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Postgame Notes #56: Sharks Get Shut Out 6-0, Marleau’s Last Game in Teal?



Credit: Sheng Peng

Period 1

3 in: That shift seemed representative of Chmelevski’s good and bad: I like him with the puck, but the skating is so choppy. Not to be too hard on him, but he came up short on forecheck there, Vegas went 200 feet the other way to score. Though Melnichuk needs to have that soft Pietrangelo backhand.

7 in: But the kids should be playing for something: On the breakout, Chekhovich backhands it to Gregor, Gregor doesn’t get it out. That’s early-season stuff still happening now, hopefully that’s ironed mostly out of Gregor’s game next year. The San Jose Sharks need him; he also has obvious talents too. In fairness, it was a tough pass, Chekhovich might’ve helped him more too.

8 left: Nice backcheck by Chmelevski to intercept NZ pass. You can get by with smarts if skating not so much there, that’s an example.

7 left: Between Kane and Hertl, someone needs to pick up Janmark walking down slot. Janmark gets Grade-A because nobody bothers on him. I think it’s Hertl. It’s Vegas 14-5 shots and they’re about to go on the PP. Looking checked out here.

2nd Bergmann penalty: It looks like he holds up on Stephenson, I’d call it a soft boarding call, but it is what it is. Bergmann’s last two shifts result in his penalties.

Crowd would’ve loved a Marleau goal on that SH breakaway. These last couple minutes, unfortunately, are these moments that tell you that Patty has lost even more this year. Not finding the puck on admittedly tough passes — a game effort, but a little slow (for Patrick Marleau) on Carrier breakaway.

Period 2

Carrier goal: Awful all around. Kane NZ turnover. Counterattack. Burns bites up high when he probably shouldn’t, Tuch passes him and Burns can’t stop the pass from the point to Tuch. Now Ferraro is in no man’s land versus 2-on-1. Hertl doesn’t recognize Ferraro’s predicament, he doesn’t help on 2-on-1.

More thoughts on Gregor: I think he’s a great example of somebody who looks like he 100 percent belongs in the NHL – speed, shot, and even enough strength at his size – but he’s an example of the details matter. You can skate as fast as anybody, you can shoot as hard as anybody, but you gotta process the game at the highest level. He’s just 22, there’s a good chance he’ll get there – a lot of guys take their time and just need seasoning, good chance he’s one of them – I just find his case instructive among San Jose Sharks prospects.

5 left: The more I watch Labanc, I think he has high-end vision, but he’s not a great passer. His touch, like that pass to Karlsson at blueline, doesn’t appear to be consistently there. Not first example of that, just my thoughts from the year at large.

3 left: Well, Bergmann is trying. Nice effort to dig puck put behind Fleury, get it to Knyzhov at blueline. A bit lucky to sail low-high pass up middle straight to your d-man, but regardless, he’s trying to provide energy.

On Melnichuk and thoughts that leaving him out here for this shellacking is potentially “ruining” him. I mean, I’m not in his head, but I’d expect a goalie, even a youngster, to be able to handle this barrage in what is a meaningless audition game. This isn’t the starting job on the line, this isn’t a playoff game, for the San Jose Sharks, it’s an elevated exhibition game. There’s no responsibility and I’m sure that the Sharks are grading him on a curve.

Period 3

Well, at a certain point, hard to evaluate individual players in a massacre. Especially in what is a meaningless game to the San Jose Sharks but still pretty meaningful for Vegas. You would’ve liked to see more gumption from the Sharks, but honestly, tonight was a case of it happens.

1 left: Gambrell shanks a one-timer. Not to overfocus on him, but yeah, that’s a spot, 3C, where you need more offense.

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