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Sharks Surrender 4 Unanswered Goals to Flames, Lose 7-3



Credit: Hockey Shots/Dean Tait

The San Jose Sharks welcome the Calgary Flames into SAP Center (again) after the Flames scorched them 5-2 on Sunday night. The Flames scored two goals in 30 seconds to start the game, but Nico Sturm pushed back. Alexander Barabanov and Timo Meier added goals, but the Flames won 7-3.

Period 1

Toffoli goal: Benning makes an ill-advised rim to Barabanov, he had time and space to do more. That might be a go-to play for Sharks, but Barabanov was double-covered, can’t do that there. Then Benning compounds mistake, stumbles, pick Couture, Flames have down-low 2-on-1.

Dube goal: Karlsson follows with an awful pass right to a waiting Toffoli, he compounds mistake by not staying low and defending, instead aimlessly chasing Toffoli (with Bonino), leaving Harrington with a 2-on-1 down-low. Ugly.

4 in: San Jose Sharks look like they’re struggling with pretty basic hockey right now. Kadri has chance on another 2-on-1 after maybe Svechnikov and pinching defenseman don’t work in concert.

Sturm goal: Somehow, improbably, Sharks down just one goal despite their best efforts. Actually, San Jose Sharks take advantage of a poor blueline breakout, errant D-to-D pass in this case, and Meier pounces on turnover, finds Sturm.

Weegar penalty: He knew it, he slammed his stick against boards as puck went over.

3 left: 2 back-to-back Grade-A’s by Barabanov then Labanc on PP, Markstrom stays strong.

Period 2

Looks like, on that 2-on-1, not a fruitful pinch by Harrington and Meier wasn’t on his horse enough to cover, leaving Karlsson on an island.

Coleman penalty: Ugly PP2. Can’t even establish possession. Not too pile on an easy target, a lot of guys who aren’t PP guys in this league, but it’s a canyon-sized weakness in the line-up, for sure.

7 in: Example there of Ferraro playing a little out of control at times. Feet working faster than the brain. Gets puck at point, makes his move, but shot blocker gets down where Ferraro is going, and you can see Ferraro wants to get out of that move, that shot, but can’t stop.

Lewis goal: Maybe a bad bounce for Bonino on the wall? It looked like he thought he had the rim? But pressure from Coleman on the wall, puck squirts to the middle, Vlasic can’t find the rebound kicked up the middle by Reimer. San Jose Sharks had fought back, but Flames starting to pile on good shifts.

7 left: Flames have last nine shots, including Lewis goal.

Svechnikov makes a play I like, a play I don’t. High on the wall, he stops up, sheds forecheck is a lone for second with puck. A good play. But next, he loses it trying to make a play. Would obviously rather see him make that play, process, get it down, instead of a high turnover. But that’s the difference, right?

4 left: Ferraro weaves his way with his feet through a couple Flames for the controlled exit, like.

Barabanov goal: San Jose Sharks with a clutch goal! Karlsson, as he so often does, takes advantage of a visiting line change. His awareness and ability to execute that long stretch pass is fun to watch. Barabanov right time, right place, looks like Harrington whiff fakes out Flames, just squirts in AB’s direction. And somehow against all odds, Sharks down just one.

Period 3

1 in: Ooh for a second, Gregor in high slot maybe had Sturm open in front. Don’t know if he saw him though.

2 in: Disciplined of Ritchie to stay with man, not chase puck in the corner, and eventually, San Jose Sharks lost it anyway.

Meier goal: Karlsson’s mastery of time and space again. Still game-changing. It’s Meier, actually, with a great pass to Karlsson D-to-D. Then Meier reloads and Flames forget him, Karlsson feints shot, 4 Flames bite.

Kadri goal: That hurts. Lorentz and Lindblom had a 2-on-1, Lindblom stuffed. Other way, it’s a 2-on-2, but Simek maybe overplays Kadri, either way, Kadri beats Simek to front after his soft pass to Lucic. Lucic makes a good play to Kadri, who’s just ahead of Simek and Lorentz.

It’s narrative, but you can’t help but think that the Sharks neither made Flames pay for their retaliation call or got that clutch save. Make no mistake, it was a great chance by Kadri. And Kadri having a chance is different than Lindblom, but scoreboard hurts.

8 left: Not a good high O-zone turnover by Labanc. Forgot to note too, shift or two before, same thing happened to Svechnikov.

Looks like Sturm partial breakaway backhand post.

Late in game, looking for offense, Sharks have loaded up with Meier-Couture-Barabanov. Haven’t seen that trio much if at all.

Lucic goal: That’s a must-stop by Reimer. Just squirts through. Also Labanc and Ferraro go toward Huberdeau on wall, which leaves an open lane for Lucic to cruise through.

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