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BREAKING: Sharks’ New Jerseys Are in Stores



Credit: Fin Factor

The San Jose Sharks’ new jerseys are here! Well, they’re in stores, at least.

The Sharks have been expected to debut a new set of home and away jerseys this season, and it appears they are already on display and for sale in at least one location.

Over the span of a few hours this afternoon, more and more photos of the Sharks’ latest jerseys have started popping up on social media.

With the jerseys found in the wild looking spot on to what the rumored design had been, it’s possible fans will get an official reveal soon, especially now that the design is out there. A nod to the familiar orange fans have come to know, and either love or hate, remains on the inside of the collar and on the stick of the main logo.

Another fun detail is the texturing on parts of the striping, similar to the texturing on the sleeves of the San Jose Sharks’ Stealth jerseys. However, rather than a circuit board design, the new jerseys appear to suggest the idea of running water and smoother movement.

Offering both more and bolder stripes than previous home and away jerseys, the latest design stands out for itself without being a complete overhaul of the team’s identity. Likewise, the shoulder logos showcase the circular fin design, giving fans a change, but maintaining a familiar look.

The big question we’re wondering about, of course, which is not answered here: Are the Sharks going with black or teal pants with their new home teal jerseys? Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Sharks’ New Teal Jerseys ‘Should Be Debuting’ in 2022-23

While we still await the reveal of the San Jose Sharks’ Reverse Retro jerseys, there is plenty to look forward to in the on-ice style department throughout the entire Sharks organization.

REPORT: Is This Sharks’ New Reverse Retro Logo?

With the San Jose Barracuda debuting a trio of new jerseys for the upcoming season and at least another three set to be in rotation for the Sharks starting soon, it will be hard to pick a favorite.

Just kidding, the best we’ve seen so far is the Barracuda’s “Steel” jerseys… right?

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