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REPORT: “Several” Kane Teammates Don’t Want Him Back on Sharks



Another day, more sordid Evander Kane news.

Kevin Kurz of The Athletic has reported that “several” of Kane’s teammates don’t want the embattled winger to come back to the San Jose Sharks next season.

These teammates, according to The Athletic, were upset with Kane’s “disrespect for team rules,” like being late for practices and games.

This lines up with a June report from the Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli.

“Sources indicate significant friction built up between Kane and a number of his teammates last season,” Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff wrote, “frustration that was expressed clearly to management in exit interviews.”

“Zero consequences came,” a source told The Athletic, “which caused a ripple effect with other, younger guys.”

This might be what San Jose Sharks head coach Bob Boughner was referring to in his May exit interview.

San Jose Hockey Now asked Boughner what he would improve as a head coach next year, following another season out of the playoffs.

“I think moving forward: Just holding a hard line and holding guys accountable. There’s times this year where we made our decision and held guys accountable,” Boughner acknowledged.

“That’s an area, I think any coach would say it’s a fine line. You want to hold everybody to the same standard, which we do, but that has to go for your best players as well. There can’t be any blurred lines there.

“I think at times, because the situation we’re in and we’re fighting for every point, some guys might have got away with more than we wish for. But we were sort of at the mercy of trying to win important games at that time of year.

“It’s not a problem at all. But that’s something, if you look in the mirror, and you say next year coming in, I think that day one, you gotta make sure everybody’s on the same page, they stay on the same page, and no one veers from that path.”

Kane certainly was one of the San Jose Sharks’ best players last year — winning the media-voted Team MVP — but it appears that he also pushed both his teammates and coaches too far.

It will be difficult, however, for GM Doug Wilson to move Kane. Kane is three seasons into a seven-year, $49 million dollar contract and has a modified no-trade clause. Kane’s NTC stipulates that he can only be dealt to three clubs of his choice.

And this isn’t even mentioning everything else swirling around the 30-year-old winger. Last week, Anna Kane, Evander Kane’s wife, accused him of gambling on San Jose Sharks games — on top of calling him an “evil person” for his treatment of her and their daughter. In January, he declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy, his debts even getting the San Jose Sharks sued.

So what’s the San Jose Sharks’ next step? A month and a half away from training camp, it’s safe to say that this won’t be the last Evander Kane story this off-season.

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david barnard

don’t even try to get anything for him. just drop him and do it as loud and publicly as you can. they’ve pussy-footed around this guy’s behavior long enough. with all of the virtue signalling going on today, do something that has some actual virtue to it.

timorous me

Do you mean by a buyout? Which I guess they could still do with Hill going to arbitration?

Because I feel like anything beyond that–termination/voiding of the contract–feels very speculatory right now. The PA could, and I imagine would, challenge it if not for serious cause.

david barnard

Sharks were thinking about terminating his contract prior to all of this-back when his gambling-related bankruptcy stuff came to public light. i don’t need to go into every single embarrassing allegation of this clown’s off ice behavior since he’s been a Shark, we should all know the litany of his (alleged) misdeeds by now. either he’s the most maligned NHL player in the game today, or there’s definite substance (enough to void his contract for conduct detrimental to the Sharks brand) there. he should get a chance to defend the gambling on NHL/Sharks games allegations from his wife, but that’s… Read more »

timorous me

I don’t know if it matters now if they were actually considering terminating his contract during the bankruptcy stuff–that ship seems to have sailed, as far as I can tell. And when it comes to the other stuff, I’ll admit to always sort of trying to plug my nose and put blinders on so I could actually cheer for him with the Sharks. When you think back to that stuff in light of what’s come out this week, it’s hard not to be extremely turned off by Kane–and to not really be able to keep those blinders on going forward… Read more »


There’s no statute of limitations for poor past behavior, like the gambling and bankruptcy issues, which are intertwined. Especially because they have occurred this calendar year. Sharks can say we tried to rehab the guy, he continues to demonstrate corrupt behavior (e.g. gambling, carousing, etc), were terminating using the conduct clause.

david barnard

as far as the gambling stuff, if new info/evidence surfaces for past transgressions-like being compromised during the 2019 playoff run for example-it should be considered.

as for the non gambling behavior, i don’t know how else you’d establish a “pattern and practice” case against an employee if you didn’t use his misconduct detrimental to Sharks brand from his ongoing saga and the efforts the Sharks have gone thru to correct said behavior.

timorous me

Yeah, I don’t disagree with any of those. And I don’t want to sound like I’m defending Kane. Just more wondering how much leverage the Sharks might have when it comes to fighting the PA if there isn’t something obviously damning like the betting on games and such.

We’ll see. It’s quite frustrating, though, that this is just hanging over the team’s head and they’re stuck in limbo (and so are we as fans, dammit!).


A lot of this can be laid on Boughner‘s shoulders. It’s up to him to hold the players accountable and to the same standard. I wasn’t a fan of bringing him on as our regular coach, and this is just another thing in my book. You can’t hold a top player to a different standard and expect to have the room respect you.


That said, I also don’t hold Kurz or Seravalli in very high regard. Seravalli seems to like to “sensationalize” things, so I always take him with a very large grain of salt. Not saying these rumors aren’t true, I can absolutely see them being true, but I wonder how many is “several” in his book.

timorous me

Yeah, the fact is it could just be a couple guys on the team (maybe even one) who doesn’t get along with Kane for some reason and is working to set these little fires throughout the media that could become a firestorm is unchecked.

Of course, I could also see how Kane would be polarizing in the room, especially if WAGs are involved–and their influence probably shouldn’t be understated with their husbands and partners.

Dale C

I doubt the first scenario. Kane doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point in his career. He’s alienated himself from every team he’s been on He fought with at least one player in Buffalo and Byfuglien, in Winnipeg, called him out over the same issues they’re now reporting are problematic in SJ (being late to team meetings & games). He wore out his welcome in Atlanta, too, where, among other things, he wouldn’t stop flaunting how much money he made and guys got sick of his act. He’s been more than irresponsible with money since his early… Read more »

timorous me

Yeah, I mean, I threw out the first as sort of a means of playing devil’s advocate–simply because the rumors of this dissent from within the room have been fairly vague. From what I know about Kane, I’m guessing there are problems, or at least dislike to some extent, but it’s a question of if some source is blowing it up to be something more than it is in reality as a means of causing trouble for Kane. I don’t think that would be terribly hard to do when it comes to Seravelli and Kurz. Kurz has always been shockingly… Read more »


The rumors arent vague. Being late for team meetings and games, dislike of his gambling, not participating in team events, is more than we usually get out of a locker room with respect to locker room drama. As for Kurz and Seravelli, the fact Lebrun and Friedman clearly indicated the Sharks were trying to move Kane, and they have previously inidicated there were some locker room issues, lends Kurz and Seravelli some credibility.

david barnard

there were some specifics: late to team meetings/practices/games (which are carryovers from past teams as well).

david barnard

this is epic dis from Big Buff

Screenshot_2021-08-04 dustin byfuglien flipping off evander kane at DuckDuckGo.png
david barnard

and here’s this weirdo’s attempt to smooth things over with ex Teigen. putting up a billboard.

Screenshot_2021-08-04 Sabres

100% correct. He was a terrible coach, and he’s openly demonstrating why.

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Ujn Hunter

The best thing for the Sharks at this point would be for the Gambling on his own games to turn out to be true, and then the League can fire Kane into the sun.


I cannot believe Bob is a professional hockey coach after what he was quoted saying about his accountability of players. We let guys do whatever because points? Really?!?! I guarantee you the team lost more points because guys checked out from Bob, than the team would have lost from benching Kane for a game or two. Any coach worth a d*** would know that to be the case. As an NHL head coach, as the teams leader, its your responsibility to make the hard decisions, and if you’re unwilling or unable to do so, its time to re-evaluate if you… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Icehawk2006
david barnard

i do remember an in-season comment he made about the locker room being the player’s domain (or something similar). like it’s some sacred place that anyone in authority outside of the player’s leadership group is forbidden to breech. i also remember when DW did breech it (i believe after that MTL game back in EK65’s first season?) to bitch the team out. is Bob the ultimate captain of the ship, or is it DW? both need to answer for “culture problems”, imo. and let’s talk practicality. are the Sharks a worse performing team w/o Kane on the ice? yes, but… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by david barnard

I agree with you. I’m not saying that Kane isn’t a problem (he is) or that we should cut him some slack (we shouldn’t). But *IF* he has teammates complaining that he is late for meetings and what not (which he has a history of back from other teams as well), then his coach needs to step forward and make an example of him to the room. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best player or your worst player, the coach needs to send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated.

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He is obviously a cancer in the locker room. I blame Boughner for letting him get away with showing up late for practices and games. We need a legit NHL coach that would not let this fly. Hopefully the league will void his contract due to his betting addiction. DW again hands out a ridiculous contract to a player with a history of controversy.


People want to rag on Boog for the locker room discord but come on, these are grown men getting paid excellent money to be professionals. Are they really in need of having “dad” threatening “don’t make me pull this car over to the side of the road” in order to do their jobs? Work out your differences and get on with your business!

david barnard

apparently, they do, lol!

they’re grown men getting paid more than doctors (average U.S. total compensation is ~$350k for an M.D.) to “play” a game/sport.

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