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Gregor Scores Two Goals 26 Seconds Apart, But Sharks Lose 5-4 in OT



Credit: Sportsnet

The San Jose Sharks visit the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place. Noah Gregor scored two goals 26 seconds apart to give the Sharks an early lead, Scott Reedy and Nick Bonino also scored, but the Sharks lost 5-4 in OT.

Period 1

1 in: Not sure why Merkley is going at Vlasic’s man on what was a 2-on-2. Two Sharks on Foegele layer allows two Oilers behind the San Jose defense for a 2-on-0. Granted, it’s Vlasic’s turnover that allows the counterattack. And Merkley making a better read still is a bad defensive situation for him. But I also have to say: With Karlsson out, Merkley has had a chance to really show his stuff. I don’t think he’s grabbed the reins in any demonstrable way.

Gregor goal: When Chmelevski has time and space, he seems to have evolved to point that you can trust him to make the right play. His challenge now is how he can manufacture that time and space more for himself. Gadjovich also does a fine job of stepping in front of Broberg, that prevents the young defenseman from getting at Chmelevski.

Gregor’s second goal: Bordeleau has really flashed that hockey sense of just knowing where to be, he makes the steal on the Keith exit pass to Draisaitl. I think Bordeleau knows where Draisaitl is, and naturally, Keith would want to connect with the Oilers superstar.

6 left: Slick pass by Barabanov to Hertl, San Jose Sharks needed some momentum there, Oilers have been running them ragged last few minutes.

1 left: Fancy move along right wall by Meier on Draisaitl.

Randy just called Noah Gregor “Connor McDavid” — that kind of period for the Edmonton native.

SPORTLOGiQ has it Sharks 7-1 Slot Shots at Even Strength. A little surprised, thought Oilers started rolling a little at end. But wow, look at that, San Jose 17-7 shots.

Period 2

2 in: Merkley does a nice job of side-stepping Yamamoto along the wall.

5 in: Burns cleared out Kane in front. I’ve been a little surprised that Kane hasn’t tried to extract his pound of flesh at all, that these Kane-Sharks games have been so muted, in some ways, in terms of emotion. Just speculating, maybe both sides just trying to move on. Still waiting for Evander’s tell-all book one day!

6 in: Strong shift once again by Bordeleau line. But then, Yamamoto makes a gorgeous area pass to Hyman, but Reimer with the big breakaway save.

McLeod goal: That’s a shame that San Jose Sharks PK couldn’t support Reimer there, he had just come up with a couple big saves. Bang-bang off faceoff, Hertl loses to McLeod. In previous sequence, Reimer took a shot off the mask, hope he’s OK.’

Yamamoto goal: Bordeleau line has to finish the job. Great start to the shift against the Draisaitl line to boot. But a Draisaitl just needs one chance. Up the ice, Burns misses on pokecheck on Hyman, but numbers are still there. But Hyman’s pass gets behind Bordeleau, and it’s 2-on-1 after that basically. Draisaitl does a great job commanding center lane, Meloche has to stay with him, and it basically results in Draisaitl-Meloche picking a recovering Burns, Yamamoto is on his own.

1 left: Liked Megna’s work here — gapped up on Bouchard, moved well with him, then big stick and puck out on Edmonton slot pass.

Period 3

Bonino takes it from Draisaitl on PK wall, almost area passes it to Hertl for breakaway. He’s playing good hockey to end season.

4 in: Ferraro blocks a point-blank on PK, then ho-hum as if nothing happened.

7 in: Kane before faceoff jawing with Gregor on the bench.

Ryan goal: Like Hedican says, ideally, you’d like to see Gadjovich stop the Reimer rim.

Bonino goal: Nieto does a nice job stopping up dump-in, then Couture perfect pass to the red-hot Bonino.

McDavid goal: As Hedican notes, Bordeleau goes outside, McDavid goes it. Young mistake, it looks like. Balcers is helping on McDavid, maybe a tad aggressive. That’s two guys, including D, on McDavid, meaning Broberg is open.


Meier-Hertl-Burns to start.


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