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Sharks Locker Room: Labanc on Message from Coaches, Quinn Shares OT Frustration



Credit: San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks needed to rebound after their first shutout of the season to the Boston Bruins.

The team did play valiantly. Timo Meier and Logan Couture’s tallies were quick responses to the Detroit Red Wings’ goals in the second period. But after a scoreless third period, the San Jose Sharks dropped another overtime game, 3-2.

In Kevin Labanc’s return to the lineup after four games of serving as a healthy scratch, he, Couture, and David Quinn shared thoughts on the forward’s first game in 11 days. They shared their frustration on losing a game in which they put up a solid performance. Plus, Quinn analyzed the team’s recent struggles, especially in overtime situations.

Couture on the San Jose Sharks’ response after recent back-to-back losses:

I thought we played okay. Wasn’t our best, wasn’t our worst. Overtime on the road is always good in this league. But we’ve got win games. It’s getting repetitive. Losing games sucks.

Couture on what he’s said to Labanc while he’s been scratched:

Just hang in there. Keep doing what you’re doing. When you get a chance, play hard and I thought he did. Like I said he’s been a great teammate, very supportive and doesn’t complain. Comes to work with a smile on his face and works extremely hard on the ice. It’s not an easy situation. I think a lot of players in that position may handle it differently than Bancer has. So like I said, he’s done an admirable job in a tough situation.

Couture on the faceoff that led to Detroit’s overtime winner:

I’ll have to take a look at it, not really sure I know. I won the faceoff to the middle and then Rasmussen had a semi-breakaway and then it was just whacking the puck around and I think I got a chance to whack it out and whacked it to Copp’s stick and he got the rebound.

See Kevin Labanc’s interview here

Labanc on the San Jose Sharks trouble putting in a full 60-minute effort on this road trip:

I think that for 60 minutes, there’s momentum shifts going our way and then you lose the momentum and gain it back so it’s just all about just trying to gain that momentum and just stick with it for the full 60 and just finish out the game. And it went to overtime today so we’re right there. If we have a couple of bounces go our way—in the first period, I think Tommy had a golden opportunity right, right out in front, but it just hopped over stick—so if we get those bounces a little bit and think it would change the momentum of the game. We just have to—whatever situation we’re in—just make sure that we’re dealing with it and then just finish the full 60.

Labanc on teammates’ message to him while being scratched:

Guys were just telling me to stick with it. I should be in the line-up and just lifting me up when I’m down. It’s nice to know that these guys have my back. They’re family. So, it’s a good team here and it’s good team culture.

Labanc on his mind-set while out of the lineup:

Whether I’m in the lineup or out of it, we always want to win and get the two points, and I think it’s been a tough road trip so far. At least we got one point today. Just being a good teammate, and cheering the guys on, and being positive and optimistic in the locker room.

See David Quinn’s interview here

Quinn on the San Jose Sharks’ performance tonight after recent losses:

I thought we played a better game for sure. I thought it was a solid game, not great but there was a lot more honesty in our game, a lot more pace and a lot more compete in our game. Just disappointed with the ending.

Quinn on Labanc’s performance and the message to him heading into tonight:

Bancer was solid… We’ve had probably four conversations since he’s sat and just talked about the things he needed to do. Obviously we believe in him, and guys go through some highs and lows in a season.

Quinn on being disappointed that Timo Meier and Tomas Hertl never saw an overtime shift:

We haven’t been good in overtime forever. So we tried something different. Since our first two overtime wins, we haven’t won since. Three-on-three or four-on-four is all about how hard you defend because if you force a turnover, you get the puck back in a hurry and that’s where your offense is created. We are way too much offensive-minded in our three-on-three and four-on-four approach.

Even in that faceoff, we think about offense instead of being in good defensive positioning. It’s really one-on-one battles. Like I said we’ve lost six in a row [in OT], so no, it’s not disappointing because anybody we put out there lately, it’s been a struggle for us.

Quinn on if the last goal, Michael Rasmussen jumping the faceoff, was due to the team not being “on their toes”:

Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. I mean, it’s pretty clear cut who your responsibilities are. And we actually win the draw almost, and just get blown off the line of scrimmage and [the puck] ends up in the back of our net.

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Watch the Labanc interview, especially the body language. He doesn’t want to play for Quinn. As for Quinn, watching him, you can tell he just isn’t interested in Labanc.

This is headed for some sort of change. For Labanc to get traded, it’ll help if he plays on the top line and gets some points.

Douglas Fowler

Exactly. He looked so uncomfortable and unhappy. I know they just lost, but that looked like a prisoner interview


He needs to be uncomfortable and unhappy because he sucked in the Detroit game. 4 million a year for this clown? Another DW debacle.


It’s not only the body language but what he also said when asked about how the team supported him while he wasn’t playing. He said “they all thought I should be playing” that sure didn’t look good for Quinn when the team thinks Labanc should be playing and not sitting. I don’t know if Quinn has the room anymore. You can hear Quinn on Ruzie’s “Morning Skate” report before the Red Wings game yelling at the team they’d better wake up. Seems like to me the players didn’t come to practice to work hard for the game. That the preparation… Read more »



Bill Lockhart

At what point in the morning skate did you hear that? I just listened and heard nothing.


The problem that Lebanc has, he won’t play on a “top line” anywhere else, he will be a 3rd or 4th line skater with limited ice time.

With the Sharks, Lebanc HAS played on the top line, and he sucks. Scores a “pretty goal” once in awhile, when he isn’t getting knocked on his ass.


The Sharks will end up with a 3rd round choice and perhaps a scrappy veteran. That’s about it.


Can anyone remember a time where a contender pays pennies on the dollar (apple auto correct didn’t know Pennie’s was a word and keeps changing it, I must’ve written that 7 times) for a number 1 offensive defenseman? Was Dan Boyle the last? I can’t believe you would just give burns to them for basically a goalie who’s a maybe right now. A 3rd? Name one 3rd round pick of our playing on our team right now. Lorentz? ANOTHER 4th liner? I am absolutely terrified of what we’re going to get back for Meier. Literally every gm in the league… Read more »

david barnard

i don’t think Burns is still considered a #1D. he’s playing 2nd pair on CAR. my prob with the trade was the amount retained and the return value. Burns had veto power and limited team trade partners. Timo won’t have any of that baggage. he’s an RFA, young, and obviously top line worthy on ANY team in the league.

Douglas Fowler

I don’t know… Burns is #1 on his new team in TOi and assists. Sounds like their lead offensive defenseman to me.

I also didn’t get this trade for pieces and a lot of salary retention. I know MG wanted to make a move but that does not look like a great one to me. Feels like we could have gotten more of at least dumped all the salary.

david barnard

Burns is 4th in share of possibleTOI among CAR D at 5v5, 1st at 5v4, 4th at 4v5. breaking it down further: when the team is down (-3) he’s 1st; at -2 he’s 3rd; at -1 he’s 4th; at even score he’s 4th; at +1 he’s tied 3rd; at +2 he’s 4th; and at +3 he’s 6th. since the bulk of a team’s average TOI is played at 5v5 or even, and his usage is as a middle pair D. when the team is in an “offense first” mode, they use him more, as we’d expect considering what he does… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by david barnard
Douglas Fowler

Interesting stats but I’d still say he is #1 in overall TOI (not just by a tiny amount) and they are just using his capabilities in the right way. Smart coaching

david barnard

well, that’s not really how you judge “importance”, at least not in total. it’s how the player is used as well. if you look at the leveraged usage of the 4 players (Burns, Skjei, Pesce, and Slavin), you’ll see that CAR depends more on the 3 is situations where they need to hold a lead+need to score+late ties. it’s not a huge margin, as Burns is a close 4th (which is remarkable considering his age and how good that team is).

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 19-20-00 CAR 2223 Leverage Deployment.png
david barnard

also, personal opinion, on the balance he isn’t considered their most important D, or even 2nd most important. imo, Slavin-Pesce-Skjei are their top 3 D, followed by Burns.


Quinn’s OT frustration is rightly so – Ruzie’s call “…and Rasmussen gets under the D” why which D man was that? Well to me he’s not a D man but he was talking Karlsson. However, that was just poor defense by all three Barabanov Couture and Karlsson. But as a D man you expect more out of someone who plays that position. My goodness if he had played like that Dallas game hit, Rasmussen wouldn’t have gotten near the net but laid on his butt.

Just my opinion.


Damn, Karlsson cost us yet another game. Why do we even keep him when clearly he is the cause of all our woes. Even though that was Couture’s man and he was chasing the puck, shame on Karlsson. Ruzie even said so…well, he didn’t, but I could tell….I read the tea leaves….space aliens told me….it came to me in a dream.


You need to read and comprehend AGAIN – didn’t say it was his fault said it was poor D on all three. However!! Karlsson was caught flat footed on the faceoff when Rasmussen jumped – Karlsson just stuck his stick out and kept feet planted – He should have went after Rasmussen just like he did that Dallas player you need to watch that Red Wing film again without the Karlsson drool bib. .

He’s not a D man – Karlsson should watch some Makar tapes instead of his own.


I hope some other team will want him – I’ll have a real party. Might even open that Sharks bottle of wine I’ve been saving for their Stanley Cup finals. Now that’s dreaming


So it was Karlsson’s job to chase down Rasmussen (Barbie’s assignment) all the way over from the left side, and hit him in open ice at the top of the crease and somehow that would have stopped Copp from picking up the puck, where Logan lost his man? That’s brilliant. I’m sure Quinn would love to see his top player trying to level a guy 1/2 a foot taller and 40 lbs heavier in open ice, right in front of the net. What could go wrong? Maybe the Sharks need to play smarter, start their best players, win key faceoffs,… Read more »


Did you even watch the OT or you guessing – because Karlsson didn’t have far to go – Rasmussen jumped the faceoff and Karlsson being the Anson great D man did nothing he wasn’t moving – so when he did decide to move all he could do was put his stick out he DIDNT MOVE HIS FEET – was caught flat footed. Now when Rasmussen is in front of Reims Karlsson could have easily lifted his stick or knocked him out. So if Couture has Copp who in the hell is our D man suppose to be covering huh? Have… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by KE

And let me add Rasmussen skated and beat Karlsson to the puck


Makar – +7
Fox – +22
Dahlin – +19
Morrissey- +7

Karlsson ….wait for it… -6

david barnard

i think KE wants me to post why “plus/minus” is the worst stat in hockey…again;P

Last edited 12 days ago by david barnard

No David I don’t need you or any other person to point it out. I know it’s the worst stat. I just like to irritate Anson with it. However, the argument being made is that Quinn needs to ice the best players. He has been icing the best and the Sharks still have lost 10 OT. Karlsson has been on the ice for each and every one of them – the point is that Karlsson doesn’t play defense first. It’s always offense first for him. +/- it doesn’t matter he isn’t good at defending and since he averages 25 min… Read more »


So technically Rasmussen should have been penalized for jumping that faceoff. He was encroaching the faceoff circle. Watch it. Even Quinn said Rasmussen jumped the faceoff so I guess he doesn’t know basic hockey either

david barnard

3v3, EK65 is 19th in the league at CF%Rel among D with a min of 10 mins TOI. he’s 4th in GF%Rel (6th in GF/60Rel and 5th best in GA/60Rel).

the Sharks failures don’t appear to be on EK65.


The D are also the highest scoring in the league but the record doesn’t reflect now does it. The 3v3 he can’t be 19th this season as the Sharks are 0-10 in OT. So you need to clarify that your stats are reflective of his career so far not the season which he’s probably be dead last. But that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about the Red Wings game his not seeing Rasmussen trying to jump knowing that was going to happen and Couture won the face off and instead of moving his feet he… Read more »


“I’m sure Quinn would love to see his top player trying to level a guy 1/2 a foot taller and 40 lbs heavier”

Mario did in the 2nd period – laid him out


I’m done trying to explain basic hockey to you. You can live in the strange world your head operates in and make-believe that you actually understand. Keep posting this stuff, as most probably get a giggle out of it. I love the +/- piece too. Why don’t you post the rest of the Sharks numbers….start with Mario, Vlasic, Couture, Meier, etc… Perhaps it has to do with your listed players all being on winning teams? Stick to vaccine conspiracy theories and black helicopter stuff. I think you probably have more credibility in that group.


I don’t need to post the rest of the Sharks numbers because they aren’t narcissistic and I like all the other Sharks. Karlsson and Kane have been the only two I’ve not like of all who have worn the Sharks sweater and for good reason. You act like I’m the only one who doesn’t like Karlsson. I believe you are mad because you get beat up by a girl. You keep saying Quinn should put out the best in OT and your boy doesn’t get the job done. In fact how many times has the other team’s D man scored… Read more »


Dude, you are doing it again …. When are you gonna learn that not everyone here wants to have you explain “basic hockey” to them.

Like I said in previous posts that I think were deleted by Sheng because they were “mean spirited”, stay in your lane unless you work for the coaching/training staff of an NHL team. Obviously from your arrogant responses, you don’t.

Sheng Peng

Rasmussen is Barabanov’s man


Lest we forget. Labanc was in DeBoer, Boughner and now Quinn’s doghouse. This isn’t coincidence.

david barnard

you’re right, those coaches have been fired a lot!


I think there’s a clause in the Sharks coach contract that states if Labanc is on the team he must get benched at least 4-5 games – make it send a message to him. Lol

Douglas Fowler

Overall I’m not bummed they are losing. Pile up the losses, make all trades we can and then let’s lose some with the young guns getting a 25 game taste of the NHL.

Too 3 pick is the real goal now. And some good assets for the upcoming draft.


We can hope for draft picks, but it would be better to hope for a new owner. The guy at the top is “non present”, and the once proud Sharks organization has clearly lost its way.

Douglas Fowler

You can hope for that but that is definitely not a strategy and you will be waiting for a while.

Sharks owner problem was not stopping the madness earlier. When we lost Tavares and scrambled to land Karlsson is the exact point DW needed reigning in. That led to losing Pavs and the whole spiral…. Too bad EK has been injured. He is fun to watch now (at least on offfense I mean)

david barnard

Merkley era is over. SJS traded he and Nieto to COL for 4th line prospect Kaut and journeyman McDonald.

david barnard

anyone else catch the article on Lou and the Isle’s 5-game skid? sounds like he’s in desperation mode to add goal scorers. perhaps he’ll take on all of KL’s contract?

perhaps we take Beauvillier off their hands to clear cap space, and take Holmstom+2023 2nd for KL?

Last edited 12 days ago by david barnard
Douglas Fowler

Please please please

Douglas Fowler

I am not a KL fan. Hes the kind of guy GM MG should prioritize getting off the team. The contract he has makes that hard. Again a DW overpay, payback for the cheap year he gave us


I had KL going to the NYI first until Pacioretty got hurt and put on LR but I’m sure it will change to LTIR. So there’s an option for KL too. Also Canes beat Dallas in OT tonight but Andersen got hurt so maybe Reims will head back to the Canes.


Nieto and Merkley traded to Avalanche

david barnard

thanks for the update;P

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