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Blooper Reel Goal Caps Off Sharks’ 4-1 Loss to Ducks



ANAHEIM, Calif. — The San Jose Sharks continue their dads trip at Honda Center, taking on the Anaheim Ducks.

Luke Kunin scored, but the Ducks took it 4-1.

Period 1

2 in: Knyzhov does a nice job erasing Carlsson.

3 in: Good defensive stick by Kunin after Hertl falls. Part of it is it looks like Okhotiuk can’t connect with Eklund on a routine-looking exit.

Shoot it, Kevin! Granlund springs Labanc, in stride, through NZ, but he looks for that extra pass to I think Kunin. Intercepted, then…

Vatrano goal: Hoffman looks slow to close on point, then Vatrano beats Vlasic to position in the front. That’s an underrated area where Vlasic’s reduced foot speed is hurting him.

9 in: Nice drag move on entry by Zetterlund, he’s playing with a lot of confidence.

Then an outstanding shift by Hertl, controlling play, Mintyukov just bounces off him.

Kunin goal: Very nice shift, started by Addison trickery on blueline to find a shot lane. Good forechecking by Smith, Carpenter, Kunin. San Jose Sharks then able to churn lines, get Hertl and Eklund out there. Ducks clear, but it’s a Sharks clear, it’s a relieve pressure clear but giving up possession. Ferraro hits Hertl with the stretch pass, Eklund camps out up high, unmarked, and his linemates just crash. Kunin camps in front, hard to move.

6 left: Lacombe takes extra poke of puck under Blackwood, Sharks jump him. Good.

5 left: Hertl again, he’s been fantastic so far.

4 left: Off lost OZ draw, Granlund jumps in on forecheck, causes turnover. I’ve mentioned it before, I’ve liked his stick all year. Just needs better puck play.

Knyzhov penalty: He’s way too early on I think Henrique. Right idea, but not a good penalty.

Vatrano goal: Bad penalty leads to goal. San Jose Sharks had built momentum off Kunin goal, but give it back there, story of the season.

Period 2

5 in: Zadina is slow on Killorn in slot. That can’t happen, defensive alertness. Exhibit A on why Zadina isn’t trusted, despite his offensive gifts. Blackwood bails him out.

6 in: Hoffman tracks back hard defensively, covers for Knyzhov, good, but then on other end, skates it into zone, loses puck to three Ducks. Not expecting him to highlight reel them, but there’s gotta be a better next play than a direct turnover. Looks like Hoffman was looking for Rutta, but a beat slow.

Huge kill by Sharks there on Burroughs high sticking, Sturm, Rutta, Okhotiuk out there for entirety of it.

Zetterlund penalty: That’s tough call. I think that’s one they let go a lot of the time. Right idea, good timing, wrong ref.

Blackwood! Ducks take advantage of long, slow change by San Jose Sharks, Mintyukov has a PP breakaway. Then, Granlund has a short-handed 2-on-0…and nothing. Zadina trailing behind him, did Granlund know? Puck seems to slip off Granlund’s stick. I’m not sure if he’ll get a better chance this year for a point, don’t know if he’s another Shark gripping the stick.

4 left: Good job by Labanc to draw a penalty. Despite his lack of production this year, I feel he’s moving his feet, seems on the cusp of some offense.

3 left: Hertl takes it from Gudas behind Gibson on PP, nice to have a guy like that on his game, hard to play against. But soft Granlund pass to a covered Hertl in the slot, PK claims it.

Good basic defensive shift to end period, a brief 2-on-1 for Ducks, but Eklund covers, then Hertl stays with late Vaakanainen speed. It can be that simple.

Period 3

Granlund does a nice job navigating NZ and gets a shot off from a dangerous area. But then Zetterlund is overaggressive, another big kill.

McTavish goal: Beaut pass by Carlsson.

Gudas goal: That kind of season for the Sharks. I mean, you have to laugh.

6 in: Hertl playing with a lot of confidence, coming up with puck, head fakes his way up, tape to tape pass. Good to see.

3 left: Eklund tracks back hard on Jones in lost cause.

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