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BREAKING: Reimer Declines To Wear Pride Jersey



Credit: Sheng Peng

James Reimer will not wear a Pride jersey for Sharks Pride Night.

He is the only Sharks player who will not wear the Pride jersey in warm-ups tonight.

SJHN Daily: Sharks Will Wear Pride Night Jerseys, Mukhamadullin on Way to San Jose

Reimer will not participate in warm-ups, and Kaapo Kahkonen will start against the New York Islanders. Reimer will be active as Kahkonen’s back-up.

The San Jose Sharks and Reimer both released statements. Reimer, along with captain Logan Couture and head coach David Quinn, spoke with the media after these statements.

These are their statements, in full.

Per the San Jose Sharks: “Continuing a long-standing commitment of allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community, Sharks Sports & Entertainment is extremely proud to host our 2023 Sharks Pride Night. This week’s events, culminating with tonight’s game against the New York Islanders, reinforce our organization’s values and dedication to an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for all guests in each of our venues.

“As we promote these standards, we also acknowledge and accept the rights of individuals to express themselves, including how or whether they choose to express their beliefs, regardless of the cause or topic.

“As an organization, we will not waver in our support of the LGBTQIA+ community and continue to encourage others to engage in active allyship.”

Per James Reimer: “Under the umbrella of the NHL’s Hockey is for Everyone initiative, the San Jose Sharks have chosen to wear jerseys in support of the LGBTQIA+ community tonight.

“For all 13 years of my NHL career, I have been a Christian – not just in title, but in how I choose to live my life daily. I have a personal faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for my sins and, in response, asks me to love everyone and follow Him.

“I have no hate in my heart for anyone, and I have always strived to treat everyone that I encounter with respect and kindness. In this specific instance, I am choosing not to endorse something that is counter to my personal convictions which are based on the Bible, the highest authority in my life.

“I strongly believe that every person has value and worth, and the LGBTQIA+ community, like all others, should be welcomed in all aspects of the game of hockey.”

San Jose Hockey Now will have more on this story today, including player reaction, SJHN’s reaction, and more.

Until then, this is James Reimer’s press conference in full:

Reimer, Couture, Quinn on Reimer Refusing To Wear Pride Jersey

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Good for him to exercise his right to choose not to participate in the Woke BS.

Go Sharks!

What do you mean by “woke”?


He’s just identifying himself as an idiot.

Kaspar Vivaldi

People use “woke” as a way to detract social justice movements. What exactly is “woke” about being inclusive of everyone in a sport? The only BS I see here is your vapid comment.


Yeah, and being inclusive of everyone in a sport means also being inclusive of anyone who chooses to not wear a pride jersey on peide night. Yet somehow I doubt that the social justice movement will be inclusive of Reimer or his decision. Funny.

Kaspar Vivaldi

Bigotry and ignorance is not a social justice movement, it’s a detraction thereof. What an uninformed and absurd comment. No one takes your side seriously because you say things like this and try to pass it off as a legitimate statement.

KAT aka KE the original

hmmm? so you are stating Reimer is a bigot and ignorant based on his beliefs and not wanting his name on a pride jersey?


I dunno about bigot, but at the very least he’s an idiot. No one is asking him to go out there and blow pipes. Just wear a fucking jersey.

KAT aka KE the original

No it’s not just wearing a jersey. It’s his name being sold. The jerseys are auctioned off and monies go to the homosexual organizations.

Interesting I didn’t see hardly anyone in the crowd during warm ups. Homosexuals night and can’t even get to the game early to support the players. Hardly saw any rainbow color in the crowd during the game just teal. Did they hijack that color too. See that’s what was pathetic didn’t even show up for Pride night but oh they will comment and hate on Reimer.


Good for San Jose not letting him start. I know that I am probably in the minority opinion, and that’s fine, but if the league is going to be serious about supporting the Hockey is for Everyone initiative, then they need to ensure participation from players and staff. If they chose not to, that’s fine, but bench them for the night. Hate should never win.

Last edited 12 days ago by Alicia
KAT aka KE the original

How did you read in the statement that Reimer is not starting because of his choice not to wear the jersey. It’s been a pattern of late that the two goalies have been switching back and forth.

The hate is how you reacted and what I expected when Reimer or any player chose not to wear the jersey.

Shark Fan for Life

This is a major disappointment, and I hope Reimer see’s this. There’s no masking homophobia, even if it comes from his faith. His statement is very contradictory, where he claims to respect and accept everyone from the LGBTQ community, but he won’t wear a jersey that sends a message of respect & acceptance.

Steve Sullivan

Yeah, I love Reimer, but I’m just really deeply disappointed with him and his decision in this case


Hope they don’t re-sign him.


Some of you guys equivalate not wearing a pride jersey to gay bashing. That’s a pretty extreme step up


I agree, but on the other hand this just shows the thin line between ‘I’m a loving Christian, just uncomfortable with X’ and ‘we need to ban drag shows.’ Based on his logic, or lack there of, his faith absolves him from honoring basic human rights. What else does his faith let him do?


I wonder if any players including Reimer are going to refuse to wear the military appreciation jerseys and what sort of reaction that would get. After all, the sixth commandment says thou shalt not kill and the military kills people.

Go Sharks!

Exactly! Hiding behind his religion is such a cop out. He should just admit that he doesn’t think hockey is a place for everyone, instead of pointing to the bible as an excuse.

KAT aka KE the original

He’s never hid behind his Christianity ever and why should he admit to something that is your words not his as you state “he should admit that he doesn’t think hockey is a place for everyone”. Those are your words


Christians follow the New Testament though. When I went to church they basically said ignore the first half of the book.

Dylan Smallwood

In summary: “I don’t believe hockey is for everyone, and as a Christian I am going to promote that by not participating with my teammates on the ice and release a statement as such.


Make the Jersey a “Hockey is for Everyone” jersey then, problem solved.

KAT aka KE the original

Don’t auction for money either

Kaspar Vivaldi

What James has failed to understand is that this is not a political initiative. It’s about inclusion in the game for what is a well known close minded sport. James has let it become politicised for some reason and he’s using religion as the scapegoat because the Bible says nothing about LGBTQ. I respect his decision but his motive is flawed. He sounds confused and perhaps needs more education on what inclusion actually means. Everyone knows he’s a great person but this is disappointing that he hasn’t dissected any of the literature on the topic of inclusion. The Bible says… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by Kaspar Vivaldi
KAT aka KE the original

I so laugh “homosexuality not present in Biblical times” I believe you need to read the Bible about Lot. Two angels came to his home. The angels were men. The homosexuals followed and were beating on Lots door to get the men. Lot offered the homosexuals his daughters but the homosexuals said no we want the men. Lot and his family left town and God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. If you don’t believe that history go to Israel and see for yourself

You seem to take great joy in beating down Reimer.

KAT aka KE the original

Well you need to listen to Clarkson. I remember seeing his video several weeks ago and loved it. I have homosexual friends just like him. He said something that I have been commenting regarding issues of genitalia mutilation and puberty blockers of children and youth. Clarkson stated that pendulum really swung when children were included.

This guy is very correct.


Well that is disappointing. I know Christians who support LGBTQ issues without any issue. Also thought “love thy neighbor” was the big thing with Jesus…


Wait until he finds out how much of that community IS Christian. That’ll really blow his mind.

Eric Pichette

I can certainly understand how some people are upset with his decision, however it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. We all know the bibles views on the subject and we all know James is a very devout Christian. Whether you agree with the decision or not, being hateful towards him for his religious beliefs is no different than being hateful towards someone for being LGBTQIA+.


No it’s actually not the same at all.

He’s intolerant to LGBTQ community- a marginalized group that is facing new bills everyday that limits their freedoms. The reaction to that is denouncing that intolerance.


I moved my comment to the newer article on the subject.

Last edited 12 days ago by BrianJ

Really? What difference does it make? Whether he chooses to wear a certain jersey in warm ups? This is not high school or pee wee hockey, these are adults who are professional, and getting paid a lot of money to play a game. They should be entitled to make their choice as to what “warm up” jersey they want to wear. Please, just get back to the days when they wore their game uniforms in warm ups, and played hockey — none of this sappy ass crap. All this “stuff” isn’t going to bring fans to games, the ONLY thing… Read more »

Kaspar Vivaldi

As a gay hockey fan myself I am living proof that initiatives like this do in fact draw more fans to games. The Sharks are a major part of the bay area community, they bring people together to cheer for the Sharks. LGBTQ people have a history of being unwelcome in public social venues so it is paramount that organisations show proof that they welcome these people with open arms. Sharks aren’t doing this to distract from the fact that they suck, winning teams do it, too.

KAT aka KE the original

Strange that you say that homosexuals unwelcome in social venues. I have no idea at any social venue that someone is homosexual unless wanting it to be known. Then I say oh ok lol Why do you need to identify yourself as a homosexual Shark fan? Who cares. No one has stated homosexuals can’t come to the games. Sheesh.

People aren’t coming to the games because they don’t want to watch the bottom dwelling Sharks. Not because they don’t feel wanted.


Gary Caldwell

Hmmm. Why does Reims feel the need to very frequently identify as “Christian”? Who cares? I certainly don’t.


Good for him. I would not too.

KAT aka KE the original

Let him sit on the bench . Hockey is for everyone Reimer . Embarrassed he used to be a Leaf.


As a Christian myself, his statement comes off as contradictory in so many ways. He says he welcomes everyone to the sport, but won’t don a jersey that supports just that. So then what is the point of his statement of faith? To say I support you in theory, but in reality I don’t? Jesus was known to hang out with the marginalized, not marginalize them further. Don’t use your faith to make you feel better about being heterosexual because that’s what this is really about. Use your faith to love people and meet them where they are the way… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by Sophia

I support Reimer 100%!!! He did an outstanding job explaining that as Christians we live under the authority of the Bible. The Bible teaches us to love God first, and then love others. There is no hatred for others who don’t agree with us, but we cannot support and encourage a lifestyle that the Bible says is sinful. Thank-you James Reimer for your courage to live out your faith according to the Bible.


Why on Earth should he wear a jersey. No one’s fragility should be compromised! Absolutley not. What a pussy (cat). Come on dude, be a real man. Tell us how much you love God some more.

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