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Comeback Sharks: Down 4-0, Tie It Twice, Granlund Wins It in OT!



DETROIT — The San Jose Sharks visit Little Caesars Arena to take on the Detroit Red Wings.

Tomas Hertl (twice) and Fabian Zetterlund and Nico Sturm (twice) scored, the Sharks came back from 4-0 down to tie it twice, and Granlund wins it in OT!

Period 1

San Jose Sharks off to a decent start, Barabanov rebound chance and MacDonald has a deflection in tight (good shift from Zadina).

3 in: Okhotiuk jumps up to kill play, Barabanov has great chance, followed by Bailey. Sharks playing well.

5 in: Copp has a Grade-A off a bad bounce. But it starts with Vlasic slow on retrieval, Rasmussen catches up. A little tortoise and hare from blueline in. I know the stories, not an effort or “fire” thing from Vlasic, he’s just older.

6 in: Ferraro takes it from Kostin in DZ, Zadina handles his way for a shot. Bit of Zadina’s individual talent on display.

8 in: Beaut tape to tape stretch pass Vlasic to Eklund.

9 in: Zadina with a determined backcheck. He seems to be playing with an obvious pep in his step tonight. Then Hoffman, this might be frustrating to coaching staff, has the puck up high, circles, circles through center lane, then just putters a pass into corner that no Shark can get. A shot attempt, even blocked, would be appreciated. Wonder if it’s a feet thing, can’t find his away to a good shooting lane anymore? I dunno.

10 in: More determined hockey from Sharks. Great effort by Zetterlund to work play out of zone, beat his man to bully way into O-zone. Then Granlund on backcheck skates hard to intercept. Sharks are on top of puck.

8 left: Bailey! Great individual forecheck, takes it from Wings defender, fires it on Husso, taken down.

7 left: Gorgeous Eklund passes on the PP, for Hertl then Zetterlund. Sharks have a 13-4 shots lead. San Jose PP has been outstanding.

4 left: Looks like Kane beats Sharks down the ice for a good chance on Blackwood. Not sure if he jumped on late.

3 left: Love that Ferraro shift, stands up Red Wing at blueline, then helps Eklund skate it out with a little pick.

Period 2

Has continued, San Jose Sharks’ puck support has been outstanding, every time a Shark loses the puck, another Shark is right there.

Eklund penalty:

5 in : Don’t like that from Rutta, behind Blackwood, takes that beat to settle down puck when too many Wings around. That allows Wings to get on top of Shark he’s trying to hit with short pass. Leads to a 1:52 shift for Rutta, Detroit dominance, and a post. Honestly, and easy for me to say up here, but that’s an awful play. Gotta recognize the situation, play faster there. You don’t have time and space. That was the bad Sharks hockey from earlier this year.

7 in: Oh! Duclair heels it, Ferraro gave him a one-timer to fire into an open net. Hope Sharks don’t regret that. But playing fast, grade-A chance.

8 in: Good Vlasic shift off San Jose possession, jumps up to kill Detroit exit. Like.

Kostin goal: That sucks, Sharks playing great. Sturm wins DZ draw, but Ferraro just loses it in his feet, Kostin right there to tuck it in. Credit for Kostin for the quick stick, both Labanc and Ferraro play puck, not the man. I do wonder about icing there before by Okhotiuk, not sure who he was trying to hit there with pass.

10 in: Then, not a great Addison rim intercepted, another Wings chance. Sharks need to get it together, see if they can blunt Red Wings momentum.

9 in: Then don’t love that Addison route to puck when defending.

8 left: Another strong Zadina shift. Play seems focused today. But at other end…

Sprong goal: Dead Burroughs giveaway. Light pressure. Burroughs rim swallowed up. Shot from point, Rasmussen tip.

Rasmussen goal: Addison weak in the corner, puck taken from him on forecheck. Rasmussen deflection.

Raymond goal: Can’t let Raymond there by himself in slot, awful. Zetterlund OZ turnover feeds counterattack.

Kahkonen in.

Hertl goal: Nice kick block by Rutta, springs 2-on-1.

Zetterlund goal: More good work by Rutta on PK, determined in corner, clears it to point, bounce lands for Zetterlund. Two straight SHGs for Sharks.

Sturm goal: Holy shit. Vlasic out of the box. Burroughs with a great stretch pass. Vlasic, cagey, uses ref as a screen along wall, then passes through Gostisbehere, Sturm beats everybody up the ice, pure hustle. Okhotiuk killed the play behind Kahkonen, bumping off Kane, gave it to Burroughs.

Sturm goal: Good work by Labanc to fight the puck out of the zone. Then nice short pass to Sturm. 2-on-1, Red Wings just napping. Bailey a great pass.

Period 3

2 in: Another determined effort by Bailey draws call. Again, like I asked Quinn last week, what took so long to sign him? Impressive.

4 in: OK woof awful play by Bailey there. Forces a pass up middle of DZ to Ferraro, Kane picks it off. CANNOT do that. Kane post.

5 in: Good forecheck by Granlund, he’s been very good tonight. But then Addison and Vlasic get crossed up, Raymond crossbar from distance.

6 in: Ferraro just erases Rasmussen in corner. No space. Fantastic work.

10 in: Not sure why Perron doesn’t get a call there too?

Larkin goal: That hurts. Looks like Larkin beats Barabanov up ice. Shot from distance, like a stop, but it’s also Larkin.

6 left: Think Ferraro plays it smart, it’s Kane, but he backs off, because if Kane squirts away, trouble.

3 left: Good forecheck from Hoffman there.

Hertl goal: This game deserves OT! Just simple net front, point shot.


Granlund-Zetterlund-Ferraro to start.


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