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SJHN Daily: Sharks Will Wear Pride Night Jerseys, Mukhamadullin on Way to San Jose



Credit: Houyee Chow

It shouldn’t be a big story, but it is.

The San Jose Sharks announced plans for their Mar. 18 Sharks Pride Night, and it includes the players wearing special Pride jerseys, with a logo designed by San Jose native Houyee Chow, a queer artist and educator, during warm-ups.

What should be an NHL norm was turned on its head in January, after Ivan Provorov refused to don a Pride jersey in warm-ups during the Philadelphia Flyers’ Pride night. The New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild then reversed plans to wear special Pride warm-ups during their Pride nights.

Provorov cited his Russian Orthodox religious beliefs, the Rangers claimed “individual right” for their players “to respectfully express their beliefs”, and the Wild said they were worried about the safety of their Russian players.

We’ll see if all the San Jose Sharks players wear Pride jerseys on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, the team kicked off Sharks Pride Night early tonight, with a friendly game at SAP Center between Sharks employees and local LGBTQ+ adult hockey team, the San Francisco Earthquakes.

San Jose Sharks head coach David Quinn was there to meet and greet all the players.

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Perhaps sports leagues can keep social agendas out of sports arenas. What would happen on Twitter if an NHL hockey team wore “Pro-Life” warm-up jerseys? “Pro-BDS Movement” warm-up jerseys?

Sports teams shouldn’t put players in the awkward position of either promoting or refusing to promote a social agenda.

Also, the NHL shouldn’t be involved in promoting gambling, the television networks promote gambling during NHL games.

Last edited 11 days ago by BrianJ

I agree. It’s all gotten absurd and over the top with the degree to which everything has to be demonstrated and identified with, along with days, weeks, and months assigned to one group or another. Who lobbies for this? How about people cut all the bs and identify with the humans they’re supposed to be and relate to each other on a real, personal level rather than a group identity level? I don’t care if someone is gay, queer, etc. any more than anyone cares that I’m hetero. I would be like Larry David on Curb, going, “I protest all… Read more »

david barnard

everyone gets a “safe space” these days except for the “macho males”, eh SP?

KAT aka KE the original

Oh to bring back the days of men like John Wayne – instead try finding a man now who can open a jar. :p


“As a member of a minority group, it’s nice to see someone who looks like me winning a prestige Oscar…” I’m sure it is, Sheng. Seeing Hollywood become more ethnically diverse is important to a lot of people of varying ethnicities. Hollywood used to hire white actors to play Indians in cowboy movies, and of course, blackface in the Jolson era, plus in the ’80s some white actors wore brownface to play Indian characters and on and on. So, yeah, I can see how it’s a lot more reaffirming to see your identity reflected in mass released movies, especially when… Read more »

timorous me

Being gay isn’t a “social agenda,” though–it’s simply part of being human for some people, the same as being Indian or Pakistani is. So they have their South Asian Culture Night, then they have their Pride Night. All the same, really. A business trying to promote its product to historically-underrepresented consumers and participants.

I don’t see an issue here except for someone who wants to keep the sport as close to 100% straight white male as possible.

david barnard

FFS, this is the reason i left FtF, and now you gotta drag your social politics here?

first of all, false equivalency with your opening statement. the poster’s comment wasn’t about “being gay”, it was about the event, which IS driving home a social agenda (like it or not).

now, with your final thought, you also wanna drag racial politics into it. not to mention all of the assumptions you’re making about BrianJ or anyone objecting to the spectacle of identity politics in sport today.

Fin Coe

No one’s making you be here.

david barnard

how trite.

Fin Coe

Once again: Hyyyyyyyyyyyypocrite.

KAT aka KE the original

well there you go something you understand – choice


I’ll be very disappointed if any Sharks players don’t participate. The hate spewed hidden behind a thin vail of religion is disgusting. It’s like the denominations ignore the words in their own texts. Homosexuality is mentioned once in the Bible and not in that strong of language. Just so everyone who hasn’t read the Bible, Torah, or Quarran knows, it wasn’t mentioned in the “10 commandments”. That means God ranks this somewhere under lying and pretty theft. If your religious leaders are telling you otherwise perhaps you should tell them to read a book. Do you know why Jews and… Read more »

david barnard

this comment is ignoring the fact that it SHOULDN’T be anyone’s business why someone prefers to decline to be involved in a social/political public performance. and the NHL, does in fact, have an “opt in-out” policy re this stuff. i voted against Cali’s Prop 8 and 22 on the grounds that it violated the equal protection clause of the constitution. i’m all for treating people fairly. however, i’m dismayed by how people who aren’t viewed as “allies” to the queer cause are publicly reviled by said group and their “allies”. their fragility causes them to pursue a hate/fear agenda of… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by david barnard

David, yours is a very valid point that should be voiced, more people in the middle on a variety of subjects should express their opinions. My statement was more in reference to the very real set of individuals, organizations, pacts, politicians that are coming at these and other issues from a perspective that supports the institutional oppression of marginalized groups i.e. hiding behind religion. More than a thousand years of indoctrination is difficult to overcome. The tactics of “cancelling” is a fair bit better than how those groups are still being treated, but I do agree “Cancel Culture”, “Cross-fire style… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

Had Provie of the Flyers when asked what religion he is stated “Islam”. The reporters would have dropped their mics and gone home and the world would have never known nor talked about it again.


That’s just not true. 1000% people would talk about it. People do not have any trouble pointing out bad behavior in those that practice Islam. Assertions to the contrary are not paying attention, disingenuous, or angry that they feel targeted. But sling mud at yet another marginalized group I’m sure people will respect you more for it…🤥

KAT aka KE the original

Incorrect. People watched and supported the World Cup in a country that did NOT allow any display of homosexuality, murders and tortured homosexuals and yet homosexuals participated In that cup. Homosexuals bought merchandise supported the sponsors when they shouldn’t have and yet if a Christian baker doesn’t want to make a cake for a homosexual wedding oh the horrors let’s destroy him and his livelihood and then in the same breath “hey wasn’t that World Cup great”. Now that’s the definition of hypocrites.

Fin Coe

The Sharks org can either stand behind the message that queer fans are welcome, or they can send the tacit message that those fans shouldn’t be there.
What the Sharks players wear on the ice is a work uniform. Punting the decision to the players, for which there is absolutely no precedent, is institutional cowardice.

KAT aka KE the original

Auction jerseys are not work jerseys

Also, there’s no precedent in homosexual organizations benefiting from the auctions using the monies to pay for child puberty blockers and child genitalia mutilation. Hence why the uproar

KAT aka KE the original

Let me ask – has there been a game where homosexuals attended and didn’t feel welcomed? I’m not aware of any.


There is a long history in hockey of slurs being tossed around on the ice, not much more than any other sport probably, but the reality is that homosexual and racial slurs have a long pervasive history in sport. When I was a kid in the 80’s and 90’s I probably threw a fair amount of them out myself, but when you learn, reflect and are determined to make better choices you realize certain words aren’t harmless, and no one cares you didn’t mean it that way.

KAT aka KE the original

Well a player not wearing a jersey shouldn’t be called a homophobe either. That’s what gets me these “groups” say hateful things to people because they don’t want to participate which is the same behavior they didn’t like Even though I’m a Christian it isn’t the reason I don’t support the wearing of the jersey it’s where the monies go to harm children with genitalia mutilation and puberty blockers. The other serious issues is the Russian players and the safety of not only them but their families in Russia. There’s no choice even if they wanted to participate. So you… Read more »


Millions of American males have their genitals mutilated every day it’s called circumcision I don’t see you up in arms about that. I haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever that these monies go to charities that facilitate gender reassignment surgery or even hormone injections. There’s been 0 talk or evidence that Russian players or their families have faced any real criticism for their participation in these events. T is only 1 aspect of LGBTQ+ so would you support it if it were just LGBQ, something tells me that you wouldn’t.

KAT aka KE the original

Removing the foreskin is not the same as removing the penis Removing the foreskin the penis still functions as a penis. If I didn’t believe in circumcision but it was circumcisions’ hockey night then I wouldn’t wear a warm up jersey to be auctioned off to support organizations that would benefit from the monies of my name on a jersey. There has been talk about the risk to the Russian players as the NY Rangers used this reason for not wearing the jerseys. Now just because you’re not privy to that information or “talk” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Provide… Read more »

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