What’s his nickname?

What’s his most memorable off ice moment this year?

Last edited 1 month ago by rphillips19
Nicholas Flohr

What were the after-effects of the legendary 5-OT game against Minnesota Duluth? Did you legs feel gelatinous the next day or did you need to do some extensive post-game ice baths?

Chris B.

Nick thank you working Sheng on the weekly pod. Great content, enjoy the guest interviews. Sports Logic Stat of the week isn’t something we get from the other pods out there. Keep up the great work!

Chris B.

Lord Jasper (as the Content Boyz dub you) what did you learn from wearing a letter the last year of your college career?

What areas of your game are you focusing on to take on more minutes, grab more special team time, or jump up in the lineup if the opportunity arises.

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