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At the Feet of LA: Kings Dominate Sharks 4-1



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Los Angeles Kings into SAP Center.

It was arms wide open by the hosts, as Jacob MacDonald scored, but the Kings dominated 4-1.

Period 1

2 in: Tough shift for Studnicka. Trying to do too much offensively, drop passing when it’s not there, it looks like, in DZ. Maybe just forecheck on top of him. Then gets in Ferraro’s way on breakout.

4 in: Burroughs put Laferriere down. Good example of taking the man and not the puck. Like.

8 in: Ferraro stepped up and had a great chance. It was actually started by his indirect breakout pass to I believe Hertl. Best Sharks action so far.

10 in: Like from Eklund. Drops a platter breakout pass to Barabanov, a little dangerous, but the youngster stick locks the closest King to the puck for an easy AB exit. Actually love.

9 left: Thrun has been a little bit of an adventure with the puck recently.

7 left: I’ve complimented Zetterlund’s directness this season, there, he goes for the cross-slot pass to Duclair, right into a King. San Jose Sharks have just three shots on the board so far, deep into the opening frame, I say gun it unless you’re very sure about the pass.

6 left: Incredible Bailey speed makes 50-50 a puck that Moverare had a big lead on. Impressive. He’s the biggest Shark, is he also the fastest?

Burroughs penalty: I don’t see the high-sticking?

3 left: Good pass under duress on PK by Thrun to Granlund, find the safety valve. Then Bailey almost beats the clear for the easy putback.

Kopitar goal: Another pretty good Sharks PK that they can’t finish off.

Sharks doing a decent job with the high-danger chances, but being a bit overwhelmed on pure shots. Common theme this year.  San Jose 3-2 Slot Shots, 2-2 High-Danger at Even Strength, per SPORTLOGiQ.

Period 2

Hertl being too cute, I think, trying to lay it for late man Okhotiuk. Turnover. Then a little later, Eklund turns around and fires it wide. But I prefer that mindset.

3 in: Good cycle, Labanc finds Zadina with a runway in the slot, but Zadina can’t get it off. I see so many flashes with Zadina, but then, stuff like that keeps happening too. Just little short-circuits like that.

Moore goal: Granlund neutral zone turnover, I think Burroughs drifts too far from the dots, then you want Kahkonen to stop that Moore shot. Even if he is LA’s surprise leading goal scorer right now.

Laferriere goal: Laferriere beats Vlasic to the deflection point on that point shot.

10 in: Eklund trying to blast that one-timer, one was in a prime spot, good feed from Zetterlund, but he just missed it. Like to see this, even if no dice.

That Labanc PP shot is San Jose Sharks’ first shot since 1:32 into middle frame. So 11:05 without a shot.

8 left: Whoa beaut Ferraro stretch pass to Labanc. Then Labanc gives it back to Ferraro in the slot.

Duclair draws a call, Sharks finally showing a pulse.

7 left: Granlund and Eklund playing catch on PP, trying to set-up the Eklund one-timer. Eklund showing pass whole time until he buzzes the one-timer, a good one, but I think too, Eklund will need to improve that wrister to throw the PK off a little. Teams are going to start sitting on that one-timer.

The better team just handling the San Jose Sharks tonight. Sharks did OK at evens in the first period, not so here, even with their cameo appearance in the second half of the period Outshot overall 21-7 at ES, and in that period. LAK 5-2 High-Danger per NST in that period.

Period 3

3 in: That sure looked like Anderson covered it with his glove. Is that not challengeable? Well, I don’t want to complain about the refs for a third-straight game. 45 minutes into the game, the Sharks have 11 shots, outshot 31-11 right now.

7 in: Don’t like that breakout pass from Zetterlund. Know Sharks need to create offense, but tonight, he seems to be straying from his basics. Then Thrun looks like he telegraphs the D-to-D pass there.

Looks like Barabanov has been dropped to the third line, Duclair up with Hertl, Bailey with Granlund. I don’t think Barabanov has been sharp tonight. Not strong on the puck.

7 left: Zetterlund short-handed post, he steals an ill-advised Doughty drop. Lesson? Keep shooting, FZ!

MacDonald goal: He can wire it!

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