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Another Eklund Game-Winner! Sharks Win 2-1



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Winnipeg Jets into SAP Center.

Justin Bailey and William Eklund scored, and the Sharks beat the Jets 2-1.

Period 1

Whoa Eklund just pickpocket Morrissey? That’s a pretty good defenseman to steal from.

4 in: Jets have had one chance but it was a 2-on-1, big Blackwood save.

6 in: Eklund takes it off Samberg, another impressive bit of forechecking.

Bailey goal: Bailey won the DZ faceoff too. Sturm and Hoffman hard on the forecheck. Rutta pinched, strong five-man forecheck. Sturm screen, Bailey rips it high where Brossoit can’t see it.

9 left: Thrun does superb job of beating his checker DeMelo up ice off DZ draw. Don’t see that everyday, D activating like that.

7 left: Good effort by Eklund, 2-on-1 pass to Bailey just misses, but Eklund follows up on the puck and gets a good shot off.

6 left: Good job by Zetterlund to drag himself across neutral zone, think he disrupts the pass.

5 left: Blackwood there with a huge glove on Ehlers, I think.

Dillon goal: Jets had been coming. San Jose Sharks not winning the puck battles like they were. Seeing-eye Dillon shot.

3 left: Barabanov does nice job to evade DeMelo along wall, but can’t get anything out of it.

Big kill here. Sharks had 12-1 shots, now 12-3 Jets with two minutes to go.

Granlund and Zetterlund gassed, out there for almost 1:30, big Blackwood save and cover.

Sharks got away with one, that looked like interference from Okhotiuk on Ehlers.

San Jose Sharks 7-4 Slot Shots, 5-2 High-Danger at Even Strength, per SPORTLOGiQ. Keep that up, that’ll put a smile on Quinn’s face.

Period 2

2 in: Jets have taken shots lead. Been slow and steady for them. San Jose Sharks need to get out of defending, gotta make some plays.

4 in: Nice job by Zadina to drive the net and of his line to forecheck. It’s a start. Their work helps lead to a Jets icing. Small things.

6 in: Good job by Hertl to kill Scheifele cycle. Leads to a Barabanov chance.

7 in: Great Hoffman shift. Stands up and kills the play in center ice, he was covering as a defenseman for Burroughs. Then in right place on forecheck, nifty Sturm pass, Hoffman coming down slot with a chance. Sharks showing some pushback.

9 in: San Jose Sharks playing hard. Rutta stayed with Morrissey until the slot, causing a turnover. Eklund pushed back Appleton covering. Granlund with a couple sprawled-out chances. Then Barabanov on backcheck strips Scheifele, through only for a moment. But giving their all, you love to see it.

Eklund penalty: Don’t think that’s much of a penalty, but another big kill. Eklund has done a lot right tonight, but he’s also got to ease up at times and just skate, don’t reach out.

5 left: Granlund so relaxed with puck on entry, so confident. Gets it to Zetterlund who blasts it over net.

Great movement by PP2 of Addison-Hoffman-Labanc-Barabanov-Zadina.

2 left: There’s Ferraro doing too much. Get he wants to keep possession. But a lot of skating, doesn’t get it deep, doesn’t get it out.

Thrun does a good job of standing up to a hard-charging Scheifele, at least preventing him from a good chance.

San Jose Sharks 6-4 Slot Shots, 5-2 High-Danger at ES. Just gotta stay out of the box.

Period 3

1 in: Duclair big shot block on Dillon. Stick taps from San Jose Sharks bench.

2 in: Blackwood’s blade fell off. Sharks try to ice but Brossoit smartly plays it to prevent that. Forces Thrun to just flip it out, take the penalty.

Eklund protects it from Samberg or Stanley, I think. Good work. Have liked him even with the penalties today.

7 in: Niederreiter slips Thrun, Thrun has to contain him better. Was talking to a scout on aonther day about how Thrun has looked better in the NHL than AHL, perhaps because the NHL more structured. Blackwood bails hims out.

9 in: Like Ferraro’s one-on-one work versus Vilardi. Off Eklund turnover on breakout, not sure if he made a bad pass or breakout pass just handcuffed him. Small things, but Ferraro helps him out of a jam.

9 in: Love that Zadina backcheck on Appleton. He’s been playing simple, direct hockey, and I’ve really liked it.

8 left: Duclair, Zetterlund, and Granlund almost give the Sharks the lead with some pretty puck movement.

Eklund goal: This morning, I heard PP coach Brian Wiseman tell Eklund, if it comes to you, “Fire it. Fire it.” He did there.

1 left: Another huge Blackwood save, Scheifele re-direct. But I think Sharks have outplayed Jets at evens.

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