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Oil Spill: Sharks Now Have As Many Wins As Oilers



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Edmonton Oilers into SAP Center.

Fabian Zetterlund and Tomas Hertl and Filip Zadina scored, and the Sharks pulled out a 3-2 win.

Period 1

Okhotiuk penalty: The early San Jose Sharks penalty, too much a trend. Dangerous power play, big kill.

3 in: Eklund, on the kill, steals it from McDavid, then fends him off for a decent chance. Not a Grade-A because of McDavid’s recovery speed, Eklund’s only option is backhand, but something to remember.

4 in: Kane erases Addison on forecheck. Addison has to play faster.

5 in: Some cycle from Hertl line. Started with a Carpenter bounce entry pass that Kunin jumped on. Sharks playing with a pulse.

7 in: Addison patience and entry, leads to Ferraro chance.

9 in: Big Blackwood save off 2-on-1, I don’t think Addison should’ve jumped there. Or if he does, he needs to recognize a not-great Zetterlund pass sooner, get back to defend. He’s slow to recognize, instead coasting for a drive-by forecheck that he’s not going to win.

10 in: Pro play by Rutta, holds up forechecking Draisaitl, gives Okhotiuk a clear lane to move puck.

8 left: Good work by Eklund to force Draisaitl out of the zone on PK. Recognizes vulnerability, pursues hard.

7 left: Kane holds it for a while behind Blackwood, hears the boos.

6 left: Great Vlasic lead pass to Hertl, Hertl gets it over to Zetterlund. San Jose Sharks looking…capable?

Nice pull and drag from Granlund in slot, then his stick in center gets in way of stretch pass. He’s got an active defensive stick, an Eklund can learn a bunch from him.

3 left: Real good body for Okhotiuk, then skates it out. Leads to icing.

Zetterlund goal: Burroughs eliminates Holloway, outstanding. Then Hertl waits, finds Zetterlund alone in slot. Great vision and deceit by Tommy, who looked like he might go to point. What was Draisaitl doing, just cruising to slot?

Period 2

Nurse goal: Looks like Hoffman pinches on Draisaitl when he should back off, gives Oilers 2-on-1. Nurse just picks a corner, but odd-man rush shouldn’t have happened.

4 in: Beaut Addison pass to Duclair.

6 in: Good back-off decision by Addison. Looks like Labanc to the fourth line, Kunin up to second.

Hertl goal: Lucky bounce off Zetterlund. But earned, in part, by Eklund, who handles pass in suicide area from Zetterlund, kicks it up to his feet on entry. Eklund has been good tonight.

8 left: Good Carpenter shift, fends off Nurse behind the net, then finds Labanc for a great chance in slot.

5 left: Smart play by Sturm to calm things, Oilers had a bunch of pressure, doesn’t push offense when he gets the puck and is tired, just gets it deep. Good timing and eventually leads to strong Hertl shift.

3 left: Ferraro defends Holloway well one-on-one, but then Addison isn’t quick enough moving the puck. Hyman just mugs him. San Jose Sharks proceed to give up the next six shots, Blackwood bails them out.

Period 3

Zadina goal: Outstanding Carpenter work to win battle against Nurse. Looks like Kane chases puck instead of anticipating, it’s a 2-on-1, perfect Sturm pass, that’s a lay-up for Zadina.

6 in: Vlasic just alligator arms the puck up, instead of using his feet, try to advance it and make a play. He does look slower this year than last.

5 in: Love that Eklund shift, gets tangled up with Foegele in lost OZ draw, they’re left behind as Oilers attack, but Eklund skates hard back, touch pass to Hertl, who finds Zetterlund. Zetterlund draws penalty.

6 in: I like Granlund, but he was awful on that power play. Careless with the puck, blunts San Jose Sharks momentum, causes Eklund to take penalty defending.

8 in: All heart on that PK from Kunin and Sturm. Messy, but Sharks playing their guts out once again.

9 in: Good effort by Ferraro to fend off Gagner.

8 left: Outstanding work by Sturm to win puck and kill time. Winning hockey with the lead. Glad he got a point tonight, deserved.

5 left: Whoa Zetterlund playing fast. Nice pass to trailer Duclair for quick entry. Saw a little bit of that in his New Jersey tape last year.

4 left: Sturm just won’t let Nurse have an easy exit. Love.

Nugent-Hopkins goal: Adversity. Let’s see what the Sharks got.


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