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Red Wings Edge Sharks 3-2 in OT



Credit: Bally Sports

The San Jose Sharks visit the Detroit Red Wings at Little Caesars Arena. Timo Meier and Logan Couture kept the Sharks in it, but the Red Wings took it 3-2 in OT.

Period 1

For that it’s worth, like the line changes:

Believe they’re similar to what I suggested last game:

Bruins Show Sharks What Winning Hockey Is, 4-0 Shutout

9 in: Not an advisable drop pass at 4-on-4 by Sturm.

7 left: Karlsson with some nifty center ice stickhandling, that’s stickhandling in a phone booth. But then, very Raiders of the Lost Ark, Seider just knocks Karlsson down with prejudice.

5 left: Spirited net presence by Sturm.

San Jose Sharks being creamed off the cycle. Red Wings 7-0 chances off that.

Period 2

Erne goal: A goal off the cycle. Remenda had a nice breakdown/view of the Sharks, Couture line, losing it in the NZ to Detroit on top of San Jose.

3 in: Ugly high pass by Meier. Just no mustard, telegraphed, easily picked off.

4 in: Barabanov centering pass to Eyssimont almost connects. Those are some of the ones, got to get it on goal. Too golden to completely miss if you want to stay in the line-up.

5 in: Oesterle at point gets Gregor to bite, overplay him, then he walks down. Small little detail play that gets you sat.

Meier goal: Great pause and look up to see Karlsson weakside point by Hertl. Really terrific pass by Hertl. Then Meier sticks with it to the wraparound.

9 in: Nice work by Gregor to attack the net and Lindblom digging away at front. Gregor draws a slash too.

8 left: Sturm and Nieto 2-on-1, hard Sturm pass, Nieto does well to settle it, but he’s not able to fire it hard.

Rasmussen goal: No one can get set off bang-bang turnover. Cicek rims it from behind the net, but Sharks get beat to it. Looked like Cicek felt footsteps of forechecking Perron. Feel like his game has dropped off quite a bit since a pretty impressive debut.

Couture goal: Marvelous shift from that entire line and the D there. All over puck, some nice plays include Karlsson backhand slide pass to Couture on top, and of course, Couture batting the puck baseball style past Husso. Barabanov really did a nice job on this shift too, strong on puck and man.

Period 3

Quinn does not like that Vlasic cross-checking Rasmussen call. According to the broadcast, he’s wondering about all the contact that Reimer has taken from the Wings.

8 in: Did Benning just clock 96.5 MPH on that shot?

Huge save by Reimer on Berggren.

10 in: Meier, end of more than minute shift, tries to push offense through NZ with a fresh San Jose Sharks line on, loses it before the OZ blueline. You like him being aggressive, but that’s not good hockey, that’s losing hockey in the playoffs. He’ll need to adjust that if he moves on.

8 left: Remenda really doesn’t like d-man Cicek ceding the zone like that to Maatta. There was another Wing hanging around on entry, so the rookie maybe overcautious not to get caught on a high 2-on-1.

5 left: Karlsson closes on Veleno. Once again, if he’s coming at you, forward, he’s a fairly effective defender.

4 left: Sturm just dogged on the puck, backhand stuff that Husso denies.

1 left: Couture just grinds at center ice to prevent Detroit re-entry. That’s heart.


Sturm-Nieto-Karlsson to start. Couture-Barabanov follow, Detroit scores, and Hertl-Meier never see the ice. Not ideal.



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david barnard

if they’re gonna lose, i wish they wouldn’t get the loser point.


Right – we agree again!! It’s a woke NHL everyone gets a participation point.

Bob D

Yes!!! Been saying this. They have loser pointed themselves out of a top 2 pick


I came here just to see who Quinn started in the OT. Sturm and Nieto lol. Quinn isn’t trying to win games, which is fine by me I guess.


Well I’m going to have to agree with Quinn on this one. He said during his brief cutoff by the Sharks outstanding media crew it didn’t matter who he put out there as they haven’t been winning OT – so far it’s been 10 OT losses. So I think he should start Lorentz, Linblom and Harrington the next one


Neither are Hertl, or LeBanc trying to win games. So don’t blame Quinn. Hertl needs to be a healthy scratch, and lose his “A” on his sweater … but I would not be surprised if somewhere in his ridiculous contract, in addition to the NO trade clauses, he has something in there that prevents him from being a healthy scratch or losing his Alternate Captain status.


On the Rasmussen goal, it looked like Cicek tried to send it up the boards, but the puck got redirected into open ice. Sheng, did you see how that happened? Looked like an odd bounce, guessing the Wings player had a role in that. Not blaming Cicek for sending it up the wall, a pretty normal play. Usually leads to a battle on the half wall, not a goal.


Not sure why Cicek was playing over Harrington

I still think Lindblom should move to the Couture line – Essy/Gads/Gregor to the 4th line with Lorentz

My heart hurts for Reimer. I hope he is traded to the team that wins the Stanley Cup. Although the Sharks may keep him ya never know. You can’t tell with this GM as Labanc sat 4 games.

Bob D

We are not going to see Grier’s team for years, not until the purge is complete and there’s a long way to go


I believe that the next time the Sharks make the playoffs they will be giving out Retro Rally Towels 😂

david barnard

this is (since they started counting in 1999-2000) the worst OT team the Sharks have iced. 10 losses in only 49 GP is the worst rate. they had 13 in an 82 game schedule last season and never more than that during this time period. this team hasn’t had a Points% this low (.388) since the 1996-97 season (.378) when Al Sims was the HC. Reimer’s already 7th on the All-Time Sharks in OTL’s (15), in only 83 GP for the Sharks, ouch! Nabokov is 1st (66) on the list, but he played 563 games for them. so Reimer’s rate… Read more »


Karlsson is iced in OT that’s why the team has 10 OT losses. He’s been on the ice for what 3-4 OT games scored by the other team’s D man? See there’s something to what Quinn was saying the last losses that have me “speculating” he doesn’t have control of Karlsson’s leash line. His comment about certain players always thinking offense made me think Karlsson – but no one seems to be able to talk bad about him now even if they want to. They will use the other scapegoats on the team – Hedi pretty much blamed that OT… Read more »

david barnard

you should be thinking offense first in that situation. it’s sudden death. almost every coach in every sport wants his offense on the field first/possession. i mean, if Quinn wants to ice his best “possession” or F/O trio, that’s at least a strategy i can understand. get possession of the puck and then get your best point producers on the ice while you have the puck. sure, try that. but he iced Sturm-Nieto-Karlsson and then switched out for Couture and Barabanov. if it were me, i’d probably have to start the F/O with Hertl (52.9% all situations), Labanc (75% all… Read more »


Well I’m going to have to disagree you can’t be thinking offense until you defend and get the puck and that starts with the faceoff and Couture did that – just Karlsson didn’t pick up on Rasmussen’s creeping. I also think that Karlsson was too far away from his own net in that Couture is a left handed shot and wasn’t going to be able to direct that puck all the way over the left boards where Karlsson practically was standing. As I said – I didn’t blame the whole debacle on Karlsson – but he is a D-man and… Read more »

david barnard

Karlsson’s not the problem.

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