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Romanov Makes NHL Debut, But Oilers Overwhelm Sharks 9-2



Credit: Dean Tait/Hockey Shots

The San Jose Sharks head to Rogers Place to take on the Edmonton Oilers.

Danil Gushchin and Fabian Zetterlund scored, but the Oilers overwhelmed the Sharks 9-2.

Period 1

McDavid goal: Thompson had no chance there, welcome to the NHL vibes there.

2 in: Good team hockey by Sturm, on entry, pass to Thrun, Sturm puts his stick out to interfere with Oilers D stick attacking Thrun. Subtle, smart.

Henrique goal: Romanov might make his NHL debut at this rate. Burroughs had a chance to get it deep before the Oilers OZ faceoff.

6 in: 5 shots and 2 goals against, Sharks finally record their first shot, courtesy Addison. Good thing that Will Smith isn’t coming into this. After being with college’s version of the Oilers, he’d be like WTF is this on this team.

Don’t Expect Will Smith To Sign With Sharks This Season

Foegele goal: Draisaitl cuts off Burroughs along the wall, not great D-to-D pass from Ferraro. Then Studnicka gets caught on wrong side of Foegele on exit, 2-on-1, coaches won’t like that. Cooley needs to stop that.

Addison back on the PP1 point.

Holloway goal: Oilers pretty much owned the puck for 3-plus minutes there. Sharks had no meaningful possession, Sturm, for example, had possession, but too much pressure on him, he could only get it to center line. Then Oilers just able to hold the puck until they find a breakdown. Too easy.

Oilers had four times the puck possession than the Sharks in the first period: Edmonton had 4:13 to San Jose Sharks’ 00:53 at even strength.

Period 2

Gushchin goal: Good job by Goose, just a shot there, surprise the goalie.

4 in: Graf has possession on exit, tries a move on the much bigger Foegele, can’t get around him, loses it. Men versus boys.

Foegele goal: Related to the Graf turnover, same shift. But Hedican notes that Addison had it behind the net, no one on him, and he just rockets a rim, hoping there’s a Shark there. When you’re bad, you see pressure when it isn’t there.

Perry goal: Addison roams too far from Perry. Too easy again.

Ceci goal: Rough Sharks debut for Thompson. He can’t keep it in, then he loses track of Ceci.

Bouchard goal: Quinn tried to hold off as long as he could, but Romanov is coming in for his NHL debut. Studnicka tried to support I think Burroughs on his pinch, instead of covering for him.

6 left: Good Gushchin feed to Kunin.

Hyman goal: 100 assists for McDavid. Bad San Jose Sharks change. Too easy again.

4 left: Graf takeaway of Ekholm, then slot pass to Studnicka. Nice work there.

Just one San Jose Sharks player doesn’t have a minus, Klim Kostin at even, lol.

Period 3

1 in: Nice set-up by Sturm, could’ve been Graf’s first, but huge Skinner pad save.

4 in: Sturm with a little extra effort on the forecheck. That’s what we’re praising at this point haha.

10 in: Well, at least the Sharks have managed to not allow the Oilers to traumatize Romanov like they did Cooley and Magnus Chrona earlier tonight and this season. Granted, Edmonton isn’t really pressing the gas here.

Zetterlund goal: One more point for Granlund to hit 60.

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