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Chrona on ‘Connection’ With Nabokov, Talking to Matt Carle About Sharks



Magnus Chrona is very grateful for how the University of Denver set him up for the NHL.

The 22-year-old goaltender was acquired by the San Jose Sharks for Fredrik Claesson at the 2021 NHL Trade Deadline. He would become a national champion in 2022 with the Pioneers and opted to return to for his senior season.

After his senior season, Chrona signed with the Sharks:

BREAKING: Chrona Signs With Sharks

The 6-foot-6 netminder will likely be battling with Eetu Makiniemi and Georgi Romanov for playing time with the San Jose Barracuda.

Chrona touched on his time in Denver, relationship with Evgeni Nabokov, and what Matt Carle told him about the San Jose Sharks.

Chrona on his final season in Denver:

Our season ended pretty quick in Denver, unfortunately. Got eliminated there in the first round. Shortly after, took some time to reflect upon the season and then I signed and I finished out school in June.

Chrona on possibly becoming a free agent and looking elsewhere after college:

I was focused on the Sharks all along. I’ve had a great connection with Nabby throughout the year, especially development-wise with good communication with our goalie coach at Denver. I felt like this was the right place to be and I’m grateful for it.

Chrona on his relationship with Evgeni Nabokov:

He went to Denver, we had a great conversation when he came in and visited. He watched a full weekend of games. Then, it’s just calls and text messages on things I can improve on and things I should I continue doing more.

Chrona on his relationship with DU head coach David Carle:

It’s a great relationship to have. He’s a young coach, winning in only his fourth year of being a coach in college. I have a lot to thank: Him and all the things that he’s done for me and especially the program.

Chrona on his decision to stay for his senior season:

I think as a goalie, we develop a little slower than most players can do. It’s not nothing bad to take one more year of college [rather] than going early. You get your degree. You get one more year [where] you actually could win a back-to-back championship. I felt like there was no bad parts about staying one more year, doing my fourth year, and actually getting the degree [out] of it. It was a lot of fun. I have a huge thanks to Denver for everything they’ve done. It’s just an amazing place to be a part of.

Chrona on his opportunity in San Jose:

I think it’s a great opportunity. Especially, doing four full years of college has helped me be prepared as much as I can be for my first year of pro. I love college hockey and I think it prepared me well for pro.

Chrona on coming to development camp this year:

This is my second. I wasn’t allowed to go last year, I had some summer classes to take care of… I had some science classes and then I had a couple of advanced seminars I had to take. It was a three-week intense course 9 a.m.-to-3p.m.

Chrona on his college graduation:

Walked June 10… [degree in] marketing and communication.

Chrona, on if he looks at the depth chart to see where he stands:

Not, really. Once again, thanks to Denver. They always kept us even-keeled. Never looked ahead, always be in the present moment. If you look ahead, I feel like it does most damage to yourself. [Those are] things that I learned early on in college, but that had the most positive benefits out of learning when it came down to the playoffs and such.

Chrona on touring San Jose:

We went out a couple places with Eklund, showing us around. A lot of great places. A little more expensive than Denver.

Chrona on if [David Carle’s brother] Matt Carle told him anything about the San Jose Sharks:

I had a talk with him when I first got traded. Then, we just had a couple of short stints after we won [the National Championship] but nothing more than that. He thinks it’s a great place and great spot to be.

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