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Sharks Lose Ferraro, 8th in a Row 3-1



Credit: NBC Sports California

The San Jose Sharks visit the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena on New Year’s Eve.

Tomas Hertl scored, but the Sharks lost their eighth in a row, 3-1.

Period 1

Looks like Duclair sent to the fourth line, it looks like: Eklund-Hertl-Zadina, Hoffman-Granlund-Zetterlund, Barabanov-Studnicka-Kunin, Duclair-Carpenter-Bailey.

Rantanen goal: Ugly line change, too many men on the ice, then MacKinnon cross-slot pass goes off Rutta, Rantanen slams it in.

Almost 11 minutes in, San Jose Sharks get first shot of the game off a Barabanov wraparound. That kind of start.

6 left: Nice job by Okhotiuk to absorb O’Connor forecheck, then hit Barabanov with outlet. Barabanov has a pulse tonight.

Cool NBC stat: Cogliano one of three 2005 Draft picks who have played 1,250 games along with Kopitar and Vlasic.

4 left: Hertl in OZ corner, going for puck, throws body out first to absorb the contact, then wins the puck. Like.

San Jose Sharks starting to string decent shifts. Nothing dangerous though.

2 left: Okhotiuk chasing the puck behind the net with some desperation. I’m seeing a little more of that as the period goes on.

SPORTLOGiQ likes this period more for San Jose than NST. Per SPORTLOGiQ, Avs had a lot of shots, but perimeter. 2-1 Slot Shots at Even Strength, Sharks 1-0 High-Danger. NST, however, Avs 13-2 Scoring Chances and 4-2 High-Danger at 5-on-5.

Period 2

Ferraro gone for the game. When it rains, it pours this season.

Another listless power play for the San Jose Sharks to start period.

6 in: Like Emberson’s snarl tonight. Then Duclair able to get it to Addison high, rare Sharks offense. Need a lot more of this.

7 in: Studnicka then Kunin miss passes that they can’t miss in NZ. Studnicka has too much English, Kunin drop goes to Avs. But Sharks are defending hard.

8 in: MacKinnon picks Addison for Rantanen. Good Avs offense.

Hedican points out a really strong Thrun play, sticks puck off attacking Rantanen, then chasing loose puck in corner, head-fakes Drouin.

Then Eklund persistent on forecheck, like.

8 left: Not much of a call on Zetterlund there.

5 left: Good forecheck from Zetterlund and Granlund leads to a Grade-A Hoffman chance. Only San Jose’s sixth shot tonight.

4 left: It appears Duclair has replaced Zadina on Hertl line, which is justified. I want to see Zadina succeed, but tonight hasn’t been strong.

Hertl goal: What a Hertl shot, credit to Duclair for drawing the call. Granlund delays with puck too, great play.

2 left: San Jose Sharks defend rush well.

1 left: Good speed by Studnicka, then backhand shot. He’s had a hard time since coming here, hopefully that gives him some confidence.

Granlund crossbar: Hoffman showing his passing skills. Gotta give the Sharks credit, all said, then defending reasonably well and being opportunistic. Kahkonen excellent tonight.

San Jose Sharks play another tight period, Avs 4-3 Slot Shots, 3-2 High-Danger at ES. It’s been a challenge for the Sharks to play 60 minutes of team defense, but so far, they’ve done a good job.

Period 3

1 in: Not a good exit for Kunin, yuck. But his line comes back with some chances, Studnicka with a little pop again.

Love Georgiev’s holiday-themed mask!

Great read by Hertl on 3v5 to attack Rantanen along wall. Risky, but it works.

Maybe in part because of power play, but Sharks are getting steamrolled, albeit while still trying their best defensively, in this period. Of course, they’ve been missing Ferraro, maybe it’s catching up to them.

5 left: Good evasiveness under pressure by Emberson.

Nichushkin goal: That one hurts. Thrun area pass turned over in NZ, then Studnicka takes kid of a wild penalty.

Duclair penalty: Just not necessary there, undisciplined in my opinion. Why try to stick it high like that, a risk.

Does it seems disrespectful that the Avs keep going for the long-distance empty-netter with just a one-goal lead? Not like they’re dissing the San Jose Sharks, but just that they don’t really respect their opponent’s offense?

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