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Mukhamadullin Scores 1st NHL Point, But Ducks Win 3-2 in OT



ANAHEIM, Calif. — The San Jose Sharks visit Honda Center to take on the Anaheim Ducks. It’s the Sharks’ last game before their All-Star and bye breaks.

Anthony Duclair and Marc-Edouard Vlasic scored, but the Ducks came back with a 3-2 OT victory.

Period 1

Lundestrom goal: Barabanov gets caught in no man’s land, going to Addison’s man. Did Okhotiuk get tripped?

3 in: Kunin makes a nifty move off Sturm lead pass.

4 in: Like that regroup from Mukhamadullin. Didn’t like the pressure as he was trying to skate it out, cut back.

Duclair goal: Mukh has a laser from there. That’s a much-needed point shot, we haven’t seen a lot of that from the San Jose Sharks power play this season, a point shot that dangerous. Worth mentioning Zadina earned them the PP.

10 in: Barabanov NZ pass intercepted. He hasn’t been good tonight. Then Hoffman with an engaged check on Zellweger in slot.

3 left: San Jose Sharks were out there for a while, but credit to Okhotiuk, he does a good job of staying home and not running around, which has been an issue this year.

Mukh penalty: Carlsson may have sold it, but that’s the kind of penalty, you wonder if he needs more seasoning. I think his defending has been decent, but there’s a thin line between defending hard and a penalty.

Period 2

2-minute plus shift Mukh, more than a minute and a half for Duclair and company. looked like they were in quicksand. Wonder if Sharks lead NHL is 1:30-plus shifts at 5v5. Wouldn’t surprise me.

5 in: Clever weakside pass by Couture to Zetterlund.

7 in: Barabanov loses it on entry, leads to 2 minutes of Ducks OZ possession.

8 in: Hoffman slams his stick after coming back hard on defense. He had 2-on-1 and Gibson robbed him. Hasn’t scored since Dec. 10. I do think he’s had a pretty good game though.

If Hoffman doesn’t score tonight, he’ll be on his longest goal-less streak of his career, 22 games.

9 in: Good job by Eklund to shake LaCombe.

3 left: Not to kill Zetterlund, in a lot of pain after a shot block, but puck dribbled to him and a better pass would’ve sprung Hoffman for a breakaway.

Vlasic goal: His 5th in 9 games. Crazy. Vlasic himself started the play though with a really good bounce NZ pass to Kunin.

1 left: You want to see Mukh finish the contain on Terry, pin, instead Terry slips free. Now that’s a really good player, but also a good test.

Period 3

1 in: Vlasic did a good job moving to cut off Vatrano.

3 in: Carpenter good effort to attack point, kill the play. You want a better follow-up play from Zadina, but puck gets out.

Then Vlasic boxes out Strome.

Eklund penalty: Young penalty there too. Terry is slippery.

6 in: Big Kahkonen save on Carrick in slot.

9 in: Ill-advised drop pass from Zadina. Honestly losing hockey there. Ducks come back with a minute of zone time. San Jose Sharks survive it.

8 left: Duclair wraparound. He’s played with a step tonight. Last game before the break, there are many scouts here tonight. Yup, literally half the league is here, 14 teams represented besides those playing.


Couture-Zetterlund-Mukhamadullin to start.


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