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Sharks Lose Mukhamadullin’s NHL Debut 5-2



Credit: San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks host the Buffalo Sabres at SAP Center. It’s their Pride Game and Shakir Mukhamadullin’s NHL debut!

Marc-Edouard Vlasic and Jan Rutta scored, but the Sharks lost 5-2.

Period 1

Not a bad opening shift for Mukhamadullin. Bumps Okposo at blueline. Rifles a shot attempt. Does misplay a loft, goes for puck, instead of watching man, Okposo chance.

3 in: Mukh was slow to recognize he had to get over, but when he did, surprised Robinson by net with his quickness and length.

4 in: Good PK’ing from Vlasic in corner, puck battle, kicks puck to his stick, pass to Rutta, and out.

Vlasic goal: I like the Sturm line there, all of them. Third line on third line match-up, Eklund fires it from bad angle, which I love that he mixes that into his repertoire. But all three forwards around puck, they’ve had good chemistry.

9 in: Beaut drag move by Zetterlund through I think Bryson, slot shot.

Rutta goal: Again, Eklund around the puck. Gets it to Rutta, who fires it off a Sabre. Again, a third line on third line match-up.

Peterka goal: Their third line wins this one. San Jose Sharks lose Peterka in front, plus they had chances in NZ to do more with the puck. I think Burroughs follows behind the net when he shouldn’t, forwards needed to get lower to make up for that mistake. Chain reaction.

4 left: Good read by Vlasic to jump, he beats his check (and every other Sabre) down the ice, Kunin finds him. Vlasic has been moving recently.

Greenway goal: Rough period for Burroughs, slow to tie up Greenway. Okhotiuk not good there either, he gets outside of hash marks, so he’s behind Tuch when the big winger comes out of wall with it. Burroughs had something of a down-low 2-on-1 to contend with. Okhotiuk also had possession of the puck in the NZ, and Tuch forced a turnover. So that Sharks pairing has been rough to start.

Mukhamadullin active offensively to start, leads everyone with 6 shots attempts, 2 on goal.

Period 2

Tuch goal: Sturm turnover up the middle, Mittelstadt great work. Then Tuch uses Mukh (with Greenway) net front as natural screen.

4 in: Rutta does a good job recognizing situation, Mukh gets beat in a high one-on-one battle with Cozens, Rutta eliminates danger man, first to the puck Quinn. It’s a gamble, but if Rutta doesn’t do it, it’s a Sabres 2-on-1.

5 in: Eklund has been good all night, beats Tuch forechecking, pushes back D, Kunin slot shot.

Zetterlund takes puck from Jokiharju. He’s had Jokiharju’s number, it looks like, tonight.

6 in: Thompson on him, Mukh takes too long with the puck at the point. Live and learn, gotta play faster at the NHL. That’s one of the best in the league too.

8 in: Good PK’ing there from Sturm, recognizes Sabre doesn’t have full possession, right on him.

8 left: Zadina forechecking quick and hard, forces a turnover.

4 left: Duclair jumps by Jokiharju. He likes that move. Nothing doing but is an easy zone entry.

Sans Hertl, Sharks put out Sturm-Eklund-Zetterlund-Barabanov-Couture on power play. Sabres have an aggressive PK, Eklund needs to take a beat, he just gave the puck away twice. He was frustrated going back to the bench. Then Mukh’s first PP touch, just an unforced turnover. Sharks really not crisp on this PP, look out of sorts without Hertl and with Sabres’ jump.

Period 3

Hertl is back, takes draw to start third.

Peterka goal: They give him too much time and space. Don’t know where the forward backcheck was there. From distance, would love a stop too.

San Jose Sharks being buried, have given up 22 of last 29 shots.

7 in: Quinn leaves game after Hertl hit, hopefully he’s OK, he just came back from an Achilles injury.

9 in: Burroughs goes after Okposo after Okposo buries Okhotiuk. Retaliation interference. Burroughs just trying to get guys going, I think.

Not great Zetterlund puck touches so far on this PP, but mainly, they gotta simplify, get shots. PP with zero steam.

6 left: Duclair needs to keep up with Clifton there?


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