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Addison Gets Misconducts in Back-to-Back Games, Sharks Lose 5-2



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Arizona Coyotes into SAP Center.

Henry Thrun and Luke Kunin scored, but the Sharks lost 5-2.

Period 1

1 in: Good on-puck defense from Graf. Persistent.

Looks like Graf on left wing, switch from last game.

2 in: There might be more actual people at a Mullett Arena game than fans in their SAP Center seats right now.

Thrun goal: Granlund inching toward 60 and Zetterlund toward 40 points. Thrun just pounds it from the blueline. Interesting that he remains at the pointman with Addison back, good for him. A time to see what he can do!

Addison-MacDonald-Kunin-Graf-Zadina are PP2.

9 in: Not great defense from Valimaki, who reaches when he should instead most likely play Granlund more conservatively.

Kerfoot goal: Starts with a bad Bordeleau decision along NZ wall, trying to hit the middle with a pass that’s knocked down by the Yotes. He gives an honest effort along wall to win it back, good second effort, but then third effort to get on O’Brien in front of net might be lacking.

Studnicka penalty: Studnicka doesn’t like the call, and I don’t blame him.

3 left: Graf gets stuck on left defense after a Granlund OZ turnover, that was awkward. He drifted into the RD.

2 left: Rutta with my favorite clear, strong enough to get close to opposite goal line without crossing, everybody can change. My favorite untracked stat.

Coyotes 2-0 High-Danger, 2-2 Slot Shots at Even Strength.

Period 2

2 in: Good entry by Graf, drop off to Kunin. Graf hasn’t wowed, but like Quinn says, he seems to be playing within himself, some maturity.

6 in: Graf just fell on the D-to-D pass on the power play. Like caught a rut. But he does a good job getting up, sticking with it, and winning the puck back on the attempted exit. Then distributes it back. Zadina forces a pass into the middle though, turnover.

Behind Ingram on the PP, Graf able to stickhandle the puck from I think Guenther, but then loses it. In general though, we’re seeing a little more puck play and he’s still staying in control. It’s promising, I think.

Kunin goal: I mean, that’s 100 percent a Kunin board on Dermott. Regardless, it goes uncalled, and Kunin keeps playing instead of getting distracted. Brown tried to go at him. Dermott, who left, I hope he’s not concussed, went to go get his stick, and Kunin was open in front to pop it home. Beaut Thrun pass. Graf’s first NHL point! Bordeleau also helped out on forecheck, his pressure led to Dermott getting crunched.

They’re giving away a Logan Couture jersey, which might be the first time that we’ve heard his name in the arena in like two months.

6 left: Dermott, before he left, then Brown tried to engage Kunin. Now Brown again, good on Bailey to help out. San Jose Sharks come out with the power play. You hate it if you’re a Yotes fan, but I get it from Kunin, 2-2, late second, that’s not a time you must fight if you’re Kunin.

Bordeleau penalty: I mean that looks like a follow-through? Remenda says that’s a penalty though.

5 left: Another Granlund turnover, not his best game. But credit to him, he works his bag off the other way, forces a turnover with his defense.

4 left: Maybe Graf’s best play so far in the NHL. 4-on-4, he’s got more space than usual, he holds a beat on entry, that deception gives trailer Burroughs a half-step, and Burroughs able to roll in for a Grade-A after Durzi commits on Graf. Backdoor wide open for Burroughs. That’s a skill play, that patience. Takes advantage of iffy defense from Durzi.

Period 3

1 in: Studnicka hard on the forecheck, finishes check, turns it over. Good shift for him.

2 in: Eklund takes it to the net. Like. Doesn’t lead to anything, but like him playing on the inside.

3 in: Graf tries to make a move after nice Bailey pass on entry, but Yotes stop him up.

Guenther goal: Broken play, Zadina puck watching.

Addison gets a 10-minute misconduct again. Umm, OK.  No penalties, so it was just for mouthing off to the ref again. I didn’t see anything.

Keller goal: That’ll do it.

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