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Sharks Have 2 Goals Disallowed, Shut Out 1-0



PHOENIX — The San Jose Sharks visit the Arizona Coyotes at Mullett Arena.

William Eklund and Mikael Granlund both had goals disallowed, and the Sharks were thirsty for goals in the desert.

Period 1

1 in: Like that Bailey breakout of DZ. Under duress. Looks like a tough play, but it works.

2 in: San Jose Sharks seem loose in DZ so far, Crouse slot miss, then Kerfoot slot shot.

6 in: I liked that Hoffman shift, he gets cut off by Moser on way to the net, but kept at it on the forecheck. Then Okhotiuk misses putting one in his wheelhouse when Hoff on the point. Okhotiuk has to make that pass, short, open man.

Then Crouse right in front, big Kahkonen glove. Sharks need to get going.

9 in: Great Hoffman pass to Kunin, Yotes stick gets in the way.

Marvelous Granlund chance, sticks through Cooley, he’s playing with so much confidence. Started by smart Ferraro activation in NZ.

9 left: Outstanding Sharks shift, a couple plays that stood out, perfect velocity Eklund low to high diagonal pass to Okhotiuk, that looks so easy on TV, but in person up close, it’s not. Then Barabanov almost completes an alley oop to Hertl, but Ingram stones him.

8 left: Don’t like that Thrun decision to backhand it up middle on breakout. Knocked down by Yotes. He’s bailed out in NZ, so no harm, no foul. But methinks that might be something reviewed on video tomorrow. Go safe there, you had a man streaking out along wall.

6 left: Don’t like that Thrun pass to Eklund, genuinely bad decision, there’s a Yote right in front of him. Forced. Then Eklund gets cut off on exit, Hertl feeds him in a tough place with Kesselring way low, and Eklund needs to make an instant decision in the fastest league in the world. Sharks luck out there, that was not good hockey by all.

Rutta post: Good decision by Thrun to slide it over.

On the whole, slow start, but San Jose Sharks took over as period went on. Rapidfire opinion, I’ll flesh out more in the future, but I think this Sharks team, can’t believe I’m saying this after their start, I think their ceiling right now is (bad to) OK in D-zone, (average to) actually above-average in O-Zone. With great goaltending…Jim Mora voice? Ha!

Defensively, they just don’t have enough guys on either side of the puck who can kill plays.

SPORTLOGiQ has it Yotes 4-3 High-Danger, 3-3 Slot Shots. That’s about what I see too.

Period 2

1 in: Good, calm play by Thrun under direct F1 pressure, chased by McBain. Soft pass to safety valve Addison.

3 in: Subtle play by Kerfoot there, smart and engaged. Net front on PP, Rutta gets chance to clear  blocked shot, but Kerfoot stick checks him, and Rutta can’t clear it. He did nothing wrong there, just a vet play from Kerfoot.

4 in: Huge block by Rutta at end of PK, think he was out there all the time, then the clear. Then Granlund with a nifty pass to Zetterlund right after PK. Jesus.

7 in: Not a good Barabanov shift, stripped by Cooley.

9 in: Good Addison effort to stick it out.

8 left: Fantastic San Jose Sharks kill, then Granlund able to bat it up to Duclair for the breakaway. Ingram.

Off draw, ref picks Thrun there. Gotta ask him about that haha.

6 left: Zadina stays with Kesselring to the end. Like.

Maccelli goal: Sharks playing well, shame. Not a great change, puts San Jose in disarray. Then Maccelli simply beats Okhotiuk to puck, you want the stick lock-up there.

4 left: Like that from Zetterlund, back turned to receive exit pass, there’s a Yote right on him, he knows, he just sticks it out. Safe, smart, aware.

3 left: Then Zadina high in OZ, doesn’t force it in a vulnerable position, just dumps it in, instead of trying for the highlight reel. That’s a do-too-much play potential that Zadina averts.

Period 3

3 in: Good grind shift from Zadina line to restore order.

Okhotiuk penalty: Well-meaning, looks like Keller sold it a bit. But yea, that’s going to get called.

Eklund goal: Another great kill. Then Eklund just finishes his route. Nice pass to break Kunin out, then beaut pass high to low for Kunin crash.

Goalie interference review, seems close like other disallowed Eklund goal earlier this year. Kunin, not on purpose, does impede Ingram ability to make that save. Negates fantastic Eklund shift.

8 left: Vet play by Duclair to stand in front of Coyotes NZ forecheck. Was after his puck bobble in OZ.

Smith penalty: Must take by Smith, but man, rough not to get any calls tonight for the Sharks.

6 left: Good, insistent NZ forecheck by Bailey to bother Valimaki on PK.

Granlund goal: Ridiculous. Great work by Zetterlund to enter, attract attention.

Whoops. That’s offside by a mile.

3 left: Great job by Zetterlund to keep it alive under duress in OZ. Love.



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