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Sharks Stiffed by Bad Calls To Start, Can’t Catch Up to Avs in 6-2 Loss



DENVER — The San Jose Sharks visit Ball Arena to take on the Colorado Avalanche.

Tomas Hertl scored twice, but the Avs rolled 6-2.

Period 1

Burroughs runs a little interference for Ferraro to retrieve puck, when perhaps Burroughs loses sight?

Studnicka’s first San Jose Sharks shift, good defensive poke-out of zone.

MacDonald penalty: Malinski facing the wrong way, gotta let up more. MacDonald kicked out, which I think is harsh. 100 percent a penalty, but a major and an ejection?

4 in: Hertl strong to open PK.

6 in: Avs fritter away major, Sharks good PK, but minute left on PP, Blackwood comes across with a giant glove save on Colton.

Nichushkin goal: Avs salvage the major with a late goal, tic-tac-toe passing. Marvelous Drouin pass saves Avs’ bacon there. A minor San Jose victory to hold this power play, even Makar-less, to one goal on a major. Colorado PP average this year, but obviously, a lot of firepower.

9 in: That’s ugly puckmoving between Rutta and Okhotiuk. Blackwood stoppage at least, but territory lost.

9 left: Big block by Granlund on PK might have saved a goal.

Rantanen goal: Not sure why Ferraro gets the extra penalty there? MacDermid looked a touch late with hit, give him two. Ferraro stands up for his guy, that’s two. But two more? Hopefully, Sharks can restore order at 5-on-5. Avs have quick goals, but they’re really not doing much.

Wood penalty: Maybe Sharks will start to get some make-up? Wood didn’t need to do that to Eklund, I think.

Addison penalty: I mean, Sharks got a power play. Loses momentum from a decent PP.

Wood goal: Great shot by Wood, and I’m sure it’s fun for him to beat a former teammate. That angle, you’d love a stop of course. Maybe Burroughs flashes too hard high toward Colton, that leaves Wood with a little more space.

2 left: Heady Studnicka pass to Kunin.

Tough period for the San Jose Sharks, I would guess they’ve been OK at 5-on-5, they just haven’t had a chance to play it.

Period 2

Zetterlund needs to pick it up. Sharks start period with a couple good defensive plays, I liked Ferraro on Rantanen, Zetterlund has the puck in the NZ, then in the OZ, turnover.

MacKinnon goal: They’re not making any plays to start. Thrun overskates on breakout, maybe had Granlund. Turnover. Bad news Sharks are back.

4 in: San Jose Sharks follow with maybe their first very good shift of the game though. Started by Bailey hustle on Okhotiuk pass destined for icing, he negates it. Starts some cycle and chances for Eklund, Hertl.

7 in: Okhotiuk sends Drouin flying. San Jose Sharks starting to play with some fire. All that leads to Wood high sticking on Burroughs.

Hertl goal: That was a good power play. Eklund put Manson in the spin cycle, that was fun. On replay, amazing bounce deflection from Hertl.

9 in: Effective forecheck by Studnicka, forces a turnover. Shame a motivator? Sharks putting together some shifts.

8 left: Studnicka outworks Cogliano for puck at blueline? Gotta re-watch, that’s impressive.

7 left: Tough Thrun pass there, intercepted. He recovers, but he might take a seat next game.

4 left: Nifty Okhotiuk pass, away from Avs’ attention, to move it to open man Studnicka. Then Studnicka gets away with what could’ve been boarding on Cogliano.

3 left: Byram just heels a shot right where Thrun overskated it earlier. Maybe there’s a rut there. Then Zadina hard work and stickhandling, gets a call.

Period 3

1 in: Hustle backcheck by Bailey.

3 in: Nifty Zetterlund move on breakout.

5 in: Good backcheck effort by Studnicka wins puck, but Byram stands him up as he’s coming down slot.

Johansen goal: Blackwood gives up rebound on long, soft point shot, Johansen right time, right place, easy. No comeback tonight for the San Jose Sharks, it appears.

Hertl goal: Hold the phone. Eklund PP one-timer causes trouble for Georgiev. Hertl cleans up. What in the world was that MacKinnon penalty on Eklund?

8 left: Golden Zetterlund chance, off five-man forecheck. Avs may have relaxed, but Sharks playing overall good hockey.

6 left: Great Eklund pass, not sure Bailey was ready for it.

MacKinnon goal: Grand opening, grand closing. The San Jose Sharks’ 6-on-5 domination days are over, I guess!



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