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Sharks Edge Yotes 3-2 in Hahn’s 2,000th Game



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Arizona Coyotes to SAP Center. Tomas Hertl and Nick Bonino got the Sharks on the board quick, and Nico Sturm added another, and the Sharks pulled out a 3-2 victory over the Yotes.

Period 1

Dominant Hertl and Karlsson line shift to start.

Hertl goal: Good screen by Hertl, Brown gives him plenty of time and space to get in front of Vejmelka.

Bonino goal: Again, a San Jose Sharks player has all day in front of Vejmelka. Bonino gets a couple whacks at it.

Kunin hasn’t played since his first shift, not on the bench.

Labanc penalty: Not sure why Labanc thinks he can get away with that? Another bad OZ penalty from Labanc.

San Jose Sharks were gifted an early lead in part by soft Coyotes net front defense, now they need to hammer home the victory. Giving up the 2-man goal not a great start for that, not so much giving up a goal in that start, which is norm, but penalties leading up to it.

Period 2

2 in: Like that Lorentz one-on-one forecheck on Stetcher, cuts him off, and San Jose Sharks win the puck.

4 in: Ref’s head is completely turned, misses Svechnikov getting interfered with by Nemeth. Probably accidental by Nemeth but a penalty every day of the week.

Sturm goal: Sturm just rips it from Bjugstad up high, now that’s a puck battle win. Gives it to Harrington, heads to net.

8 left: Megna with back-to-back good feeds from corner to Gregor then Gadjovich.

1 left: What an outstanding Lorentz and Hertl shift…until the Lorentz high stick. Oh wait…wow Bjugstad sold that. There was a high elbow, so fine, but Bjugstad’s reaction was five minutes later. I don’t think the refs will like how they were shown up. Anyway, before that, Lorentz mugs Nemeth behind the net, and Hertl keeps Stecher off his back, like an elephant shooing a gnat. Great way to close the period, until the penalty.

The Yotes are obviously not a great team, but I’m impressed with how the Sharks have stepped up their game (or maintained, depending on which underlying stats you look at) to put knee on Arizona’s throat. Let’s see if they can continue it to kill early penalty.

Period 3

Sturm with strong stick to negate Yotes PP point-to-point pass. Despite the goal given up on the two-man, Sharks PK looking stout again.

Bjugstad goal: Looks like Bonino’s. Karlsson tries to front instead of engage with Bjugstad. But Karlsson whiffs on block, it’s too easy for Bjugstad. Looks like we got a game. A scout tells me it’s a low-percentage play by Karlsson to try to swing it down and block it that way, though he reminds that if anybody can do it, it’s Karlsson. But taking the stick, even though it’s not a good battle for Karlsson versus the much-bigger Bjugstad, might be preferred, Karlsson will look bad but at least buy time.

5 in: Looks like Harrington doesn’t take a great angle on McBain, gets away with maybe pulling him down.

Hertl penalty: Don’t like that penalty, OZ reach, let it go. Big block by Lorentz on Moser there though.

6 left: Worth watching again, I think, Vlasic takes it from Maccelli as Yotes are looking dangerous.

5 left: Lorentz again, forces Boyd into a bad play. I’ve really liked his game.



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