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Blackwood Can’t Hold Canes Off Forever, Sharks Lose 6-3



The San Jose Sharks welcomed Brent Burns and the Carolina Hurricanes into SAP Center.

Fabian Zetterlund and Filip Zadina and William Eklund scored, but the Sharks gave up four goals in the third period, blowing a one-goal lead, and lost 6-3.

Period 1

Zetterlund goal: That’s a load off his back! His first goal as a member of the San Jose Sharks, 25 games in. He’s had bad luck as a Shark and now he has good luck. He broke his stick on backcheck, went to bench to get a new stick, then is able to melt behind the Canes to receive the stretch pass.

Jarvis goal: What can you do? Shot bounces off Ferraro in front, easy-peasy for Jarvis.

4 in: Duclair just standing in front by himself, waiting for Eklund to fend off a couple Canes on a San Jose Sharks power play. Sharks lose the puck. Shouldn’t he help in that situation? You’ve got the man advantage, press it.

Then, great Hertl low-to-high pass through a Cane PK’er to Hoffman.

7 in: Dicey Hoffman to Kunin breakout pass up the middle. Then Necas strips Ferraro in corner.

8 in: Eklund takes it from Bunting. But can’t make that next play. He’s felt close, but not making that next play, so far.

9 in: Whoa, what a Blackwood save on Martinook, coming across, 2-on-1. Sharks not executing through NZ, it looks like, helping Canes rush.

On the NZ thing, we’re seeing Sharks D, seen Rutta and Benning do it, throw the puck up and just give it up. Rutta was a clear, Benning an errant pass. On this Martinook chance, Burroughs is caught in no man’s land pinching in NZ, Barabanov supposed to cover, but he appears a step behind. Not saying it’s all on defense. Forwards aren’t helping either. But the Sharks, at the moment and as predicted, are having a lot of trouble post-Karlsson getting it out then entering zone with possession.

9 in: Gotta love Zadina standing up for his countryman Hertl, even if he takes the extra on Chatfield.

Canes 16-2 shots through 13:32.

7 left: Slightly better breakout, albeit broken. Sturm hits Smith in NZ. Rush chance, not a very dangerous one. Sharks haven’t got a lot of cycle this year, but they did a little there, Sturm able to get it back to Ferraro. But his shot deflected out.

5 left: Hertl line, again, no sustained action in OZ. Knyzhov breakout pass has too much English, eludes Duclair. Then Sharks get a big break, Chatfield turns it over, but Duclair up high tries to make another play instead of just a shot or a better attempt to start a cycle. Canes erase the play.

3 left: Sharks D, Benning and Thrun, had three chances to move it out, none worked. Granted, there was pressure. It’s a team failing.

Period 2

Slavin goal: Way too casual pass by Hoffman, easily picked off. Vet should know better. I actually think he’s been OK this year, as opposed to say Duclair, but that can’t happen.

Zadina goal: Whoa. Credit to Zetterlund, who stopped up the clear along the wall. ZZ Top!

9 left: Spark shown by, you guessed it, fourth line. Sturm and Smith cycle, Smith draws a penalty. They’ve been best San Jose Sharks’ 5-on-5 line this year by my estimation. Which is not necessarily a good thing.

7 left: Whoa Zadina again. Nice moves. Looks like Burns gets away with a trip.

Eklund goal: And somehow, the San Jose Sharks are up. Great puck movement and patience by Eklund and Hertl. I wonder if Thrun was aiming for the boards or at least it was more shot-pass or shot-going for deflection.

That was a reach of challenge by Rod the Bod, in my opinion. Eklund is entitled to space to make play. Didn’t look intentional.

Duclair penalty: This PP unit has been a bit of a mess. Starts with casual Hoffman and Bordeleau passes on attempted entry, turnover. Then Duclair skates into traffic, gains zone, good, but doesn’t advance it further, maybe put it in the corner, and instead loses it and is called for a slash.

Period 3

1 in: Bordeleau makes it harder for Bunting along the wall, San Jose Sharks able to turn it the other way. That’s what you want to see.

2 in: Good little breakout pass from Smith to Zetterlund. Like.

3 in: Zadina tries to give Duclair a push for potential breakaway loose puck, Duclair falls instead. That kind of start of the season for Duke.

6 in: Another huge Blackwood save, Slavin 2-on-1. Zadina, who was covering for Benning, was thinking offense and helping out Hertl high, instead of defense, which is what he should’ve been doing.

Noesen goal: Former Shark with the dagger as power play expires. Have a good story on him tomorrow.

Jarvis goal: Another on the power play. San Jose Sharks have been on their heels all night, this feels inevitable. You can’t rely on Blackwood to keep putting up a 95 percent save %.

Necas goal: Blackwood wall penetrated. Want a stop there. But he’s been so good tonight again, before this, so what can you say? Not enough help.

Pesce goal: Then a double-deflection goal.


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