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Scouts Talk Top-10 Sharks Prospects



Credit: San Jose Sharks

Even after the Trade Deadline, a perhaps surprising amount has changed with the San Jose Sharks prospects pool.

The Sharks signed arguably the No. 1 college free agent this year, Collin Graf.

Thomas Bordeleau has changed the trajectory of his San Jose career with an impressive NHL showing since the Deadline.

Filip Bystedt made an impressive AHL debut earlier this week, dropping two goals and an assist in San Diego.

Right after the Deadline, these were my top-10 Sharks prospects, a list vetted by an organizational source and outside it.

I should add, this is not necessarily what the San Jose Sharks think, but I do consider my source’s opinion, of course.

10) Kasper Halttunen
9) Cam Lund
8) Thomas Bordeleau
7) Danil Gushchin
6) Henry Thrun
5) Filip Bystedt
4) David Edstrom
3) Quentin Musty
2) Shakir Mukhamadullin
1) Will Smith

Today? I’d still have Graf just outside my top-10. Bordeleau, I’d move ahead of Thrun.

I also checked in with multiple NHL scouts from outside the San Jose Sharks organization to see what they thought about some of my burning questions about my rankings: Where do they fit Graf in? Do they like Halttunen or Lund more? Mukhamadullin or Musty for No. 2 Sharks prospect? And what are their thoughts about prospects just outside my top-10 like Luca Cagnoni and Ethan Cardwell?

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