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Sharks Send Eklund Down to Barracuda



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks have sent William Eklund down.

After the Sharks’ 4-1 loss to the New York Islanders, a sour-looking Eklund was spotted walking out of David Quinn’s office in the San Jose locker room.

Quinn confirmed that Eklund had indeed been re-assigned to the San Jose Barracuda.

“It was a tough [decision],” Quinn said. “But the value of making the playoffs and potentially playing in a playoff series is huge for his development. He’s 20 years old. We really like what we saw up here and he gets an opportunity now there. He’s disappointed. Get back at it. [Make] the playoffs.”

The Barracuda are currently one point behind the seventh-place Tucson Roadrunners for the final playoff berth in the AHL’s Pacific Division.

The 2021 seventh-overall pick has two goals and an assist in his eight NHL games with the San Jose Sharks. While the production has not been overwhelming, the 20-year-old has impressed with his mature playmaking, defensive commitment, and willingness to play inside. He’s been, undoubtedly, a top-six forward for an admittedly very depleted Sharks squad.

Say it or not though, the Sharks are surely mindful of Eklund’s contract situation. Sending him down now keeps their star prospect’s entry-level contract from starting. The contract will “slide” into next season and the Sharks will have three full seasons of Eklund’s services at a bargain $894,167 AAV.

For what it’s worth, the San Jose Sharks could have kept Eklund around for another game without burning a year off his ELC. Playing 10 or more games is the threshold for that.

But with the Sharks’ next contest in Edmonton on Monday and the Barracuda’s next game on Tuesday in Colorado, it makes logistical sense to send Eklund down now.

Not that Quinn would fess up to that.

“You’d have to ask the general manager that,” he smiled, when asked if Eklund’s contract situation played into the re-assignment. “I’m the hockey coach.”

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KAT aka KE the original

Eklund looks pissed he has to wear the jersey. He thought if he did he would stay with the Sharks.


What a dumb comment…

KAT aka KE the original

Well maybe if Sheng posted a better picture there wouldn’t be a comment

Kaspar Vivaldi

Sheng, the trolls are running rampant again.

KAT aka KE the original

I’m not a troll I have been here. I already emailed Sheng about someone creating a profile using my initials. I edited my profile so people that have been on here know I’m the original KE the one who doesn’t like EK the hockey player. Funny. When people that were the real trolls were coming at you for your opinion and stance regarding Grier’s trades I stood up for you. I most of the time would comment on your posts in a favorable manner. It’s funny you’re the one that needs validation just like Clarkson said in his video because… Read more »


It’s rather amusing that your disliking of EK the player is your defining persona. Yet that does clear things up

KAT aka KE the original

I only changed the name so that people knew the real KE before the KE troll made a comment in which I would not have made. It’s been happening. I can see the patterns and then I investigate and the morons reveal themselves posting somewhere else. I told Sheng about this but he won’t do anything about it as he said he’s been too busy writing about hate. Well I added the “about hate” because his saying Reimer displayed hate is out of line. What is real tell telling about Pride night is that it isn’t a celebration about including… Read more »

Last edited 3 days ago by KAT aka KE the original

Glad they are running the franchise with their head and not heart anymore.Better chance to actually win in the future the longer these kids are on ELCs.

Kaspar Vivaldi

Yes it sucks but this is wise asset and cap management for a team that was very poorly managed for years until this point. There is zero point in burning a full year for literally nothing while the Cuda have a chance to make the playoffs.

KAT aka KE the original

Cuda won’t make the playoffs

Arch Mickel

Make playoffs or not, games fighting for a spot are way more intense than, games where guys are trying, but really just going through the motions to end the season.

Arch Mickel

I think there were a few arguments to be made for him staying up… However, i agree “it sucks, but this was wise asset and cap management” he was really fun to watch and looked soo much better than last year! I only hope that GMMG was as solid a players GM with Eklund as he has been with the vets! Last year I felt the message to him was not clear at all last year and led to some of his brooding (which i do not be grudge the kid, considering that!) I am sure he was sad and… Read more »



1) Who will get called up instead of him?

2) Is there anyone coming off an injusry?

3) Are they able to send Pulliot down? He can help the Cuda quite a bit.

Fin Coe

1) Kaut was just called up, took Svechnikov’s spot – my guess is Bordeleau or Viel is up next
2) Gajovich may be back soon
3) They could but he’d have to clear waivers again


Btw, I love this move for the tank! Eklund is fun to watch, but because of him, we earned two unneeded points.


Cut Rrimer the homophobic racist ( See Kadry) now! Time tonretire and join the church!! bye bye

Steve Sullivan

That was my thought as well, this draft is way too important.


Finally a move from the FO that I actually agree with. This is the correct move on all levels.
Of course Eklund would be pissed being sent down.
1) he knows he’s not going to collect any more of the sweet NHL salary this year & will be paid his AHL salary.
2) He knows he has another year added onto when he will become a RFA/UFA
3)Doesn’t get a chance to play against McDavid this year.

Like I said this is the correct call from an organizational view.


This, though a bummer for William, is best for the team. He can go down and work with the boys he skated with all season to get into the playoffs. That will do a lot for him and the others on the ‘Cuda.


Agozzino with the call up! Congrats Andrew you deserve it!

Fin Coe

I’ll be slightly worried about him clearing waivers if they keep rotating through Cuda call-ups – and Lord knows the Cuda will miss him as they try to pass Tuscon for the last playoffs spot

KAT aka KE the original

He’s been my favorite. I’ve asked before why he hasn’t gotten the call up especially given his age and not much time left to make it in the NHL.

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