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Sharks To Wear Pride Night Jerseys, But Will Everyone Wear Them?



Credit: San Jose Sharks

There was a key detail not mentioned in the San Jose Sharks’ Sharks Pride Night announcement yesterday.

“During pregame warm-ups, Sharks players will wear jerseys with crest and patch artwork specific for Sharks Pride Night and designed by local artist Houyee Chow.”

SJHN Daily: Sharks Will Wear Pride Night Jerseys, Mukhamadullin on Way to San Jose

The obvious question: Does that mean every San Jose Sharks player will wear a Pride jersey?

“I honestly haven’t thought about that yet,” head coach David Quinn said this morning. “I’m not trying to belittle it. But it’s a couple of games away. We’re getting ready for Columbus [tonight].”

That’s…not a yes.

This has become a flashpoint since Ivan Provorov, citing his Russian Orthodox religious beliefs, chose not to wear a Pride warm-up jersey during the Philadelphia Flyers’ Pride Night in January.

Quinn added, on if the Sharks’ locker room has had a team-wide discussion about Pride Night, “We haven’t had a discussion yet. It’s a topic that people want to talk about, and I understand that. We feel good about supporting the community. [But] obviously, people have choices to make, and that’s what makes America special.”

In fairness to Quinn, it’s not his job to speak for every individual player, and he demonstrated what he felt about Sharks Pride Night by taking part yesterday in a friendly game between Sharks employees and local LGBTQ+ adult hockey team, the San Francisco Earthquakes.

“I want to support everybody that plays hockey,” Quinn said about the event. “That’s what makes America great. Inclusion and acceptance is what this country has been built on for centuries. I think we have a responsibility as professional athletes and coaches to support that.”

Anyway, it appears that the Sharks will be allowing their individual players to decide whether they don the Sharks Pride Night warm-up jerseys.

I hope we have nothing to talk about Saturday, except what a fantastic Pride Night that the San Jose Sharks put on. But we’ll see!

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Fin Coe

A club’s hockey sweaters are work uniforms. Haven’t seen anyone opt out of wearing a military appreciation night jersey.

KAT aka KE the original

Special jerseys ARE NOT “work uniforms”. If I don’t want to participate in extra circular activities especially using MY NAME then I should have a say and not be labeled. So your point? The network no longer broadcasts the singing of the National Anthem or puck drop ceremony either. Does that make the network commies. Probably in some minds but others drop the puck please. Military night is celebrating Nov 11th Veteran’s day. It’s not a social divisive issue. But I would have NO PROBLEM if the player didn’t want to wear it either. I wouldn’t call the player treasonous… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by KAT aka KE the original
Fin Coe

Shut the fuck up.

KAT aka KE the original

You are not allowed to join my fan club unless you put a condom on your head.


100 % agree. It’s not like they actually care who comes to the games, all they care is the seat is paid for. No one fucking cares what sexuality you are. It’s unimportant and it’s becoming to the point where they are flat out promoting it. I get that this might be a part of a bigger population control effort that’s being implemented by the west, but seriously, like when does this shit stop. I loved the artist idea for sharks Shirseys, now it’s become a non stop virtue signaling thing with shit ass designs that don’t even seem like… Read more »

david barnard

“appreciating” aka honoring people’s service to their country is a far cry from celebrating sexual preference.

Fin Coe


Fin Coe

“appreciating” aka honoring people’s love for other people is a far cry from celebrating warmongering.

david barnard

serving/defending your nation is “warmongering”? i’m guessing you’re also part of the “de-fund police” movement, and you think BLM is anything more than the biggest grift in American history?

calling me a hypocrite is rich coming from the person who tells everyone he disagrees with to “STFU” and then post about people celebrating love for one another.

Fin Coe

It must be so freeing to think all of your biases are valid and everyone else’s are hysterical.

david barnard

i’m just 100% against your ideology, you fascist jack-off! what don’t you get about this being an “opt in/out” policy with the NHL? it’s about freedom of choice. you can’t be compelled by virtue of your employment status (or any other) to support social causes. of course, that won’t stop you radicals from trying to hump everyone’s leg that chooses to opt out.

Fin Coe

It’s rich as Croesus to hear an insurrection enthusiast call someone else fascist. Get fucked forever cop scum.

KAT aka KE the original

But it’s not about honoring “people’s” love for other people. It’s about money otherwise there would be no need to auction jerseys.

Those “warmongers” are also homosexual so where’s the logic and reasoning in your comment. Their love for each other now is not validated because they are in the military? 🤔


Let’s be honest for a minute, the whole pride thing isn’t about love. It’s about who you have sex with, if it was about love we should celebrate things we love about people instead of which hole I like to stick my dick in. It’s silly. I can’t remember the last time anyone gave a shit if someone was gay. A lot of times it seems to make people more popular. What bothers me the most about the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles like the trans thing (high suicide rates, high sex work rates) is that if someone feels like they… Read more »

Fin Coe

Thanks for the honesy bigotry.


Brutal that there’s even a discussion, wear the fuckin jerseys. If your religion requires you to care about the sexual preferences of strangers, it’s dumb. Find a new one.


What a stupid, hypocritical statement. The people supporting these pride nights are asking you to care about the sexual preferences of others, but if your religion requires it, it’s suddenly dumb? What people do in their own bedroom is their business. Nobody should be forced to celebrate it or care about it.

KAT aka KE the original

Why do I or others need to “care” about the sexual preference of someone – your logic and reasoning part of your comment is that if you don’t support pride night then you must be religious. Therefore all religious people are Christians. This is not true. I am a Christian and it isn’t the reason why I don’t support “pride night”. I don’t support any organization/culture that harms children and youth and grooms these children and youth. Now some may not support because of religion/values/moral reasons but it doesn’t mean their religion/values/morals are based on Christianity.  


I respect people’s right to have an opinion even if that opinion is blatantly wrong, toxic, misguided, and a terrible holdover from the dark ages that has no place in the modern world. I’m also going to say what I want to say about the same subject. There are a ton of Christian sects that have moved passed the anti-Roman anti-mediteranion world inspired homosexual condemnation that was popularized around the same time Catholics started to forbid priests from having families, multiple centuries after the founding of the Catholic church, Centuries after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Anti-homosexuality in… Read more »

david barnard

the presumption/assumption is that if you don’t “bend the knee” you are against “hockey being for everyone”, which just ain’t true.


Without an explanation of another reason the perception will be what it will be…if you or anyone else can come up with a reason not to participate in this specific event that doesn’t just seem like a proverbial middle finger or an excuse to hide their prejudice I’ll listen. I’ve been known to evolve my opinions from time to time…remember this event is strictly about saying hockey is for everyone nothing more and nothing less, by not wearing the optics become this player does not think hockey should be for everyone nothing more nothing less, but that leads to questions… Read more »

david barnard

you’re free to draw whatever conclusions you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that nobody owes you (or anyone else) an explanation.

you’re kidding yourself if you really believe this event is “strictly” about hockey being for everyone. like every bit of the entertainment industry, it’s been hi-jacked by people with social/political agendas.

forcing/pressuring people to publicly support social/political causes smacks of autocratic intimidation to me.

KAT aka KE the original

If someone who is a homosexual and doesn’t believe can play hockey or come to a game that is that person’s problem. Tired of the victim game.

Probably a good few players in the NHL that are homosexual what that is saying is that it’s none of your damn business nor do they need to “explain”.

KAT aka KE the original

I didn’t read in your comment the mention of Islam religion. In my opinion those who supported and watched the World Cup in a country that murders homosexuals stones women and sexually abuse children are the same ones calling NHL hockey players homophobes are hypocrites. I don’t hear the homosexual community calling Muslims homophobes or disrupting their worship services running down the isle in drag like a couple did at a Catholic Church. Nor have I seen a homosexual couple go to a Muslim bakery requesting a wedding cake to be made. Nor have I seen those in drag show… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

And yes I can speak on this because I worked at an Adolescent Psych Facility for 7-17 yrs old who had committed a sex offense. If society only knew what is happening to these children and in a sense I believe they are starting to realize the harm we are allowing to be done to our children. Go work at one – you can’t hug the children you can’t adopt them all. Breaks one’s heart.


I didn’t say Muslims by name, but certainly if no where else included Muslims in the Religions of the time statement in my head. Muslims were just as bad as Catholics/Christians. The Califates did similar things, and have as problematic of a history as Christians. I did not watch the world cup. Science has a long way to go in more places than just gender identity, micro-plastics have literally sterilized multiple species into extinction, and has real reproductive harm to humans fertility/virility rates are down lack of desire etc. I fail to see how not agreeing with gender identity practices… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

Because it has nothing to do with wearing the jersey. It’s the monies made off the jersey and what those monies are spent. I for one want to protect children from genitalia mutilation that is permanent and blockers that cause a lot of health issues – read what the American College of Pediatricians state on this subject of gender reassignment in children and youth. It’s psychologically damaging. So it’s not about a jersey it’s about a player’s choice do I want my name on a jersey that will be auctioned off and the monies going to an organization that will… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

“Science has a long way….”

How many centuries does it take in the human kind that the human species is always has been and always will be male and female. That’s the design.

Show in the evolution science where a man evolved into a woman


Did you really just say Christianity is not a religion. It is often the first example of a religion, and “those who worship Christ ” are people who believe in the set of guiding principles they have in common with the teaching of the religion, which is called… You can argue semantics all you want with Muslim not specificity being Muslim people and their religion, but everyone knows what someone is referring to here. Either way as someone with a degree in religion… your wrong

KAT aka KE the original

You need to read my comment AGAIN and find that I DID NOT say “Christianity is not a religion”. I wrote “organizations get government monies and grants to promote homosexuality- it’s all about the money and they use “Christianity” as the evil homophobe to placate their narratives”. In other comments I was stating that “Christian” is not a religion as Muslim isn’t a religion. Ok but I’ll play along – the American-Heritage Dictionary defines “religion” as: The belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers, regarded as creating and governing the universe. A particular variety of such belief,… Read more »


I’m not saying anything about your follow the money argument, I think that and the free speech and the inclusion arguments you and the others are having are fine and personally I think they are interesting. You said “ Let me add Christianity is not a “religion” it’s identifying those who worship Christ. As Muslim isn’t a religion but one who practices Islam.” You can explain how organized institutions have distorted/ changed what the spirit of the message of Christ was, or that sects have veered off from Christian values, or that some sects should not be able to call… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

I stand corrected – I should have stated “Let me add Christian is not a religion…” You are correct to point out and correct me. Thanks

KAT aka KE the original

it’s “you’re” not “your”


Very polarizing topic, and it’s definitely gone way outside of hockey. I will say, society dictates what’s “normal” or “abnormal” across generations. There is no expert on what’s right or wrong, as it’s dynamic enough that subsequent generations will deem ours to be wrong. I do worry where the line is drawn with “love is love”. It would appear society could mainstream pedophilia or bestiality under the guise of “love is love”. Before anyone blows me up for saying that, consider how quickly society shifted its views of gender reassignment surgery and polyamory. I honestly don’t have a problem with… Read more »


If it’s about love, then let’s make the sharks pride night game free.

Papa Shark

I knew this comment section was going to be wild. I feel like the new outlook on these nights thanks to the Provorov incident is souring what it’s supposed to be about. Love. But this is America – EVERYTHING is financially motivated. The Sharks org (like most companies) are doing this because it makes them looks good, and inclusive which is good for the bottom line…Same reason these giant companies suddenly start coloring everything in rainbows for 30 days…They want your fatass dirty dollar. A good (older/religious) majority of people do not like Pride. A large younger majority care to… Read more »

KAT aka KE the original

NBA and College basketball predominately black so what is your point?

KAT aka KE the original

Sheng Peng Are you kidding me? I just watched your political judgmental segment on pregame show – who the heck are you demanding an explanation as to why a player doesn’t want to wear a political jersey- the damn jersey isn’t saying one thing it’s not representing anything. You name ONE GAME. ONE GAME where some homosexual was denied entry into the Shark Tank tell me. So if the player gives an answer it won’t be good enough for you anyways because you’re a hypocrite- hockey is for everyone? Really that’s an oxymoron statement if you’re demanding a player to… Read more »

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