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Sharks Play Best Game of Year, Still Lose 3-1



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Boston Bruins into SAP Center.

Anthony Duclair scored his first goal in teal, but the Sharks lost 3-1.

Period 1

Not the start that the San Jose Sharks wanted, pinned down multiple times. Eklund bodied off puck a couple times.

2 in: Zetterlund ignores the puck, takes the man instead in neutral zone. After taking out his man, then he picks up the puck. Like.

Two icings by the Sharks not even four minutes in. This is more of the same from the last game.

4 in: Finally, an offensive pulse by the Sharks. Duclair still imprecise moving puck, but showing a step at least.

8 in: Hoffman maybe gets away with a little hook on Coyle, but he does hamper the Boston F1, buys his defense time.

9 in: Lucic runs into Benning, could we see a Smith-Lucic bout later?

10 left: Labanc skates right in front of F1 Poitras. Like.

7 left: Burroughs throws it away. Looks like Bruins forecheck lurking, I’m not saying he did anything wrong, but this game is not looking much different than Carolina. Though I give the Sharks have been more physical.

6 left: Good give-and-go between Burroughs and Hoffman, Burroughs beats Lucic from corner for a slot chance.

5 left: Good cycle from Sturm line. Only line where I’ve seen that with any consistency this year.

4 left: Zadina dogged on forecheck. San Jose Sharks starting to string shifts together.

3 left: Great vision by Eklund, pass into Hoffman’s feet, but the vet able to kick it up for a good chance from the slot. Blocked though.

Marchand goal: And just when the Sharks were starting to build momentum…it’s Marchand and a great shot, uses Ferraro as a screen, but that angle, you wish for a stop.

van Riemsdyk goal: Hello darkness, my old friend. Sharks again giving it up at end of periods, like last year. Looks like Smith may have given up the breakout pass up the middle, he was shading toward defending the left lane pass.

Sharks doing a better job with OZ possession (per SPORTLOGiQ, Bruins have 2:18 compared to San Jose’s 1:38), but Bruins have all the high-danger, 7-1 Slot Shots and 4-0 High-Danger Chances. All situations.

Period 2

Sharks trying Zadina on top PK with Sturm. Kunin second-choice. I think they’re trying to balance out their PK, Sturm and Kunin were run ragged last game as top PK duo. Then Duclair with Sturm.

Looks like Hoffman-Eklund-Hertl-Duclair-Barabanov as top PP. Hoffman point. Once again, execution lacking.

8 in: Sharks just defending, when Hoffman gets it back, he just has to throw it away.

9 in: I think that Labanc NZ pass, immediate turnover, is one that drives coaches crazy. It’s fine to skill it, but you must execute. He actually has been one of the better Sharks so far, but not there. Bruins turn it around and crash net. Credit to that line though, Bordeleau wins the puck up, Sharks have a temporary 2-on-1. Labanc caught from behind. But leads to a Grade-A opportunity from Zadina to Bordeleau that’s whiffed. Oh man, golden chance there.

8 in: Good 5-man forecheck from Hertl line off their faceoff win, leads to Burroughs chance.

Sharks are better tonight, for what it’s worth. Can’t deny their effort.

Pastrnak goal: Eklund tries to put on a clinic behind the net, but Forbort doesn’t bite on the spin move. The kid still has to learn. Turnover. Sharks defend hard and have numbers on way back, but Pastrnak inadvertently kicks it past Kahkonen. That kind of night.

That might’ve been the San Jose Sharks’ best period this year: SJS 3-1 Slot Shots, 4-1 High-Danger. But they were still outscored.

Period 3

1 in: Marchand short-handed breakaway aided by Barabanov casual pass up high. Knyzhov-Labanc-Zetterlund-Zadina-Bordeleau are PP2.

4 in: Kunin takes it from Poitras in the corner, good play.

9 in: Sturm hustle play, fantastic job to kill DeBrusk play. Like. He doesn’t give up.

Duclair goal: Great battle win by Burroughs off faceoff, ties up Marchand, so Hertl can get it. Duclair uses his speed to get ahead of McAvoy.

6 left: Good back-to-back saves by Kahkonen. Like I said, I didn’t like the timing of the Marchand goal, but otherwise, been good.


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