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Sheng’s Prediction for Kane Grievance?



What’s Sheng’s prediction for Evander Kane’s grievance? What might a possible settlement look like? And how could that impact the San Jose Sharks’ moves going forward?

But before we get to that on the newest episode of the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast, Sheng scolds the Sharks for hanging division banners in the rafters (4:15).

After #BannerSlander, Sheng predicts a settlement for the Sharks and Evander Kane. He then outlines how that would benefit both parties in the short and long-term (9:42).

Then we venture into some hypothetical scenarios for the Sharks in the coming months.

If the Sharks were to lose the grievance, what happens with Kane and his contract (25:58)?

On the other hand, if the Sharks win the grievance, does that impact the probability of re-signing Tomas Hertl (29:27)?

If the Sharks extend Hertl before the season’s end, can they still weaponize their cap space at the Trade Deadline (35:13)?

And since an Evander Kane buyout doesn’t appear to be on the horizon anymore, could that make it more likely that the Sharks buy out Marc-Edouard Vlasic this off-season (39:36)?

Sheng then explains how the San Jose Sharks might have only one really bad contract on the books right now as opposed to multiple in years past (43:37). And further venturing into that topic, we discuss how the Sharks can win with their veteran contracts still on the books (47:01).

Finally, we use our SPORTLOGiQ stat of the week segment to highlight the timeless wonder that is Brent Burns. How does he stack up compared to Erik Karlsson this season? And how do the Sharks still use these blueliners to power their offense (58:25)?

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david barnard

the NHLPA doesn’t give a shite about Kane. they’re just doing this to protect their position of power within the NHL power dynamic. Kane’s done nothing but tarnish the brand since he put on the teal with his off-ice behavior. he broke his agreement with the org over his gambling counseling. he pressured a gf to get multiple abortions. should’ve prob been prosecuted over faking a vax record (swept under the rug). the guy’s scum and shouldn’t get a dime more from the Sharks. honestly, he should get bounced from the league. let him go to the KHL in order… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by david barnard
Sheng Peng

Relative to expectations, for sure this is a good season.

david barnard

LC’s contract is pretty bad. Kopitar’s going to be 36 at the end of his deal (10M AAV) in 2 seasons. LC’s (8M AAV) has 5 years left on it at age 32. LC has never won anything in the NHL. Kopitar is a 2x Selke winner, 2x Cup winner, and 2015-16 Byng. just trying to be real, not malign Sharks fan favs. when i see DW continuously pay “good (even very good)” players like “elite” players it makes my eyes bleed. i know there’s an argument (valid) that playoff LC is a gear above reg season LC. i think… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by david barnard
Sheng Peng

Couture’s contract may end up bad, but right now, it’s fine. Of course Couture isn’t Kopitar — it was just a very rough comparison. The problem with Couture’s contract, in my mind, isn’t the AAV, it’s that they gave a 30-year-old the max. So it probably will end ugly — but you really don’t know, guys last into the late 30s too

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There is a wildcard in all this, Kane’s bankruptcy case and related debts. Several of Kane’s bills are based what he earns/what he can afford to pay. These includes the debts owed to the casinos, various taxes, alimony and child support. If these add up to 80-90% of Kane’s pay, how much is he going to fight? He also might want a lump sum settlement, because that might be better for him when it comes to settle the bankruptcy case. I don’t know the answers here, but his BK is a wildcard. Also, I think the buyout figure is probably… Read more »

Sheng Peng

You make an interesting point: Instead of spreading out a speculative $16 mil over a long period of time, there is an argument of hey, let’s give it to him all soon as possible, like over two years, get him off the cap as soon as possible. He’d probably be quite receptive to it too.

This is a great move if you’re in a rebuild — not so sure if we’re talking reset

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