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Kane Gets Restraining Order, Offers Evidence Gun Video Was from Photo Shoot



Anna Kane will have her day in court.

But not until January.

On Friday, the Superior Court of Santa Clara County granted Evander Kane’s request for a temporary restraining order on Anna Kane.

San Jose Hockey Now has obtained the TRO, which states that Anna Kane cannot be within 300 feet of Evander Kane, their one-year-old daughter, or his girlfriend Mara Teigen. Anna Kane must also stay away from Evander Kane’s vehicle, workplace, residence, and their daughter’s child care. This is a Temporary Restraining Order – in the filing, Evander Kane also asked that the order be put in place for three years.

This is a change from Wednesday’s ruling where Evander Kane won temporary sole custody of his and Anna’s daughter. Anna Kane was also ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but at that point, still had professionally-supervised visitation and video visitation rights.

Those visitation rights are gone, at least until Anna Kane’s Jan. 13 court hearing.

Evander Kane’s request for a TRO was seemingly precipitated by Anna Kane’s response to losing custody of their daughter on Wednesday. That night, Anna Kane posted a flurry of Instagram Stories that included photos of her and Evander’s stillborn child from 2019. She also posted ultrasound images of their child that she aborted in July 2021.

On Wednesday, Anna Kane admitted, after aborting the child in July 2021, to pretending to be pregnant until November 2021.

She also posted a video, now deleted, that purportedly depicted Evander Kane pointing a loaded gun at her, as well as audio, now deleted, of a Nov. 2020 exchange where Anna Kane alleged that Evander Kane had struck their daughter. In the same audio, Evander denied hitting their daughter.

These social media posts violated a previous court order, where the Kanes were directed to not “post on social media anything about this case, or implicitly or explicitly about the other party.”

Evander Kane declared in this Dec. 3 filing: “Particularly and notably egregious in [Anna’s social media posts on Dec. 1], aside from the not credible and defamatory nature of the statement, is her stated intention to target me, hurt me, and a call to action to the public at large.

“She named Mara, my girlfriend, in the post, not the first time she has targeted Mara as well.”

He added: “Given her social media postings of December 1, 2021, right after our hearing, I am afraid of what she might do and I regrettably must seek a restraining order. Deanna does not care about court orders. She made that clear with her repeated violations and lies to the Court and the public.

“She seeks only to cause me pain — privately and publicly. I am afraid she may come to my residence, which is confidential, and try and harm me or take [our daughter]. I am in immediate need of protection.”

The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara quickly granted Evander Kane’s request for the TRO.

That same day, perhaps in preparation for the Jan. 13 hearing, Anna Kane posted this GoFundMe on Instagram:

Here are some of the other particulars from the Dec. 3 filing: Kane offers evidence that the gun video was indeed part of a photoshoot, which was the claim of Evander Kane’s camp, and declares that the Nov. 2020 audio recording actually resulted in him calling the police on his estranged wife.

Keep in mind this is Evander Kane’s filing, therefore entirely from his perspective. Anna Kane will have her day in court soon.

Evander Kane offered these pictures as evidence that the gun video was from a photoshoot. This Instagram picture from November 2020 does appear to match, in terms of Evander Kane’s outfit, with the gun video’s:

Evander Kane also offered pictures from what he claims was another photoshoot, declaring, “Attached…are other photo shoot photos of us, which include a firearm. If it needs saying, these are legal, licensed, registered, and unloaded firearms, featured in professional photo shoots involving both of us.”

As for the November 2020 audio recording, where Anna Kane can be heard pleading with Kane not to hit their daughter and Evander responding that he wasn’t striking her — Evander Kane declared in the filing: “Deanna posted three videos which falsely represent the November 2020 event which led to me calling the police on Deanna, and the police determining Deanna was an aggressor, not credible, not a victim, and offering me an Emergency Protective Order.”

This is what remains on Anna Kane’s Instagram from her Dec. 1 social media posts:

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