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Sharks Give Away Ugly Christmas Sweater, Game in 5-2 Loss to Yotes



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Arizona Coyotes into SAP Center.

Anthony Duclair and Filip Zadina scored, but in the spirit of giving, they gave an ugly Christmas sweater to the fans, and the game to Coyotes 5-2.

Period 1

4 in: Granlund sets up MacDonald in slot. Breakneck pace the first four or so minutes, no whistles.

Great job by Burroughs to tie up Cooley in front, otherwise, probably a goal.

6 in: Tough Hoffman backhand neutral zone pass. Sharks recover, Rutta gets point shot that Labanc deflects.

8 in: Complete Duclair shift, finished route on backcheck in DZ, shakes loose of Stecher in NZ to win puck, almost completes wraparound goal.

10 in: Great job by Thrun to stay with and erase Cooley. I think he’s had a tough couple of games, hopefully he finds his game again.

9 left: There’s a respect when Hertl circles the Yotes net with puck. The defense just hangs back in slot. He had so much space, maybe he should’ve shot it, chance for chaos, a rebound.

7 left: Yotes almost pull off a quick strike. Looks like maybe Studnicka beat by roll to net. Earlier, he had done a good job staying with his man all the way from NZ to DZ.

2 left: Beaut one-touch pass by Hoffman to Kunin on rush, Labanc gets a chance in the slot. Sharks have had good pop in their legs today, good energy.

Great shift by Hertl, Eklund, and Zadina to end period.

Very solid San Jose Sharks period, 5-4 Slot Shots, 3-1 High-Danger.

Period 2

4 in: Blackwood bails himself out. Not a great pass to Ferraro on breakout.

Kesselring goal: Everybody loses the defenseman. Not great defensive coverage. Sweet Keller pass. Can Sharks keep their focus?

6 in: Pretty MacDonald to Kunin to Okhotiuk exchange. Not the likeliest offensive trio, but they almost make it work.

Duclair goal: Pure speed. Zetterlund makes an alert defensive play, two Yotes D collide, Duclair beats everybody.

Keller goal: Sharks playing too loose there, Keller breakaway. Okhotiuk attacks, Labanc covers, but Keller still manages to get behind he and MacDonald.

Turnover in an unfortunate spot by Bailey, a little forced that pass. On replay, tough for Labanc and MacDonald, they were settling into point spots, as they should. Timing of turnover puts them in no man’s land.

Beaut Granlund pass to Labanc on PP. Granlund-Hoffman-Hertl-Eklund-Zetterlund to start, MacDonald-Zadina-Duclair-Bailey-Labanc. Also, outstanding play by Zadina along wall to take body, pass it back to point. Really liked that.

Kerfoot goal: He just establishes position in front of Thrun. San Jose Sharks, again, need to keep playing. They don’t have to be out of this. But Thrun isn’t strong enough on Kerfoot, Rutta turns it over, Granlund maybe going for the steal, nowhere to be found — on re-watch, actually, Thrun has him tied up, Kerfoot uses his skate. I thought I saw a kicking motion, a little surprised they didn’t challenge.

2 left: Rutta gets away with an interference on Durzi.

A couple gorgeous Granlund to Eklund exchanges to close period, but no dice.

Period 3

Zadina goal: Funny that’s what goes in for him after his volume of chances today. A lot of good stuff there, including Eklund spin-o-rama that creates a little separation from Moser.

1 in: Good Rutta work to stay with and close on Durzi after some (legal) Yotes interference on entry.

3 in: “What are you doing?” I don’t know if I’ve ever audibly said that aloud in the pressbox, but that Studnicka drop was really, really forcing it. Don’t know if that was an intentional drop or just a bobble. A NZ to DZ drop that directly leads to a turnover, woof. At times, feel like Sharks got caught up with speed of game, forcing fast.

5 in: Zetterlund does a good job keeping Moser from puck after a tough pass from Granlund.

Schmaltz goal: Not a good penalty by Okhotiuk, too aggressive.

9 in: Duclair can’t believe that he missed that, good set-up by Burroughs. San Jose Sharks still playing hard, but time running out.

Crouse goal: From distance. Blackwood, I don’t think, hasn’t been sharp tonight.

Zetterlund penalty: Hockey play, but ugly. Zetterlund gets beat, trips Cooley. Rookie helped off.

Good to see Cooley back on the ice!

6 left: Bailey hustle forces Vejmelka turnover.

4 left: Burroughs, a nice feint, sets up re-direct chance in slot.


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